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Jun 9, 2016 11:10 AM ET

Archived: #WatchFionaRun – Medical fund for Fiona, who never gives up trying to walk, even if she ends up hopping or doing the “pogo stick”.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 9, 2016

Medical fund for Fiona

For: Fiona Pallozzi
Organizer: Brian Pallozzi
Medical fund for Fiona (Fiona Pallozzi)

The Story


When Brian and Michelle met Fiona the day before Valentines Day 2016, it was “puppy love” at first sight. Brian and Michelle knew this would be the pit bull to prove all the stereotypes wrong. Fiona knew her new parents would love her forever and her days without a home were over. This is because Brian and Michelle understood how special Fiona and her story truly were.


Just a few years ago, Fiona was with an entirely different family. Unfortunately, she was surrendered back to the ACCT Shelter and was put on the list to be euthanized. The Pit Mix Rescue rescued her just in time. After once again being adopted and given back to The Pit Mix, Fiona knew in her heart that the third time would be the charm.


However, when she was returned, there were a few scratches on her rear foot and she was walking with a limp. A trip to the doctors for tests and x rays ended up being unfruitful when no one could quite figure out what was wrong with Fiona. For the meantime, a woman whose handicap dog had just passed away donated her wheelchair to Fiona, making it easier for Fiona to walk by herself.


Brian and Michelle came to visit Fiona after being referred to her by a mutual friend. Three-year-oldFiona had spent about a year in the shelter but after just an hour, Brian and Michelle knew they had to have her. Their only concern was whether Fiona would get along with their two dogs at home, Spanky and Roxie. Not to their surprise, the dogs got along very well. After all, Fiona had always been very dog friendly and human friendly!


Mallory and Marlena from the Pit Mix took the bittersweet drive to Brian and Michelle’s house on Valentines Day to drop off Fiona and her belongings. When Fiona entered the house, she immediately started running, hopping and wagging her tail; something the doctor said she’d never be able to do! Instantly, Fiona felt at home.


However, Fiona’s mobility has since decreased and she lost mobility in her front leg, making her unable to walk completely. Fiona has health insurance for approximately $50 per month, but chiropractic care isn’t covered by the insurance, which costs $20 per session at two sessions per week. Dr. Eagleson at VSEC performed Fiona’s neurological visits and her MRI, spinal tap, and muscle/nerve biopsies in May, costing over $3700. They were hoping the tests would help solve the medical mystery resulting in a more effective course of treatment. 


The MRI showed nothing while the spinal tap and the biopsy returned elevated white blood cell counts and damage to nerve fibers. Dr. Eagleson believes there is a chance for Fiona to recover enough to be able to stand and walk on her own like she used to! But in order to recover, she will need additional treatment to reduce inflammation, medicine for her autoimmune condition, and acupuncture.


It really was fate that Fiona ended up with Brian and Michelle. Marlena says Fiona used to be very independent at the shelter, but is now much more cuddly and attention loving. Fiona has easily won the hearts of everyone who has come in contact with her. She never gives up trying to walk, even if she ends up hopping or doing the “pogo stick”. But with your help, one day, we can all #WatchFionaRun!


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