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Jun 9, 2016 12:55 PM ET

Archived: Hashtap is a social relevancy engine, allowing social media influencers to see what conversations are taking place on Instagram at any given moment so they can immediately find the people discussing topics relevant to their content.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 9, 2016





Hashtap is the first real-time solution to easily see what everyone on Instagram is talking about; giving influencers, social media managers and marketers the ability to get their message in front of the largest amount of people within their target audience.


‘Yes, theoretically, and when used judiciously, a hashtag can showcase your #SCOTUS zinger to thousands of new eyeballs. But as Daniel Victor, a social-media editor for the Times suggests,“ after crunching the numbers, we’re likely to get lost in the ocean of hashtags. #SuperBowl was used 3 million times over about five hours… Look at all those people who might be interested in our jokes about Beyonce!” writes Victor. “And yet getting any single person’s attention is just short of impossible, like a single Niagara droplet screaming for notice as it shoots down the falls.” ‘ NY Mag, The 7 Types of Hashtag Abusers

When Chris Messina invented the concept in 2007, hashtags were a revelation: a quick, easy way to organize digital conversations and, in the process, unite like-minded people.

Nine years later, the hashtag is a massively overused trick, taken over by overzealous hashtag abusers.

We’ve all seen it.

#follow4follow #igdaily #picoftheday #instalike #cute #like4like, #like, #love, #instagood, #beautiful, etc.


Hashtags can be a highly effective way to organize people around a specific topic, creating online chat room’s within any community on social media… when they’re used correctly.

The problem is they’re often used incorrectly. Generic and irrelevant hashtags like #love, #follow4follow or #picoftheday are a few of the most popular Instagram hashtags. They’re also some of the least effective.


Hashtap is a social relevancy engine, allowing social media influencers to see what conversations are taking place on Instagram at any given moment so they can immediately find the people discussing topics relevant to their content.

Let’s say you love Katy Perry and you want to see what other Katy Perry fans are talking about on Instagram.  Just search Katy Perry on Hashtap, and voila! Hashtap discovers, in real time, the top trending hashtags on Instagram related to Katy Perry.

In just a couple of taps, you’ve found the hashtags and Instagram users using those hashtags who will be most receptive to your message.

Hashtap provides relevant, trending hashtags for any business or individual who wants to share their passion and expand their influence.


Hashtap uses bubbles to visualize the popularity of conversations on Instagram. In an interactive infographic, the top hashtags related to any topic, hashtag or emoji are represented by bubbles which grow based on their influence, providing an at-a-glance overview of trending conversations, ranked by popularity.

It works with literally any topic: just enter a search and watch the bubbles float to the top to find your target audience.

Instagram engagement has never been this easy: Hashtap users see dramatic increases in post engagement. According to case studies, Hashtap’s hashtags increase engagement by over 2x the amount of the leading competitors tags.

Find an exciting topic, but don’t have time to explore it right now? Save it for later to generate hype and add visibility to your brand on your own time.

Hashtap is one of the top free mobile marketing tools available to marketers and influencers,

Take Chris, a social media manager who runs three client accounts on Instagram. His job is to increase his clients’ likes and followers, but he’s also charged with increasing engagement with users who are genuinely interested in his clients’ brands.

Chris knows that hard selling doesn’t work on Instagram: authenticity and real engagement does.

So Chris connects with a few followers for each of his accounts, offering free products in exchange for feedback. The users are delighted to get free stuff, and proudly and happily sing the praises of Chris’s client brands to their followers, resulting in more followers, increased engagement and better sales numbers for the brand’s Instagram accounts.

The users are happy, his clients are happy, and Chris looks like a genius.

And all it took was Hashtap.


People can’t say enough about Hashtap: we’ve been featured in over 30 news articles and blog posts, along with having received numerous glowing reviews in the App Store.

Some noteworthy companies that have mentioned and/or downloaded Hashtap include TechCrunch, NBC, The Ellen Show, Elite Daily, and Social Media Examiner among others. Kim Reynolds, Marketing Manager at Social Media Examiner (World’s most popular social media blog), states “I was raving about how much I love your app on #livestreamstars! I always use your app and sing its praises!”

We are currently the #1 iPad app in the Marketing section of the App Store since the month of February… just a few months after launch!

Despite not spending a dime on marketing or advertising, over 1,000 social media marketers and managers at medium-large companies use Hashtap daily to increase their following and engagement on Instagram.

And we’re just getting started.

Have a look at this video tutorial and demo for Hashtap!

Ready to hear what’s in store for Hashtap? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to hear the Hashtap vision for the future of social media marketing!


A former Marketing Manager for Columbia Sportswear, Chris is now an accomplished iOS developer with three published apps on the App Store.



Max is an entrepreneur and the winner of the University of San Diego’s Entrepreneurship competition. He previously served as the Business Development Manager and Social Media Manager at BluEvo.



A former futures trader, Michael obtained his degree in Finance from Indiana University, where his experience working with startups fed his passion for disruptive new startups.

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Chris Hayes

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