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Jun 9, 2016 7:09 PM ET

Archived: 1066 Battle of Fulford – We want to invite the world to visit the archaeological site of the first battle of 1066 during this 950th anniversary year at Fulford

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 9, 2016

1066 Battle of Fulford



We want to invite the world to visit the archaeological site of the first battle of 1066 during this 950th anniversary year at Fulford



We need money to make the site of the first battle of 1066 accessible to the public. Fulford is the only battlesite of that year where we can be confident about the location. Since it is on public land, the site will be a permanent, accessible legacy.

We will open the site for visitors and during the summer holidays families can come and dig.

To do this we need to employ archaeolgists and experts

  • 80% of our funding pays for people

We also need money to prepare the site, make it accessible and then protect the exposed digs from the weather so visitors can inspect the surface where the battle was fought plus the road into the muddy ford, Foul-ford. It’s on public land so it will be there for everybody.

Important note about tax

Please note that the money is being raised by the UK registered charity (1165028) the 1066 Society Charity.   Overseas contributors, please ask your national tax authority if a donation is tax deductable. For UK tax payers, you can contribute via Charity Aid Foundation or with your permission, we can recover some tax. 

And if we reach our first target…

If your generosity enables us to go beyond the basic trench preparation and site clearance, we need £8,500 to run the family events, and £4,500+ to give the fantastic volunteers the equipment they need to start conserving the thousands of finds so we can put them on display.

With your support we can tell people about this remarkable site in its anniversary year –  The Fulford Parish Council have been great at granting access. And the site is very easy to reach by all forms of transport.


Embroidering the battle of Fulford tapestryChecking weapons before a re-enactment 2004LIDAR image of landscape of 1066 battle of Fulford
We’ve made a 6m Bayeux style tapestryWe organise regular free eventsWe’ve done some pioneering archaeology


The battle of Fulford is the forgotten battle of the momentous year of 1066.

  • Fulford is a village on the outskirts of York,  which was the old capital of Viking England, known then as Jorvik.
  • The battle of Fulford took place on 20th September 1066, when King Harald Hardrada and his Viking army beat the Northern English Army.
  • Five days later King Harold (England’s new king) arrived with his army and destroyed the Vikings at the battle of Stamford Bridge. Three weeks later, Harold was himself killed at the battle of Hastings.
    • We’ve been researching the battle since 1999 and with the aid of a maximum National Lottery grant in 2003.
    • The research allowed us to announce the site location late in 2004, with full publication in 2010.
  • For 15 years this has been a great example of the community and the academic world working together including lectures at the British Museum, the Royal Armouries and many international conferences.
  • By sharing all the equipment we have bought, others benefit from what we have achieved, empowering the heritage community.
  • We have some great stuff to share with visitors.
    • Step into the trench where we found lots of bits of bone (below left)
    • Look at the ancient road which crossed the muddy ford (old English ‘Foul-ford’) (below centre)
    • Excavate some of the churned surface leading to the ditch where the battle was fought. (below right)


Please come and visit the site this summer and stand where the Vikings stood in 1066


Sample of bone from 1066 layer at Fulford



Drawing the ancient road leading into the ford at Fulford



Impression in the clay surface at Fulford beside the ditch where the 1066 battle was fought


Thanks for reading all this.

There is lots more about the work over the last 15 years on these websites:

Early archaeolgical work, Recent dig, Battle fo Fulford tapestry, Legal battles to save the site,Newsgroup & events




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