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Jun 8, 2016 7:45 AM ET

Archived: APE -The new social network. Global, Sexless & Different. Speak with your Friends. Discover Strangers. Plan your trips. Speak of any passion you have. Make friends in a new city.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 8, 2016

APE -The new social network. Global, Sexless & Different





Speak with your Friends. Discover Strangers. Plan your trips. Speak of any passion you have. Make friends in a new city



About this project


Hey I’m Charles and I’m Like you. Just like you, I like talking with my friends, I like talking with my family , I like travelling and I like meeting new people. But hey… who wouldn’t ?  

 And yes, Just like you, I use mobile messaging Applications.

But just after the terrible events in Europe, I felt something was missing. I felt we needed to talk to each other more. That’s why I have a dream. My dream is to (re)connect the world. 

What if I had an application that would allow me to speak to anyone on earth, friends, family, strangers or just anybody I might come across ?

So I built Ape.

On Ape you can speak with all of your friends. Just like with other mobile apps. The main difference is that on Ape you’re not only connected to your friends. You’re connected to the world.

To make it clear : Ape has not been built to date. The goal is to discover people. Here are few highlights of what you’ll find on Ape

 example (yes, people working @Ape are fun.) : 

                       APE IS SPLIT IN 2


                   YOU REMAIN ANONYMOUS

For your friends, you are yourself. In my case, I would be Charles, 24. I could tell them my location and they could see my profile pic ( if I have one). For others, you are a stranger (meaning no sex, no gender, no name, no picture). This way, the app CAN NOT BE USED for sex purposes. 



It is just you. And another human being.

         Ape is different from what exists

            Ape does not only connect friends

                Ape connects the world


Developers are expensive. We alreavy have a beta running but now, with your help, we would like to go one step further. Most of the raised funds will be used for dev. Some will be used for design. What’s left will be used on marketing. Having a great product is cool. But we want people to use it. So we have to communicate about it 🙂  and the more people there is on the app, the more people you’ll speak to.

An Ape is a primate. Primates often stay in group and in the vast majority of cases, primates are very social. We think humans are social too. I also think that by being too connected to the world, we are less connected to other human beings. Ape will try to set new standards.

If you believe in our campaign, even 1€ would help us achieve our craziest dreams. If you can not invest, and we 100% understand that, could you please share the word (Facebook is a good choice :’)  ) and add your mail on our website ( www.apemessenger.com ) so we can tell you as soon as Ape is live !

Risks and challenges

When it comes to application, there are 2 main risks.

The 1st one is about developers. But no worries, we have a talented group of developers working on this project at the time you’re reading those lines.
The 2nd one is people. Ape is meant to be used by a vast community and we are not sure Ape would mean something without this community.

That’s why we will do our best to provide the greatest app possible so you will want to share it with your friends. And use it. Every day.
So everyone can be connected to the world in a way never seen before.




Contact Information:

Charles Mahé Desportes

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