A Horse of a Different Color Documentary: Jeff Watkins had no eyes, was afflicted with sensory neuropathy and suffered from depression, but he was also a Perkins School for the Blind graduate, an advocate for the disabled community for public policy, an animated storyteller, a singer and a man in love with God - iCrowdNewswire

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Jun 7, 2016 2:00 PM ET

A Horse of a Different Color Documentary: Jeff Watkins had no eyes, was afflicted with sensory neuropathy and suffered from depression, but he was also a Perkins School for the Blind graduate, an advocate for the disabled community for public policy, an animated storyteller, a singer and a man in love with God

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 7, 2016

A Horse of a Different Color


A Documentary film, 14 years in the making about my journey into Jeff’s wonderful world of the unknown. Look closer. We may all look different, but God made us all the same: Human. So, what does it mean to be “A HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR?” Follow us and find out. Get on the HORSE, let’s Go! :)





About The Project

    • A HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR is the Untold story about the man Jeff Watkins and how being a part of his life has forever affected my world view. Jeff had no eyes, was afflicted with sensory neuropathy, chromes disease, suffered from depression, and lived in a group home with four other adults each with various physical and neurological disabilities. He was also a graduate from the Perkins School for the Blind, an advocate for the disabled community for public policy, an animated storyteller, a singer, a man in love with God, simply wanting “a life with a job, a family, a normal life.”
         I met Jeff while I was working for the County of Fairfax, VA as a Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor for a Summer Camp program. I became Jeff’s personal aide in the Fall of 2002. Within a month or so I discovered his personal story was too unique and beautiful to go undocumented. At first I asked him permission to put his stories on audio.  Then he asked if it would be easier for me to video tape him with his father’s camera. Since he is blind I asked “If I put your stories on video, how would you be able to watch it back later?” He said “The movie is not for me to watch, it’s for the world to see.” He had a point, and the vision for the film HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR had begun.
    December 13th, 2002 – Nick Parsons, Jeff Watkins, & Tony DeBlois
  • Jeff had previously told many stories about his memories of Perkins and wanted me to begin the documentary at the place where holds the fondest memories of his youth. Jeff would be the star and host of his own life story, his friends, former teachers and aides would be the cast and me, the director. Now, 14 Years later, it is finally happening, with your help our story can finally be told.
    I conducted my last interview with Jeff in the early Spring of 2008. That Summer, a little over a month after his 35th birthday, he died peacefully from complications with pneumonia. Holding on to over 8 hours of footage, I finally decided this year to fulfill my promise of tell his story and The Untold Story Rally with Seed & Spark and Green Light Project became the sign I was waiting for from Jeff.  
    If you agree this story needs to be told, let your voice be heard
    and support us in the completion of this film.

    – You can show your support in two ways: simply “FOLLOW” us. All we need is 500+ to move on to the next level.


    You can make a financial donation to the project and be one of our supporters press“CONTRIBUTE NOW”.

    At least $10,000 is our current goal.
    Thanks for your support!








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    Current Team

    Nicholas X Parsons




    Ariel Martinez
    Director of Photography




    Kathryn Bunting
    Still Photographer



    About This Team


    Nicholas X. Parsons – “Nick” – Producer/Writer/Director

         Nick has been been an actor for over 20 years. He attended the prestigious Governor’s School for the Arts in Norfolk, VA during High School and went on to receive a B.A. in Theater from George Mason University. During his time at College he began working at the Disability Resource Center for a work study job and was introduced to the world of high functioning adults with various disabilities. From blindness, to deafness, to ADD, and other learning and physical disabilities. He was first asked to be a personal aide by his boss Beth who is visually impaired. Upon graduation he became an ABA therapist (Applied Behavioral Analysis) for two autistic boys. Later Nick began working for the Fairfax County with different programs working and assisting with children and adults with physical and neurological disabilities. He eventually became a Special-Ed Assistant teacher, a School-Community Trainer and for a short time focusing on behavioral management as a Day-Care Supervisor.

         Nick took a break to focus more energy on his entertainment career and has worked as a script supervisor, grip, PA, crafty, boom operator, and camera assistant on many different projects from feature films, Television, and commercials. Nick has also built up a modest yet respectful acting career. You can see his credits and view his clips onIMDB or his website http://www.nicholasxparsons.com/


    A HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR is his Directorial debut.



    Ariel Martinez – Co-Director/DP/Editor

    A Filmmaker based out of Miami. http://www.arielmartinez.co/#letsgetcreative


    Currently works with an advertising agency creating marketing videos for clients such as Headquarter Toyota featuring Miami TV host Enrique Santos. Also create videos for Navarro Pharmacy, Pasteur Medical Centers.


    Ariel’s freelance career consistent of corporate documentary filmmaking. One of his more recent pieces was on former UFC Light-heavyweight Champion “Suga” Rashad Evans.


    Owner/Administrator of Instagram account @filmschool Which features “cool setups and Behind-the-Scenes” photos/videos of AND about filmmaking. He currently has over 173K Followers. 



    Kathryn “Kat” Bunting – Still Photographer


         Kathryn Bunting grew up in Norfolk Va. She likes dancing ballet, taking photos, snuggling with her cats, and long walks on the beach. No, really, she does. She began ballet class when she was three and continued dancing through her years at George Mason University where she received a B.S. in Psychology. The photography bug hit, of all places, at horseback riding camp when she was 12.  The love for animals runs in her family and she just takes to a new level. It was a trip to Africa in 2008 that her passion for photography and animals sparked her current educational path in animal cognition. She spent two months in Africa. The fist was a month long photography project to help South Africa’s National Parks capture and document native species living within the St. Lucia Greater Wetlands Park. Her second month was spent working on a Lion Reintroduction Project in Gweru, Zimbabwe. Working and capturing the wildlife of Africa, Kathryn developed a cognitive theory on an animals since of self based upon social hierarchies. Upon returning to the U.S., she been utilizing one of the perks of working at the University of Central Florida: free graduate classes. Today, Kathryn lives in New Orleans, LA and is the Director of the Standardized Patient Program at Tulane University’s School Of Medicine. Don’t let her career choice fool you, she is still working on her photography and animal behavior studies. She has also started ballet class again after almost twenty years. 




Contact Information:

Nicholas X Parsons

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