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Jun 5, 2016 5:35 PM ET

Archived: Sahar Speaks: Journalism by Afghan women

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 5, 2016






Sahar Speaks: Journalism by Afghan women

Organized by: Amie Ferris-Rotman




Sahar Speaks was established in 2015 in response to the appalling lack of Afghan female reporters working for the international press in Kabul. The situation for Afghan women in the current environment — as the country adjusts to the withdrawal of foreign troops — is critical: it is vital we hear their voices going forward, and that they are properly supported.

British-American journalist Amie Ferris-Rotman developed the program as a John S. Knight Journalism Fellow atStanford University. In March 2016, the inaugural round of Sahar Speaks saw 12 journalists receive training in Kabul. They were recently paired with mentors — experienced female journalists from around the globe. Throughout spring 2016, their stories will be featured inThe Huffington Post, the world’s largest English-language news site. This will give them the global attention they deserve.

We now need to raise money to expand; we don’t want this to be a one-off. We are planning a second round of Sahar Speaks, paid internships at Kabul-based foreign bureaus, more published stories and a private networking community. Thank you so much for your donations and support!

$25 transports one Sahar Speaks participant to training for a week

$50 pays for a safe space in Kabul to train female journalists for a day

$100 pays for an Afghan female journalist/photographer to work for a day for a major news outlet

$500 goes towards a much-needed stipend for a Sahar Speaks participant


Amie's Photo

Shougofa Alikozay
Writer at AWWP
Hobby: Miniature painting
Female role model: My mother, for her constant support

Nadia Zahel
Newsreader at Zhwandoon TV
Hobby: Playing basketball
Female role model: Herself, for working despite Taliban threats

Sparghai Basir
Hobby: Playing soccer
Female role model: My illiterate grandmother Bibi Gul (1933-2014), who challenged the Red Army during the Soviet Occupation

Sitara Sadaat
Writer at AWWP
Hobby: Playing piano
Female role model: Afghanistan’s Queen Soraya (1899-1968)

Tahmina Saleem
Freelance photographer
Hobby: Taking selfies
Female role model: Afghan photographer Farzana Wahidy

Parastoo Saqib
Writer at Afghan Women’s News Agency
Hobby: Playing basketball
Female role model: Iranian poet Forugh Farrokhzad (1935-67)

Zahra Joya
Writer at Jomhor News
Hobby: Watching soccer
Female role model: Iranian poet Simin Behbahani (1927-2014)

Alia Rajai
Freelance journalist
Hobby: Going swimming
Female role model: Sima Samar, Afghan human rights advocate

Mariam Alimi
Freelance photographer
Hobby: Playing volleyball
Female role model: My mother, who insisted on my education despite her own illiteracy

Sahar Fetrat
Documentary film-maker
Hobby: Writing and reading poetry
Female role model: Khola Zainab, a 55-year-old formerly illiterate woman who overcame the odds and taught the women in her village how to read

Zahra Nader
Freelance journalist
Hobby: Playing chess
Female role model: Simone de Beauvoir

Sonia Azatyar
Founder, Dedgah Jawaan Faal weekly
Hobby: Yoga
Female role model: Foreign women who help Afghan women


Contact Information:

Amie Ferris-Rotman

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