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Jun 2, 2016 12:01 PM ET

Archived: Gamer World : A Game-Dedicated Social Network – Connect, collaborate, and crush the competition

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 2, 2016

Gamer World

A Game-Dedicated Social Network


The nearly 2 billion video game players around the world have long deserved a gaming-dedicated social network – and it’s finally here with Gamer World.

Our rich feature set – which includes a proprietary competition finder and gamification elements – ensures this is done in a very entertaining way. Over 500 beta testers in just 5 months have helped to prove our platform’s effectiveness.

Connect, collaborate, and crush the competition with Gamer World!


The growth of the video game industry in the past 4+ decades has been astonishing.  Since Pong was originally introduced by Atari in 1972, technological advances have helped make our gaming experience more fun, visually attractive, and interconnected than ever before.  

Though the number of people playing and the amount of money spent on video games are at all-time highs, a sound, all-encompassing video game network has still yet to surface.  The only platforms that offer anything remotely beneficial are the broad giants like Facebook.  And almost all of the video game addicts are active on Mr. Zuckerberg’s brainchild, it just isn’t focused enough for discovering like-minded gamers or sharing gaming content.

They need an all-encompassing source for finding teammates and competitors, discussing games, sharing content, and even making gaming-related purchases.  Being able to accomplish all off this in one place within a network of peers – not publicly on Facebook and Twitter – would be a huge win for the industry.


Get your consoles and PCs powered on and your trigger fingers ready.  Gamer World is here to unite gamers around the world.

We’ve heard a need echoed throughout the industry – and have responded by developing a platform where gamers can find, share, and interact with each other under one umbrella.  Gamer World works similarly to Facebook in terms of social elements – including friends, group, pages, and news feeds – so it won’t be terribly unfamiliar to you.  But we’ve also implemented an impressive feature set of our own designed to directly answer gamers’ demands, including – what else – gamification elements.


Unlike the current status quo – which forces gamers to visit numerous different social pages, forums, and YouTube videos to get what they want – Gamer World brings it to you free of charge in one place.  Our users can easily find fellow gamers to play with, socialize with, and even share content with – through sources like Youtube, Twitch, Steam and Twitter.

For us, it’s all about the features.  Offering our users a functional and unique feature set, and making continuous efforts to add to it, is what will keep us on top in the world of gaming social networking.  The list is long and impressive; here are the ones that stand out most:

All of your favorite standard social features – including live chatting, friending, advanced user profiles, groups, messaging, and more – are included and fully functional.

Perhaps our biggest differentiator, this allows users to find (and chat with) game competitors or teammates based off of game name or location.  Get in the action, right away.

G-Coins, our proprietary virtual currency, are earned through GW Fights and through general platform activity.  They can be used to buy from our online store, upgrade to premium memberships, and buy additional features.

Put your money where your mouth is!  Using G-Coins, users can set up (or join) challenges under their own criteria and wager on the outcome.  Once the challenge begins, other users can watch and then vote on the winner.

Using Google Maps API, Gamer World users can find all other users based off of their specific location, zoom in and access their profiles, and friend them.

We can’t forget about the ladies.  This female-exclusive section is dedicated to the interactivity and discovery of an often-overlooked gaming segment.

Users can receive rewards and medals based off of the number of posts they make, accomplishing certain platform quests, and through other gamification activities.


After nearly two years of hard work, we’re finally on the precipice of our biggest milestone – full project completion and launch.  Our team is targeting March 2016 for this event, as we move out of beta and into our actionable business model.  A number of other smaller, yet equally important milestones have been crossed along the way.  The most significant include:

For all we’ve accomplished to date, so much more exciting developments are on deck for the future.  For more information, please request access to the Business Plan portion of our profile.


Our squad of gaming giants has a passion for entrepreneurship that mirrors their love for video games.  The original idea was for our skilled startup and tech team to create a video game; but after examining the market and uncovering the huge need for a social network, they went in a different direction.  After playing games all their lives and often finding it difficult to locate fellow gamers, our Founders decided to do something about it – and Gamer World was birthed.  Time to learn a little more about us:

Our leader has a gifted entrepreneurial mind that scouts out opportunities across the business landscape and turns them into legitimate business ventures.  He’s worked in the telecom, IT, mobile app and game industries, having started and owned three startups within them.  A highly skilled business growth and risk management expert, Sefa will head up top-level business activities including marketing, investor relations, and long-term strategic development.

Salih is our resident tech expert who is the go-to source for Gamer World’s software development.  He’s worked in many different sectors while also gaining experience within his own entrepreneurial ventures.  He successfully prepared the fundamentals of the Gamer World platform, and will continue heading up project management and new technological R&D.

Our third Founder currently serves as CEO of three different companies in various fields.  He’s got deep experience in terms of management and business development.  His leadership know-how is a great asset for Gamer World.  Semih will assist with long-term strategic development and will head up financial management.

Our Senior Developer, Erkan Aykac, has more than 15 years of experience in programming and design. He has completed over 100 websites in addition to custom web scripts/modules. His areas of expertise are C, C++, PHP, ASP, HTML, HTML5, CSS, Ajax, Java, Jquery, JavaScript, SQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Apache, Linux, CentOS.

Our second Developer, Abdul Muheet, has broad engineering expertise that includes PHP, HTML, HTML5, Java, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, SQL, MySQL, and Linux.

The Gamer World Board of Directors is currently made up of our three Founders.  We will look to make additional Board appointments as we move through the company’s growth cycle.

Contact Information:

Gamer World

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