Tyran: Styles by Tyran Marquis is the fashion house that I established to provide custom designs to men and women looking to make a statement in both formal and casual wear. - iCrowdNewswire
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May 31, 2016 1:30 PM ET

Tyran: Styles by Tyran Marquis is the fashion house that I established to provide custom designs to men and women looking to make a statement in both formal and casual wear.

iCrowdNewswire - May 31, 2016


Styles by Tyran Marquis, LLC





Personal Story

My name is Tyran Marquis and I was born and raised on the South Side of Jamaica, Queens. Often feeling like an outsider compared to other boys, because my interests were in dancing and designing while they preferred sports, my self-confidence waivered. Nonetheless, I was encouraged by my village of loved ones to not be afraid of being different and to trust my heart, pursue my dreams and passions.

My interest in fashion design started at an early age. My grandfather who was also a strong presence in my life, was a tailor for many of the stars of the Harlem Renaissance Era, introduced me to sewing at the early age of nine. After working as his apprentice, my desire to design was born. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away before I was old enough to take over his business.

Throughout my childhood, there were many challenges. Slowly but surely, I realized that in order to see a change, I would have to make a change!

I started a line of bow ties and pocket squares in high school and was excited when I saw boys and men wearing my custom designs with such pride. The responses I received encouraged me to know that this was something that I wanted to do to change my life and the life of others.

My fashions have been featured on the stages of several local fashion shows, including college shows. I am pleased that, repeat clients along with word of mouth has caused my customer base to grow.

After years of building my brand, I have established my company, Styles by Tyran Marquis LLC, to offer my custom design collections. I am excited about a future of creating clothing that helps people make a personal statement and to look and feel great. Not bad from a boy from the South Side of Jamaica Queens

Business Description

Styles by Tyran Marquis is the fashion house that I established to provide custom designs to men and women looking to make a statement in both formal and casual wear. I place an emphasis on quality as each outfit is tailored for the client and fits their style and character.

I established the company because demand expanded beyond the seasonal weddings and proms to everyday wear. I now have formal and casual collections, according to demand, that require my full-time attention. I am the persons to measure, review and develop designs and hands on to the final fitting. In addition to the clothing, I started my collection with “Pocket Square”, which offers ties, bow ties, and pocket squares. That collection remains a part of the company.

As demand has increased for my collections, my expenses, including labor and material cost have also increased. In order to ensure that I produce the quality that I have been known to offer, I must remain hands on and work directly with sub-contractors who I bring in for mass production and seasonal collection orders. I also need equipment that is reliable and efficient to meet deadlines, which is what my customers have grown to appreciate as much as the designs that are made especially for them.

What is the purpose of this loan?

My current space is a shared basement storefront. I do not have access to the premises if the owner’s business is closed, which limits access with clients and productivity. My hope is to expand into a personal commercial space and I will have access to conduct business according to my client’s schedules. I anticipate my rent increasing by $400 and does not include utilities.

I have been told by repairmen that it is prudent to upgrade after they have serviced equipment several times that was initially bought used. I anticipate cost per machine to be between $400 to $600 and I need to replace two.

Purchase of Inventory would include, but not limited to, the following:
1) All textured materials
2) Needles
3) Thread
4) Elastics
5) Zippers
6) Clips
7) Buttons
8) Tape
9) Materials associated with pattern making
10) Tracing paper
11) Muslin
12) Mannequins
13) Industrial iron and steamer
Currently replacement of the top 10 items on the list can run from $150 to $300 per month as needed.

I do not intend to hire full time staff, but will contract out for mass production services for orders over three items. This typically occurs after a fashion event which I plan on hosting in June. The services can vary dependent on the services provided. Fees are charged hourly or by piece and will be negotiated based on the job.

Other includes venue for events, photography, videography, make-up artists and hair stylist and other expense related to the event. Cost for this will be $3000.

By upgrading equipment, I will be able to improve production by at least 50% of current revenues.

This loan will allow me to expand my business and services a broader community through greater efficiencies.

I have been financially supported by my family throughout this endeavor. I look forward to having a profitable business that will help me grow to a level of self sufficiency and beyond.


A loan of $8,000 helps me to replace outdated equipment and obtain my own commercial space to bring style and character to all.

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