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May 31, 2016 3:41 PM ET

Archived: Great Big Logo LLC- Logo kits for the canvas outside your home. Show your pride in a big way.

iCrowdNewswire - May 31, 2016

Great Big Logo LLC

Logo kits for the canvas outside your home.


Show your pride in a big way –  we’ve got Great Big Logos.

Don’t think small and confine your team pride to a t-shirt or indoor wall-hanging; give your lawn a BIG beautiful centerpiece for the whole world to see with our products.

With 20 team licenses acquired, sales are being made already – yours is next!


Ever been to a college football game on a fall Saturday?  Then you know first hand – we’re one sports-crazed nation.  Whether it’s football, baseball, auto racing, or even a local high school, Americans are not afraid to go borderline crazy in order to show support to our teams.  And we aren’t afraid to break out our wallets, either; team sports merchandise sales generates over $60 billion annually in the US.

Hats, t-shirts, and license plates are great, but everybody’s got them.  In prideful efforts to stake claim to the “#1 fan” throne, fans are itching for something more unique – but merchandisers are falling short.  There’s been very little innovation in the sports merchandise space.  Fathead, with their large vinyl wall graphics, is an exception; however, these products are designed almost exclusively for indoor use. What’s a crazed fan to do to stand apart and get their teams some outward exposure?

With the ecommerce landscape booming like never before, there’s never been a better time to be an internet retailer.  Sports merchandise is a natural fit for the digital world and makes for highly shareable social media content.  If only a company dared to innovate…


We are bringing your passion outdoors – for the whole world to see.

The outside of your home is your canvas, you’re the artist – and we’re bringing you the tools you need to take your fanhood to new heights.  Our patented, do-it-yourself logo kits allow fans to paint and display their favorite team logos on a variety of outdoor surfaces.  GBL logos are big, colorful, and mirror images of what you’ll see on the playing field.  They’re fun to apply, make for great party centerpieces, and give you a more unique way than ever before to show pride for your favorite youth, high school, college, and pro teams.

We are driving sales directly to fans on our website, GreatBigLogo.com. The e-Commerce platform keeps our margins high and gives fans, teams, and businesses unique ways to promote what’s important to them to the world.


As a loyal fan, you’re all-hands-on-deck when it comes to your team – and our DIY products reflect this.  Logo application is tons of fun and can be done by anyone.

  • Choose  your canvas; many of our customers prefer their lawns, but logos can also be painted on driveways, roofs, garage doors, and other outdoor surfaces (but remember that those logos will last a long time, a lawn logo will last a few weeks).  
  • Next, it’s time to bust out that logo kit – which contains everything you need to make your masterpiece –  lawn safe paint, metal stakes, instructions, and your teams reusable stencil.  The stencil serves as a flawless guide for your work, making painting remarkably easy to do even for amateur artists.  
  • Do it again! – all you need is a paint refill to create your logo every big game day (and we sell those refills too).


Our team has acquired a portfolio of 20 college football team logo licenses to start with, but we aren’t stopping there.  License acquisition is a constant focus of our business and we’ll continue to add more college logos as well as transition into the professional realm.  These licenses make up our GBL Sports product line and should represent about 60-70% of sales. We’re proud to offer these additional lines as well:

GBL Evergreen – This line of stencils focuses on holidays and major life events, including Halloween, Independence Day, birthdays, marriages, and baby arrivals and cancer awareness.  They’re a great way to bring the neighborhood together and share your most meaningful events.  The also offer higher margins than our licensed logos with no royalty attached.  The plan is that Evergreen will represent 5-10% of sales.

GBL Custom – As we expand the business, our customers will also have the opportunity to transpose their own custom logos onto our stencils via an easy to use app (under development).  This customization is great for youth and high school sports, who have different logos than the college and teams.  It also allows for promotional opportunities for businesses, charities, and even politics!  Custom stenciling is currently only available at a huge expense from companies focused on selling paint.  We will consumerize the “Custom” experience.  It is planned that Custom will represent about 20-30% of sales, as we’ll be able to charge premium for this category.


The GBL idea got its initial spark in December of 2014 – when we painted our first sample Colorado Buffaloes logo.  After months of planning and research, we would then go on to make our first logo kit sale in August 2015.  As we now prepare ourselves for an ascension into the big leagues, it’s time to look back at what we’ve accomplished so far:

Making sales.  In just five months in 2015, we sold 143 logo kits (with only 4 licensed schools!) for a total of $14,000 in revenue.

Collecting licenses.  We currently have licenses to 20 college logos. Teams include Clemson, Georgia, Oregon, Kentucky, NC State, LSU, Virginia Tech and other prominent institutions.



IP protection secured.  We’ve secured a portfolio of six patents that cover the full scope of our of product and its application.  We’ve also locked down a 10-year patent deal with Graffiti Grass.

Marketing in motion.  Social media marketing activities have been successfully executed with lots of positive feedback.  Our product has naturally-high viral potential.

Supply chain working.  Production and distribution are in motion and working well through our Denver-based manufacturer.


Our championship team is led by Jay Waggoner, the founding visionary of the GBL idea.  An alumnus of the University of Colorado, Jay was looking to display his Buffalo pride even more and came up with the idea for lawn logo kits.   Besides being a sports nut, Jay has put together an impressive career in sales management – skills he’ll put to work for GBL as our day-to-day leader. Acquiring team licenses is one of his top long-term responsibilities.

The GBL squad is rounded out by these three All-Pro Partners:

Ira Hernowitz – Former President of Stride Rite and SVP of Marketing for Hasbro; responsible for business planning, marketing and new product development.


Michael Hummell – Startup expert who built and successfully exited CD Stomper, a $23,000,000 company, amongst other ventures; responsible for ecommerce and supply chain.


Mary Beth Waggoner – Experienced financial professional, responsible for financial reporting and accounting.

Contact Information:

Jay Waggoner, Ira Hernowitz

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