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May 31, 2016 2:03 PM ET

Archived: Give Advice. Get Advice. Change The World. TurtleWise is an Experience Social Network and Mobile App community that connects users as they seek answers to life’s questions.

iCrowdNewswire - May 31, 2016

TurtleWise, Inc.



TurtleWise is an Experience Social Network and Mobile App community that connects users as they seek answers to life’s questions. Advice seekers (Explorers) can ask questions of credible, knowledgeable and trustworthy advisors (Gurus) who possess the unique experiences to help others make better life decisions. Most importantly, TurtleWise is an experience site – not an expert site. Anyone with experience or expertise on a particular topic can be a Guru!

The relationship between Explorer and Guru is confidential. An intimate conversation is created within the social network, and real advice is offered across a broad and expanding base of topics (or clusters of excellence) including; Education, Career Management, Politics, Lifestyle/Family, Military, Entrepreneurship and more.

What makes TurtleWise truly unique, is that the Explorer can define who they would like to receive answers from. By specifying the experience or demographics of their ideal Guru, the Explorer increases their chances of receiving useful advice. We’ve combined the best aspects of personal networks with the breadth and reach of online crowd-sourced sites. TurtleWise provides a new path for advice seekers!



The mission of TurtleWise is to transform the way people give and receive advice. To provide for deeper, more meaningful engagements that result in better advice and can lead to one-off or life-time mentoring. We believe that better advice leads to better decisions. And better decisions will change the world, one person at a time!

The history of mentorship dates back to Homer’s Odyssey, where Athena takes on the appearance of an old, yet wise man, which guides young Telemachus through a difficult journey. 

Millions of people around the world have benefited from having a mentor, where the guidance and advice of a more experienced individual have contributed to reaching greater success in their life. 

Unlike crowd-sourced Q&A sites that use opinions from random people of unknown qualifications, TurtleWise provides:



Through this Title III crowd-funding campaign, we want to grow and establish a network of trusted, and credible advisors that guide our users through life’s journey and answer it’s complicated questions.


This is an historic opportunity. For the first time, individual investors can take part in Title III Equity Investment in start-up companies! Equally exciting is the opportunity to invest in a company that wants to change the way we seek advice on the Internet. When you invest in TurtleWise you invest in a business that wants to change the world, one great decision at a time.  Our hope is that you feel good as you help us help people, as they seek answers to life’s questions. And as TurtleWise grows, our goal is to generate great returns for our investors.  Finally, you’ll get some cool swag for joining our fundraising effort.  







The Cluster’s of Excellence are the first areas of expertise where our users have the deepest knowledge. We believe this initial number has the chance to grow exponentially, from the original six to an emerging 50+ Clusters.


With over 279 Million US internet users (2014) and nearly 72% (200M) of them seeking advice online, TurtleWise plans on providing this large demographic a platform to receive trusted, and credible knowledge by real-life mentors. With the emergence of social media, which has 173 Million Active Users in the US, nearly 122 Million of those users are considered social advice seekers. We’ve created an innovative network which changes the way people communicate and add value to one another.



TurtleWise has a goal of attracting a user base 3 Million from this market and expanding its subscriber base to nearly 300K by 2021. With this number of users generating ongoing questions within the application, and mentors providing advice, if successful, we will have created a network of continual knowledge circulating amongst the TurtleWise community.   








With your help, TurtleWise hopes to continue to better the lives of its users and grow into new corporate channels to include healthcare, education, government, and talent management. 

Our plan includes increasing traction in other countries and introducing new features based on user input. We hope to deepen our relationships with our existing partners while creating new partnerships for mutual benefit.  We anticipate providing customized advertising linked to search interest to those users who want it.  






We’re different than any other social networking platform because we bridge the gap between crowd sourced Q&A sites and your personal network of friends and family. The idea is you build a profile, ask a question and get an answer from a specific group of credible advisors that you have chosen. 


Typical advice comes through one of two path’s; personal networks or crowd sourced Q&A. TurtleWise offers a unique third path that combines the best of both.


TurtleWise, Inc.

  • Title III Offering

TurtleWise is a Social Network (web and mobile) that leverages the unique experiences of its users in order to share credible, customizable and confidential advice. It combines the best aspects of personal networks with the breadth and reach of online crowd-sourced sites. Soon to launch premium features are aimed at deepening engagement and generating revenue. Trusted, mentor relationships are forged as users interact on the site, increasing the potential for a meaningful exchange of advice. The result is better decisions. And the difference between a good life and a great life is great decisions.



minimum investment is $3.043.04 = 3,344 shares.








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TurtleWise, Inc.

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