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May 31, 2016 9:55 AM ET

Archived: The First Hollywood Studio Owned by Fans. Legion M works with creators – from independent filmmakers to big Hollywood studios – to make movies, TV shows, virtual reality experiences and more.

iCrowdNewswire - May 31, 2016



The First Hollywood Studio Owned by Fans



Legion M works with creators – from independent filmmakers to big Hollywood studios – to make movies, TV shows, virtual reality experiences and more. We’re also the first company in history built from the ground up to be owned by fans rather than Wall Street investors. With Legion M, Fans own the company, Fans go behind the scenes, and Fans share the rewards.





We’re revolutionizing the world of entertainment by putting a new twist (fan ownership) on a proven business model (content production). This gives us a strong competitive advantage–when our projects are released we have a Legion of Fans pushing to make them successful. By building a community of shareholders that are financially and emotionally invested in our projects, we can change the world of entertainment forever!


  • Founded by Emmy winning digital media pioneers.
  • Ground floor opportunity to invest at low, seed stage valuation
  • Signed creative alliances with the creators of Robot Chicken, Meltdown Comics, and mixed reality gaming pioneers at 42 Entertainment
  • Advisory board of Hollywood heavyweights.
  • Raised over $400K from accredited investors – now we are opening it up to the fans!





Entertainment doesn’t exist without fans, so whether you are an established Hollywood player or an up-and-coming creator, your fans are your most important asset.

That’s why a fan-owned company is such a revolutionary idea. By allowing people to be a part of the process, Legion M is building a community and fanbase that is invested in projects even before they are released. That has the potential to create huge value for everyone–from the biggest studios to the smallest independents.

Also, Paul and Jeff are two of the nicest, smartest, and hardest working guys I’ve met in a long time. It’s a bold plan, and I’m rooting for them to pull it off!

Scott Landsman

My wife and I opened our first cinema nearly 20 years ago with dream of a movie house built by movie fans, for movie fans. Since then, we’ve witnessed the power and joy that comes from building a community around the films we love. We’re thrilled to be part of Legion M and proud to be part of the fan-owned revolution!
Tim League

Founder and CEO, Alamo Drafthouse and Drafthouse Films
Legion M’s new model presents an exciting new way to take fan engagement to the next level.
Matthew Senreich

Co-creator, Robot Chicken



We’ve all been emotionally invested in a movie or TV show before, but until now the only people that could financially invest were wealthy insiders. Now it doesn’t matter if you’re living in Los Angeles, CA, or Poughkeepsie, NY, we’re opening the gates of Hollywood so everyone can own a piece!


Legion M shareholders get VIP access and the chance to come along for the ride as we develop TV shows, movies, VR experiences, and more. Join us for live streams from the set, online hangouts with cast and crew, and exclusive shareholder meetings at Comic Con.

Talent Scouts

You’re the boots-on-the-ground: help us discover the next big thing!

Invested Critics

Have a voice in the process and a say in the projects we greenlight.

Spread the Word

As an owner, every new fan makes your investment more valuable.


A fan-owned company isn’t just good fun–it’s also good business! Because when we unite, nothing can stop us. And when we release projects, we have a legion of fans pushing to make them successful. Together, we can change the world of Entertainment forever!
Legion M Launch
I am Legion M


We’ve announced partnerships (and have more on the way!) with an alliance of top tier Hollywood creatives to develop a slate of movies, TV shows, VR experiences and more. These allies are working with us to develop new projects (i.e. the next hit from the creators of Robot Chicken), as well as[+ READ MORE]

Birthplace of The Nerdist, Host of The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, and one of Playboys “Top 10 Stores to Visit Before You Die”.

Emmy and Annie Award winning animation studio behind Robot Chicken, Bryan Cranston’s SuperMansion, and Camp WWE.

Pioneering mixed reality studio behind ilovebees.com (Halo 2) and “Why So Serious” (The Dark Knight) alternate reality games.

Stoopid Buddies Studio Reel
The Meltdown – Origin Story
Why So Serious?
SuperMansion Trailer


When we launched our first company back in 1999, we had a lot of friends and family that believed in us, and wanted to invest. Due to securities law at the time we had to turn them away.

We eventually grew that company from 3 guys working out of a laundry room into a global market leader with over 400 employees and 20+ million paying subscribers around the world. We even won an Emmy award for “Innovation in Television.” But the fact that the people who believed in us from the very beginning got left behind always left a sour taste in our mouths.

Not this time. With Legion M, we couldn’t be more excited to be one of the first companies in history to allow fans to invest in a seed round. We believe that uniting fans together as a community isn’t just good fun, its also good business.

As a Legion of Fans, we have strength. Together, we can make a dent in the universe–and have a lot of fun along the way. Early stage investing isn’t for everyone, but if you want to take a swing for the fences, we’d love to have you along for the ride. There’s room in the Caddy for all of us!

– Paul and Jeff



Together, the Legion M cofounders have founded 3 startups, created over 400 jobs, raised 140 Million in venture capital, made Forbes list of “Names You Should Know,” and won an Emmy Award for Innovation in Television. We’re taking a moonshot, but we’ve got the team to make it happen.

Paul Scanlan

Emmy Winner, Founder/President MobiTV, Founder/Board Member New York Rock Exchange, Passionate Digital Media Entrepreneur, 2011 Forbes “Names You Need to Know”

Jeff Annison

Emmy Winner, Founder/CEO New York Rock Exchange, Cofounder and VP Product Development MobiTV, toy designer, theme park engineer, amateur auto racer



David Baxter

Content Developmen 20+ years film/TV development, marketing master, WGA and comics writer, Larger than Life cosplay celebrity, champion fencer (swords, not watches)

Natalie Farsi

Business Development 10+ years TV monetization, exec roles in BD at Awesomeness TV, YouTube, Morgan Spurlock, Fox, Warner Brothers, master handwriting analyst, pianist

Terri Lubaroff

Content Acquisition Entertainment lawyer, COO Meltdown Entertainment, founder of Lubaroff Consulting, film/TV/podcast/content writer and producer, master negotiator, movie lover

Jeff Bartee

Finance  VP Content, Business Development, Finance at MobiTV, VP finance at Excite@Home, CFO, Business Development, and Chief Content Officer at Tada Innovations, enjoys photography

Eric Lam

Operations Shipping, smiling, explaining, answering, setting up, breaking down, and everything in between. The guy who gets things done. And a DJ ready spin all nite and all day.


Contact Information:

Paul Scanlan

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