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May 30, 2016 5:47 PM ET

Archived: ExtremeScapes of Central Texas – Complete Landscape Installation and Enhancement Services: We are the newest and best approach to landscape construction and everyone seems to know it!

iCrowdNewswire - May 30, 2016

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ExtremeScapes of Central Texas



Hutto, TX 78634, US
Consumer Services



From the first day I began installing landscapes, I knew this is what I wanted to do. I have consistently realized my objective, over the last 22 years, of bringing every single project in, on time and on budget, while working for other companies. 

However, I have never believed that meeting those criteria alone was good enough. I believe that well-managed projects should exceed customers’ expectations in terms of quality and service. We have devised a system focused on client communication, client satisfaction, and client retention that is second to none. My main goal is to establish life-long relationships with our clientele.

This is why I wanted to start out on my own, every company I have ever worked for has lost sight of the end goal. And that’s client satisfaction and retention. More times than not the ownership begins to build this arrogance; that they are better than their clientele. The same clientele that pays their bills.

At my last place of employ, I came to a company that had 3 guys mowing grass in one truck. I brought my extensive landscape construction knowledge to the table and in 5 years we were doing 2 million dollars worth of business. I have a strong belief in myself, my partner (my wife), my abilities, as well as my industry knowledge.

Currently we have a great start for being only 1-1/2 months old. We have three commercial contracts that begin in January, and are currently being sought out by other major contractors in the area. These contractors build shopping malls, department stores, schools, industrial complexes, and infrastructure projects.





















Our current situation puts us in a position where we need a substantial amount of insurances, more equipment and capital to keep us going and get us ready for these upcoming projects in the next couple of months. We have a great plan in place, as well as a ton of resources available. We just need capital.

We are the newest and best approach to landscape construction and everyone seems to know it!
























Products / Services

Complete Landscape Installation and Ehancement Services

We do it all, including but not limited to: Hardscapes (all types of masonry work)
Welded Steel (edging, planters, yard art)
Patios (concrete, flagstone, pavers)
Sod Installation (Grass or Artificial Turf)
Outdoor Kitchens, Fireplaces, and Fire-Pits
Extensive Native Plant Knowledge
Installation of heat resistant and drought tolerant landscapes
Patio Covers (roofing, pergolas, screening)
Landscape Lighting (design and installation)
Retention Walls (stone, block, steel,)
Sub-contractor management (if needed)
Assist in the design and concept of the most water efficient irrigation systems






























President Business Development
Arturo Dominguez

Arturo Dominguez
23 years of experience in landscape construction in high-end residential, commercial, medical, and civil projects. I have a tremendous amount of knowledge in projects of this size, as well as how to manage and maintain the clientele. Thus keeping client satisfaction and client retention at nearly 100%. Maintaining partnerships with larger contractors is critical, and this is where I excel. I enjoy being in environments where logistics and deadlines are critical. I have never missed a deadline or budget, again ensuring client retention and satisfaction.




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Contact Information:

Arturo Dominguez

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