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May 26, 2016 9:48 AM ET

Archived: DISOBEY – REVOLT SIMULATOR, A hybrid between a real-time strategy and a third-person action videogame.

iCrowdNewswire - May 26, 2016



Disobey - Revolt Simulator



Disobey is a hybrid between a real-time strategy and a third-person action videogame. The game is simple: you’re the Leader of the Revolt and you have to take down the Government. How to do it? Blowing down the Government Palace of course! But none can do it alone, you’ll have to coordinate squads of rioters to get weapons and medical kits by destroying strategic buildings, to find the better route to the Palace and to overcome policemen formations or tanks blocking your path. But remember: every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. The police will not stay just looking at your moves…

Here some informations about the dynamics of the game: on one side you will control the leader of the revolt in third person view. So, you have to find a melee weapon to smash things and enemies. You can pick up and throw urban props. When you find molotov cocktails and fire crackers you can store them and throw them when it’s time. And yes, you can throw stones anytime you need.

On the other side you will enjoy a RTS game. Do you remember “Hooligans”? Well, it is something like that . Around the leader there will be an area of influence. All the rioters who will enter in this area will follow the leader’s orders. You can’t have a full control on them since it’s a revolt but you can set them in 4 moods.

So it’s important what you do as an individual and how you act as a strategy leader.

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