The Kealy clan are building the world's most innovative Distillery product model the market has ever seen & Canada Flag branded Beer! - iCrowdNewswire

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May 25, 2016 3:02 PM ET

The Kealy clan are building the world’s most innovative Distillery product model the market has ever seen & Canada Flag branded Beer!

iCrowdNewswire - May 25, 2016

Kealy’s Custom Craft & Kealy’s Canada Craft

Abbotsford, BC V2t4x8, Canada
Consumer Products

The Kealy clan are building the world’s most innovative Distillery product model the market has ever seen & Canada Flag branded Beer! This has never been done in the Craft Distilling & Brewing industry. Custom Crafted Spirits & Canada branded beer!

Kealy’s Custom Craft Distillery is being spear-headed by Mason Kealy, Master Distiller and CEO of The Kealy Beverage Company Inc. Mason is highly creative and has a passion for high quality spirits. Previously Mason was a Commercial Banker for one of Canada’s Big 5 Banks. So he knows Finance, Sales and Alcohol very well.
What is a “Custom Crafted Spirit”? Simply put. Customer will have the choice of their key variables in the Spirits to make one they way “They Want It”.
– First, we start with Alcohol %. Do you want a Cocktail Spirit 40%? Martini Spirit 30%? Or Liquor Spirit 24%.
– Secondly, do you want it plain or with flavor? We have 20 different flavors for you to choose from.
– Thirdly, what level of sweetness would you like? Mega Sweet, Semi, Mild or None?
– And lastly, what size do you want? Mini (50ml), Mickey (375ml), 26’er (750ml), 40 Pounder (1.14L) or the BIG 60 Pounder (1,75L)
So go ahead. Make your 30% Martini Semi Sweet Pineapple Vodka in a 26’er and ENJOY!
Or make a 24% Candied Mega sweet Mandarin Orange Vodka in a Mickey for sipping!
We will also have a selection of Vodkas, Whiskeys and a Gins.

Scott Wallis, our Brewmaster, will be keenly focused on creating our three primary brands of Canada Craft beer. We’re not going to make 50 different fluffy flavored beer. Just three, and we are going to make them REALLY well!
We want to represent Canadian pride in our Canada Flag branded cans. For fun, Scotty will probably throw in a seasonal special here or there. But we will mainly have the core three.
A Pilsner, an IPA and a Stout. All made from Canadian Grains, with Canadian Glacier fed waters and Canadian Crafting skills.

We are building the Custom Craft Distillery and Canada Craft Brewery in the same building in Abbotsford, BC. The building will be ready for installation in September 2016.

We are looking for investors who have a passion for Beer and Spirits to come be a part of our business, and have a little fun while your doing it!


Products / Services

Kealy’s Diamond Vodka

Kealy’s Diamond Vodka is our first product to be launched into the public market.
We are one of the only “Diamond Vodkas” in Canada and have the name “Kealy’s Diamond Vodka” trademarked.
– After our third year of sales we have penetrated the British Columbia market and are in approx 75 government liquor stores and about 150 private liquor stores.
– We have also been approved to sell by the LCBO in Ontario, North Americas single largest buyer of Alcohol. They have made a pre-order for 300 cases for April 2015 and are planning a larger one this summer.
– Plus we have become the official Gluten-Free Vodka for the Red Robin restaurant chain in BC & Alberta. We are currently in discussions with Boston Pizza.
– We also have a distributor that is going to be starting a pilot market test in London England in 2016. (There are a lot of Kealys in the UK and Ireland).

Custom Craft Vodkas

You get to choose the alcohol percentage, flavoring and sweetness levels of your own custom spirit.

Custom Craft Whisky

We will be starting our Single Malt Whiskey aging as soon as possible so it can start on the market in 3 years.

Custom Craft Gin

We will have two main types of Gin. A Citrus Gin and a Pepper Lime Gin.

Canada Craft Beers

We will have our three primary recipes to start:
– Prairie Pilsner
– East Coast IPA
– Rocky Mountain Winter Ale



President Executive Officer
Mason Kealy

Mason KealyWith a business degree in Entrepreneurial leadership I have worked as a distiller for 7 years. I have also been a commercial business banker for 8 years. Previous to that I had run a technology company for 9 years.
I know what it takes to make a business successful.
Kealys has a superior product for a better valued price. Once someone gets a taste they will never go back to their other favorites.

Vice President Sales & Marketing
Nicole Kealy

Nicole KealyWith a degree in Education Nicole is an expert coach and a shrewd judge of what it will take to make a product successful in the consumers eyes. She has a vast amount of experience with events, planning and trade shows which is essential for Alcohol products to get public recognition.


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President Executive Officer - Mason Kealy

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