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May 24, 2016 8:44 AM ET

Archived: Iterate.ai: Automated Tech Discovery, Curation, and Integration Platform For Enterprise

iCrowdNewswire - May 24, 2016


Automated Tech Discovery, Curation, and Integration Platform For Enterprises


In a business landscape where the pace of innovation is set by the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple, businesses are facing increasing pressure to upgrade fast, and upgrade continuously.

Iterate helps enterprises identify and integrate the best solutions for their technological challenges. We’ve assembled an ever-expanding database of over 130,000 startups, all with a focus on solving digital problems for businesses.

Iterate is a win-win solution for enterprises and startups alike:

For enterprise clients, Iterate is a go-to resource where they can shop for, test drive, and adopt advanced technological solutions that fundamentally improve their business operations.

For startups, Iterate is a unique platform to showcase new tech products and services and put them in front of the people looking to integrate them into their business.

Top global businesses are already using Iterate to discover innovative digital solutions.

Read on to discover how Iterate is making digital innovation faster, more affordable, and risk-free to fuel big profits for big businesses.

Once upon a time, when people wanted a new movie to watch, they rented it from Blockbuster. Or if their favorite author released a new novel, Borders was the place to get it. But then something happened — with the onset of the digital age, the race was on to adopt new and emerging technologies to stay relevant, reach larger audiences, and compete effectively in the global market.

Major businesses began increasingly spending top dollar on R&D at a breakneck rate to harness the benefits of next-gen technology to digitize their practices. As massive companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple (the GAFA) started pumping billions of dollars into tech research and development, it was the final nail in the coffin for the likes of Blockbuster and Borders.

Even though the top 1,000 enterprises invest roughly $850 billion per year on R&D, the vast majority are outgunned by the GAFA, especially when inventing digital advancements. 350,000 more enterprises don’t have a multi-billion-dollar internal R&D budget and they need to get creative when it comes to finding solutions that allow them to keep up with the blistering pace that the tech giants are setting.

As a result, many executives are turning to a significant startup community of tech pioneers to address their individual digital needs.

With over 130,000 startups to scour through and thousands of tech startups popping up every year, there are plenty of valuable opportunities available. But the process of curating the best-in-class among the many startups that come knocking at your door is an overwhelming and impractical process.

Added to this, the methods that enterprises rely on to integrate these startup solutions into their company’s current tech stack is outdated, costly, and inefficient.

One current process:

Hiring expensive PhDs to analyze spreadsheets

Untangling the digital landscape

Manually interviewing startups

Entering into individual NDAs and MSAs for every startup you want to pilot

Manually integrating each startup into the tech stack

We created Iterate.ai to automate the entire process. We’re merging artificial intelligence with white-glove services to drive the discovery, curation, and validation of new and emerging startup technologies like never before.

With Iterate, we’ve created an entire centralized, digitized network of over 130,000 indexed startup ventures spearheading new and exciting technologies. We’re giving corporations a simplified, automated platform to effectively pilot different technologies within their environment, more efficiently integrating and trialing a solution that meets their specific needs.

How are we doing it? With two comprehensive offerings:

The AI-fueled engine powering the entire process. Iterate.ai is a global matchmaking marketplace purpose-built to instantly and seamlessly connect enterprises with promising startups. Iterate.ai is built to collect and publish quantified success stories from startups, as a way to de-risk the innovation process for big business. The platform is fast becoming entirely automated. Enterprises may work confidentially in this platform that is highly efficient in finding both the right solutions for individualized problems posted and the needs described by enterprise members.

Iterate Studio
Our value-added, supplemental white glove consulting service leverages the Iterate.ai startups database. We work directly with certain enterprises to assist with and custom-build more complex tech solutions — what we call digital recipes. Because we manage and oversee the entire curation, analysis, and experimentation process, we’re enabling enterprise members to move forward with the confidence and peace-of-mind that they’re adopting the right digital solutions based on actual trial runs and test results. Each time we run an experiment, the results provide us with wisdom that we can apply to other enterprise clients.

For entrepreneurs
Iterate represents the ultimate platform for bringing innovative tools directly to the entrepreneurs  who are actively seeking a better way to:For executives
Iterate is the go-to marketplace for discovering and selecting from the best among an entire global community of startups, translating to an environment that is:The results are cumulative. As Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says,

The Iterate.ai software harnesses proven models across multiple successful entities. We’re combining a view platform echoing that of SimilarWeb, aninteractive platform akin to LinkedIn, and an operational platform to create the ultimate one-stop innovation marketplace and startup proof-of-value testing lab.

Here’s how it all comes together:

Auto-Index of 130,000 Startups
The AI engine evaluates an executive’s profile tags and job description, then automatically starts curating startups and technologies that are contextually relevant to that executive.

Post a Challenge (Problem)
Enterprise members are able to anonymously and confidentially submit business or technical challenges through the interface, and Iterate.ai automatically notifies all of the startups that are relevant to that particular problem.

Choose a Solution
Using Iterate.ai’s messaging functionality, each startup entrepreneur can respond to the initial post to vie for consideration by the posting enterprise — citing reasons why their solution is the most effective for that company.

Create Collections
Iterate.ai is an excellent place to evaluate startups. Eneco grouped 750 startups into 12 Collections, then Iterate helped grade those startups as they evaluate them for business development, investment or acquisition activities.  In the graphic below, you can see that Eneco evaluated 123 startups in the Smart Home Security Collection.

Take it for a Test Spin
Think you may have found the right solution for your business? Take it around the block a few times. Our platform lets enterprises inject startup code directly into their tech stack to see each product in action as it relates to their current system. Think of it as a digitized version of the try-it-before-you-buy it model.

Save Time on Legal
We’re taking a streamlined approach to the legal process of testing proofs. Our PilotPass initiative makes it so a single MSA now covers multiple testings. This means that you no longer have to waste time hashing out the agreement process for each and every trial round.

Get Perfect Insights
After you’ve tried out a few different technologies, Iterate generates anonymous summaries highlighting the test results so you can make the most informed decision about which startup solution works the best for you. And startups can rest easy knowing that this method keeps their proprietary information confidential.

Although Iterate.ai is still in the alpha phase, we’ve experienced explosive and rapid growth in just a short amount of time, pointing to even more success in 2016. Here’s a look at our key achievements since our August 2015 launch.

Committed Investments
We’ve already secured $700K in investments, an enormous vote of confidence for the potential of Iterate in the global market.

We’ve established valuable partnerships with several industry-leaders, including Demandware, BDC, Visual Website Optimizer, Brighten Consulting, Cnetric, Capgemini, and Adobe. Our alliance with Demandware, for example, opens up access to their 600 retailer clients operating 2,000 websites. In exchange, we provide credibility and authenticity inside the startup community.

Our deals with Demandware, VWO, and Optimizely will secure distribution of our startups through these companies’ platforms. And Capgemini, Demandware, Innovators International, Innovation Pavillion, BDC France, Brighten Consulting, and Hawk Media firms have agreed to introduce Iterate to their client base.

Top-Tier Clients
A number of major multinational brands have already tapped the Iterate platform to effectively and efficiently curate digital technology solutions for their business, including:


Validated Demand
Over 130,000 startup have been auto-indexed and around 170 major enterprises have already signed up for Iterate.ai. 350 startups have also signed up on Iterate.ai, as well.

Lucrative Leads
We are in active discussions or already in the contract phase with multiple global brands interested in adopting the Iterate platform. Here are just a few of the customers we’re currently in advanced discussion or agreement stage with:


Consultancies / Agencies / Workspaces / Accelerators / VCs

What’s Next For Iterate?
The priority for us now is to build on our current momentum. We’re updating our platform daily to include new features, which have been informed by services our team provides to large and small clients. We are building more IP in the form of proprietary data analysis / artificial intelligence algorithms. We’re also working to implement integrations, in addition to our certified Demandware cartridge, to utilize our proprietary tag manager  within our operational AI platform for number of clients.

Find out how you can help Iterate achieve these goals by requesting access to the Business Plan side of our profile.

Contact Information:

Jon Nordmark, nnBrian Sathianathan

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