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May 23, 2016 11:47 AM ET

Wynk – Your Personal Makeup Concierge: A new online platform and mobile app bringing the world of cosmetics into the on-demand economy

iCrowdNewswire - May 23, 2016



Your Personal Makeup Concierge.



Wynk is a new online platform and mobile app bringing the world of cosmetics into the on-demand economy. We are your personal makeup concierge. 


In our community, users can ask makeup related questions and receive answers, tips, and tricks from industry professionals and influencers. Users can upload and browse through a completely customized feed of cosmetic products and — here’s the real kicker: even see what these products look like on your face before purchase with augmented reality.

Once you’re convinced the product will look awesome on you, add it to your WynkBox and we’ll ship it to your front door.

We even offer makeup pros the chance to become influencers in their own right and get advanced releases of the hottest new products.

Wynk was accepted into the accelerator LaunchByte.io, led by serial entrepreneur Tan Kabra. There, we were connected with a talented team of nine developers who have since finished the design of our revolutionary platform and have begun development on the web and app versions. Wynk will be ready to download by the end of summer. In the meantime, we are inviting everyone to sign up for our newsletter on our homepage: wynkmakeup.com.

We’ll be releasing content regularly, so make sure to subscribe and also keep reading this page to get an inside look into Wynk!


Listen, ladies, we’ve all found ourselves in this situation:

You have an important event coming up but not enough time to see a professional makeup artist. Even if you did have the time, who has money to afford that?

You’ve tried watching YouTube tutorials before, but there’s simply way too much content out there to filter through, and most of it is made by amateurs anyways —who are these people and why should you trust their opinion?

You can head to your local department store but the amount of brand options and being bombarded by “beauty consultants” trying to push products is likewise overwhelming. The industry is growing all the time and it seems like everyday there’s a new “it” brand out there, each one claiming their products are perfect for everyone. The truth is: no two people should use the same exact combination of cosmetic products.

We here ya.

Which is why we created Wynk.

Wynk is affordable and convenient way to find your look and become the makeup master you’ve always wanted to be.

The days of buying expensive bottles and tubes of the newest “wonder” product are over. The days of wearing the same makeup day after day because you’re too scared to try anything else are over. The days of cosmetic confusion are over. This is the world of Wynk.


We love our on-demand economy — Uber, Airbnb, Amazon — anything and everything we could want, we can have with just a few taps on our phones. Except personal makeup advice… until now, that is.

We also provide you with a one-of-kind virtual reality makeup experience, allowing you to try makeup on — virtually! Our facial recognition software works similar to Snapchat’s recognition technology — expect instead of rainbows flowing from your eyes, you can try on all sorts of different cosmetics, creating various looks, all from the comfort of your couch.

Here’s how it works:

With Wynk, looking your best not only becomes a breeze, but it’s also now a fraction of the cost — try on the products virtually and in small sample sizes in person before you commit to a large bottle.


Wynk is also a platform for makeup influencers to create a brand for themselves and show their fans the products they are using. Great advice and content gets you Wynks from fellow users. Wynks can be redeemed for sample boxes of the hottest new products before they hit the shelves, thus further establishing you as an expert by keeping you ahead of the curve. 

Take Belen, for example. Belen is a 25-year-old blogger who is not getting a lot of traction on YouTube, even though her makeup tips and tricks are objectively awesome. She decided she needed to make some sort of social media platform that allows her to build a community and share her knowledge on products and how to apply them. She wants to be able to answer questions people might have about application and products, and reach her viewers at a more personal, social level. Wynk is the perfect social media for Belen.

Cosmetic brands also love Wynk because we’re advertising their products to all our users. Because of this, they are willing to offer special promotions and give away free looks to Wynk users. Everyone wins!


Development of our revolutionary platform just got underway, and we’re in really good hands. Our accelerator connected us with a team of developers who are working on hard on getting the Wynk platform market ready.  

In the meantime, we will be creating content constantly. We will write blog posts and create videos for our users to start getting a sample of what Wynk will have to offer. People will have so much awesome information to scroll through that they’ll already start to feel more comfortable with their makeup needs. The Wynk founders have a lot to say, and we can’t wait to pass this on to you.

Who are the founders of Wynk?


Carolina Torrens, President & Co-Founder
Carolina is the 19-year-old co-founder of Wynk. She is passionate about makeup and the ability is has to empower people. Having struggled with self-confidence in the past, Carolina personally knows that when you feel and look the best version of yourself, you can take that confidence into all aspects of life and take on whatever challenges come your way. She is a true believer that good makeup doesn’t need to be just for certain social or economic classes, or for serious professionals — great cosmetic products and even better application is reachable for anyone. She wants to deliver the “magic” behind flawless looking makeup that people always want, but feel they can never achieve on themselves.

Lauren Budzich, Treasurer & Co-Founder
Lauren is also a 19-year-old college student and makeup aficionado. She has a particular passion for startups and idea generation, having focused her education thus far on business and entrepreneurship. Like Carolina, she wants every women to feel confident in themselves and look their best, regardless of socioeconomic status. Lauren is an active advocate for female empowerment and believes that Wynk can be a powerful tool in that message.  

Tan Kabra, Lead Investor
Tan is a serial entrepreneur and our lead investor. His reverse angel fund has dipped into many different industries (now even cosmetics), and is worth over $10 million. Tan advises Carolina and Lauren on how best to scale their company from the ground up.

Contact Information:

Carolina Torrens

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