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May 23, 2016 6:06 PM ET

Archived: VicoVR- Full Body-Tracking VR & 3D Gaming System: Enable Positional Tracking, 3D Motion Sensing & More as a Stand-Alone System or Upgrade to Existing.

iCrowdNewswire - May 23, 2016

VicoVR- Full Body-Tracking VR & 3D Gaming System

Enable Positional Tracking, 3D Motion Sensing & More as a Stand-Alone System or Upgrade to Existing.


Introducing an Affordable 3D Gaming System.

No PC, No Wires & No Wearable Sensors.



Enable Positional & Full Body Tracking with Wireless 3D Motion Sensing.

VicoVR comes complete as a stand-alone 3D Gaming System or as an add-on Bluetooth Accessory for your existing VR Headsets and Gaming Platforms.






Precise 3D Coordinates of 19 Body Joints.

Data is then sent wirelessly,with minimal latency to any Android or iOS Head Mounted Display.


This does not consume the processing power of your Mobile Head Mounted Display, all processing is done inside VicoVR!



Select your VicoVR package here



A Complete Platform or an Upgrade to Existing.

VicoVR is Versatile as a Stand-Alone Gaming System or it can Easily be Added-On to Existing iOS or Android 3D VR Displays and/or Platforms.


Stand-Alone 3D Gaming System
VicoVR already has some exciting Android VR applications developed by 3DiVi and third party developers with more than ten finished Android applications.

Paired To Existing Gaming Platforms
VicoVR syncs with Android TV, Apple TV, Android Game Consoles and other gaming platforms and can also be paired with Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard adding an extra dimension of gaming.

For pairing, download the VicoVR app, it also serves as a catalog of games!

Check Out Some Games Showcasing the Technology

Over the coming months, our stand-alone gaming library will expand, all free to our backers as the library grows. In the meantime, there are a ton of games already available on many existing gaming platforms.

Archery Range 3D




Hit the static and dynamic targets by pulling a virtual archery string with your hands 100% wirelessly.




Voice of Steel VR



Voice of Steel is a gesture controlled, physics-based robot fighting VR simulator.




Moon Bird VR



By flapping your wings you can explore virtual reality and enjoy the picturesque scenery of distant planets. Control your flight with body tilts and flapping your wings to catch as much air balloons possible to maintain air supply.



Ping Pong VR




Play ping pong with your hands against a tennis robot!


Zombies Hunt VR


Keep your right hand equipped with a weapon and use your left hand to cast spells.




Select your VicoVR package here






VicoVR processes depth input inside the sensor and recognizes 19 body joints of two people in  real time.


VicoVR also works for standing and sitting (half body) poses!





Proprietary 3D vision based processing unit detects precise 3D coordinates of 19 body joints for each user presented in Field-of-View of the sensor. 


This data is then sent wirelessly – with minimal latency – to any Android or iOS HMD. Best of all: these features do not consume processing power of your Mobile HMD – all processing is done inside VicoVR!  





VicoVR solves one of the key problems of Mobile VR – the lack of HMD Positional Tracking.

Mobile Head Mounted Displays becoming increasingly popular and more powerful with better displays and better internal sensors for gaze tracking. 


However, they lack the ability to locate themselves in 3D spaces- this is what’s known as Positional Tracking. Without Positional Tracking users are limited in the types of VR applications, meaning they lack the ability to move freely in VR worlds. 
Only pricey, wired, and PC based systems like HTC Vive and Oculus offer this more advanced feature. VicoVR enables Positional Tracking for Mobile VR headsets – without a PC, wires, or any additional wearable sensors!




To avoid collision with objects & people, VicoVR may warn users when they’re exiting a safe zone. 


It’s a great feature that keeps gaming uninterrupted and all players safe!




The key ingredient of VicoVR is the industry leading Full Body Tracking software developed by 3DiVi!


We are constantly working to improve quality of our body tracking software.


Our wireless hand controller is perfect for performing simple UI control and navigation tasks (e.g. “confirm” command). 




While VicoVR is perfect for immersive full body and headset positional tracking, our Wireless Hand Controller comes in handy when fighting zombies or playing ping pong! 



Supports Android and iOS smartphones 4 to 6 inches, features high quality lenses, reliable locking & adjusts to different eye features.



If you already have your own headset- that’s great! You can use any Android or iOS headset with VicoVR. 



Select your VicoVR package here






VicoVR is designed to be easily upgradable with over-the-air software upgrades, using Android (or, later, iOS) application.







VicoVR works beyond VR! As a Bluetooth accessory it can be paired simultaneously with other Smart devices – such as Apple TV, Android TV and the like. With VicoVR it’s possible to play in VR against your friends playing on TV! 






The depth sensing module of VicoVR is capable of capturing the accurate measurements of objects.



This feature may be used for 3D scanning allowing users to take measurements (scans) of their bodies and try clothes on in virtual fitting rooms. This feature may be implemented by developers using VicoVR SDK. 



VicoVR is capable of capturing point clouds representing people in real time and wirelessly sending this data to any Android/iOS device. 




With this feature users can create and project their live 3D hologram across Virtual environments! 






We provide plugins for Unity3D and UE4, as well as samples and documentation for developers. Developers can now easily create Android and iOS applications with full body interactivity for Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, iPhone VR.

Embedded software found in VicoVR is highly optimized and requires moderate ARM chipset for processing. This means that VicoVR is less expensive and consumes 10 times less energy than solutions based on Kinect+Windows PC.





Select your VicoVR package here





















3DiVi Inc. was started five years ago with the idea to bring 3D gesture recognition technology to emerging computer platforms. By assembling the brilliant team of computer vision engineers, we created a state of the art 3D body tracking software. Our developments happened just in time for the emergence of the Mobile VR market.

Our team found 3D Full Body Tracking was capable of solving key problems in Mobile VR.  We identified the lack of positional tracking of Mobile headset and the lack of body interactivity to be two of the biggest issues. Our team believed the sensor should work wirelessly- without a PC- meaning the sensor should have its own embedded processing capability. This belief is how VicoVR was born.

During the last year we’ve evolved from a duct-tape prototype to a validated prototype that’s ready for mass production. The VicoVR prototype has already been assembled in small quantities and shipped to Android VR developers. More than ten Android VR apps are ready for VicoVR and we’ve had successful demos at VRLA2016, CES2016, and MWC2015. VicoVR is literally a game changing peripheral device with a total addressable market (TAM) of over two billion Android and iOS devices! 

Our team deeply believes this is the beginning of a great chapter in full body presence within the Mobile VR world. To grow in sync with the Mobile VR industry, we look forward to working endlessly to evolve the capabilities of VicoVR via software updates. 

VicoVR’s breakthrough in accuracy, stability, and latency of body tracking has resulted in a virtual reality gaming system unlike any other. With VicoVR, virtual truly becomes reality. We cannot wait to share this gaming reality with our backers. 


3DiVi Inc. is headquatered in San Francisco and has a R&D office in Russia.



Q: What is VicoVR?

A: VicoVR sensor is a Bluetooth peripheral that brings wireless Kinect-like motion tracking capability to Android and iOS ecosystems – without a PC, wires, or wearable sensors! When wirelessly paired with Mobile VR headsets such as Samsung GearVR or Google Cardboard, VicoVR enables HMD-positional-tracking and full-body-tracking capabilities. When wirelessly paired with the new generation of gaming platforms such as AndroidTV, AppleTV, or an Android game console, VicoVR enhances mobile gaming with familiar Kinect-like body tracking.

Q: Is VicoVR Sensor similar to Microsoft Kinect?   

A: Yes and no. VicoVR sensor is similar to Kinect as it uses similar bundle of depth sensing technology and the body tracking SDK (middleware). The key difference is VicoVR Sensor’s embedded processing capability. Unlike Kinect SDK, which requires xBox or Windows PC for middleware processing, our proprietary middleware is executed inside sensor on embedded processing unit. Processing results such as real time user skeletal tracking data and gestures are sent then by Bluetooth to any compatible host device.

By offloading heavy image processing tasks from the host CPU, VicoVR Sensor makes full featured 3D motion control available on any Bluetooth enabled device. You can think of VicoVR Sensor as a new type of Bluetooth peripheral, which is especially perfect for emerging Mobile VR applications requiring full body tracking and gesture control.

Q: Is VicoVR compatible with any headset other than “Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and other Android HMDs”?

A: VicoVR is Bluetooth peripheral compatible with any Android and iOS device. It means any Cardboard-type of headset can be used with VicoVR such as Homido, Liquid VR, View Master and others.

Q: Does VicoVR enable Positional Tracking of Mobile VR headset (Android, iOS)?

A: Yes! VicoVR wirelessly communicates Location Tracking data to Mobile VR headset, solving one of the key problems of Mobile VR. This feature works without any markers and not consuming any processing resource of Mobile headset.

Q: How many skeletal joints are detected for person? Can VicoVR track more than one person?

A: Yes, VicoVR can track upto two people simultaneously, detecting up to 19 body joints for each person.

Q: Will it work for sitting poses?

A: Yes, VicoVR skeletal tracking can work reliably for the standing case (full body) and for the sitting case (upper half body).

Q: What if there are two players overlay each other, will VicoVR recognize it?

A: Yes, VicoVR skeletal tracking can effectively separate users in case of overlay, but we recommend to avoid such cases in designing usage scenario for VicoVR.

Q: What is the latency of tracking?

A: Latency of skeletal tracking is 15 ms, latency of wireless transfer is 6.5 ms.
Q: I’m an Android VR Developer, can I get the VicoVR Devkit now?
: Yes! We have a Developer Program where qualified developers can get immediate access to VicoVR devkit prototypes and SDK. To request devkit prototype please fill form at www.vicovr.com/developers

Q: Can VicoVR be used with Oculus or HTC Vive?

A: VicoVR was designed with primary focus on Mobile VR headsets (Android, iOS) and in its current version cannot connect to Windows PC. But this feature may be added later by means of firmware updates, without the need to replace sensor hardware. 

Q: What’s the range of the Tracking area?

A: Tracking range is between 0.5 – 4.5 meters and is limited by the Field of View of Sensor which is 60 degrees (horiz.).

Q: Is any option to try VicoVR before purchase?


Yes! We are based in San Francisco and demo at all major VR events and meetups in the area and across US. Please follow us on social networks to learn our event schedule! If you are in the Bay Area, feel free to reach to info@vicovr.com to schedule an appointment.

Q: Who develops application for VicoVR Sensor?

A: Despite VicoVR is the new platform, we already having several Android developers creating applications and demos for VicoVR. Here are selected finished Android VR apps:

● Archery Range3D 

● Moon Bird 

● Box Fighter

● Voice of Steel

When VicoVR is available later in 2016, apps for VicoVR Sensor will be available on Google Play, AppStore, or on Oculus Gear VR Store.

Q: I am an Android VR Developer, can I get VicoVR Devkit now?

A: Yes! We have Developer Program where qualified developers can get immediate access to VicoVR devkit and SDK. To join VicoVR Developer Program please visit our website. Currently over twenty Android developers already joined our developer program. VicoVR is attractive to Mobile game developers because our Unity3D/UE4 plugins allow them opportunity to quickly add full body control to their existing Android or iOS apps.

Q: Do you provide SDK?

A: Yes, we provide plugins for Unity3D, UE4 and C++ API.

Q: Is PC required?

A: No PC is required. You need VicoVR Sensor and any Bluetooth enabled host device such as Android HMD, AppleTV, Android TV, or Android game console.

Q: Can it be paired with iOS devices?

A: Yes, consumer version of VicoVR can be paired with iOS devices. 

Q: Can VicoVR be used in non- VR applications?

A: Yes, VicoVR as a Bluetooth peripheral can be paired with any Bluetooth compatible devices such as AppleTV, AndroidTV, or Android PC. Kinect-like body tracking capability of VicoVR Sensor can be used in new generation of Mobile OS – based applications beyond VR, such as TV gaming, medical, security, or smart home applications.
Q: Does Vico VR detect the physics (i.e. mass, gravity, and speed) of the gesture? For example, when playing Moon Bird, if I wave my hands faster & harder, will the bird fly higher? 
A: Sure, VicoVR enables to take physics of body gesture (mass, gravity, and speed) into account, but it is defined on application level, not in VicoVR itself. VicoVR communicates in real time (currently at 30 fps) 3D positional data of 19 body joints of human body. And then Android app developer, using VicoVR plugin with his favorite game engine (unity3D, UE4), sets the physics rules inside his app
Q: I want to scan my room, can VicoVR do 3D scanning?
A: This is perfect application for VicoVR but this feature will not be supported in the current version of VicoVR (we also not provide access to raw depth map to third party developers). But we are working on adding new features and capabilities including 3D scan capability. Adding new features to VicoVR in the future can be done easily by means of software upgrades.
Q: If you turn off the lights, can VicoVR still sense you?
A: Yes, it can.

Q: How does VicoVR use the RGB camera?

A: VicoVR has RGB camera as part of its depth sensing module, but it is not used in the current version. We reserve it for future applications of VicoVR, such as 3D scanning, live 3D holograms and the like. These features can be enabled in the future with VicoVR firmware updates using existing VicoVR hardware. 

Q: If my game/app is higher than 30 FPS will it delay, operate too quickly, and/or cause motion sickness?

A: For good user experience in VR, the game should operate at least at 60 fps. VicoVR refresh rate is currently 30 fps, resulting in some latency on the part of body tracking and HMD positional tracking. As for latency of HMD orientation tracking, which we believe is the major source of motion sickness, it is defined not by VicoVR but by quality of IMU sensors of HMD. 

Q: Can I play popular VR games currently on the market using my VicoVR gaming system? 

A: Firstly, we work with Mobile HMDs only. Secondly, developers need to use our free SDK to add body control and to make the game VicoVR-compatible. Games can be:

1. New and developed only for VicoVR 


2. Already existing Android games 


Q: What controllers are compatible with VicoVR?

A: Developers are free to use any extra controller of their choice with VicoVR SDK.


Q: Does Vico VR detect finger movement?

A: We do not track individual fingers. 


Q: Does Vico VR support Voice Recognition? 

A: No, this feature is not supported and we have no plans for enabling it in the future. We think that your Mobile HMD is better suited to handle any voice recognition tasks.

Q: Does VicoVR have physics implementation for hands and feet?

A: While we have samples of body models as part of SDK, all Android VR developers are free to use any other models they like.


Q: Does VicoVR track both position and orientation of HMD?

A: No, VicoVR just tracks position of Mobile HMD by approximating body tracking data. Orientation of HMD is tracked by Mobile HMD itself with no influence from VicoVR. 


Q: Does VicoVR work well with bracelets, watches, sleeves, etc?

A: VicoVR uses high quality IR based depth sensing module for tracking body. But, as usual in computer vision, we cannot guarantee fault free performance under any circumstances, especially with materials non reflecting IR (such as some types of fabric, watches, bracelets, etc). 

Q: Does VicoVR work outdoors?
A: Current version of VicoVR uses IR based depth sensing module and it means VicoVR cannot work outdoor or indoor with a direct sunlight.


Q: What data is sent from VicoVR to the Mobile Headset?
: VicoVR processes depth input and wirellessly outputs to Android or iOS headset:

  • User pixel masks, unlimited @ 30 fps
  • 3D coordinates of upto 19 skeletal joints for user, two users max @ 30 fps
  • 3D Point Cloud @ 30 fps, upto 160*120
  • Hand pointers (3D), Gestures (fist open/closed, swipes).

All processing is done inside sensor, completely off-loading CPU of Android/iOS Headset!


Q: I know that depth map based tracking cannot provide submillimeter accuracy of tracking – how accurate is your HMD’s positional tracking?
: Yes, 3D position tracking of HMD is based on just one head joint and cannot provide a comfortable experience because of some jitter. However, by having data of all other body joints apart from head, and taking into consideration body kinematics, there is an opportunity to significantly reduce jitter in headset location. We’re constantly working to improve perceived accuracy of headset tracking, and those improvements will be available via firmware updates, without the need to replace sensor hardware. 


Q: What is the Warranty? 

A: We provide a one (1) year limited warranty. We guarantee you receive your VicoVR Sensor free of manufacturing defects.

Q: Can I change or cancel my perk?

A: Indiegogo has now made it easier than ever to upgrade your perks. You can now do so on the contributions tab of your Indiegogo profile. See more information on how to do this for Indiegogo here: https://support.indiegogo.com/hc/en-us/articles/526756-How-to-Upgrade-Your-Perk

Regarding cancellations, Indiegogo policies dictate that campaign owners have no ability to adjust perk selections. Backers can upgrade, change, or cancel their perks/rewards at anytime on their contributor’s profile until the campaign has closed. After the campaign has ended and funds have been disbursed, the campaigners will evaluate such requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

Q: How much is shipping and handling? 

AShipping and handling, which includes shipping the items to our offices, packing and fulfilling orders will cost:


  • FREE in the Domestic United States (including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska)
  • $10 to Canada
  • $30 for International Order


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