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May 23, 2016 10:02 AM ET

Archived: M-ROCK: The Cosmic Phunk Saga Continues – 100% PHUNK delivered from Sweden’s #1 funk band

iCrowdNewswire - May 23, 2016

M-ROCK: The Cosmic Phunk Saga Continues

by Emrik ‘M-Rock’ Larsson

100% PHUNK delivered from Sweden’s #1 funk band: M-ROCK!

About this project

The M-Rock theory…

Hi everybody! My name is Emrik M-ROCK Larsson and I’ve been making funky music for more than 25 years. I started out with the powerhouse funk group The Stonefunkers, and now I’m back with my latest project: M-ROCK. M-ROCK started out as a mission to bring back the funk 100% to both die hard old fans of Stonefunkers as well as to new listeners.

We have done a lot of live shows with M-ROCK The Band, and soon we’re ready to release our latest album called THE COSMIC PHUNK SAGA CONTINUES!

Here below you can get a small preview of what is to come, enjoy!

“Phunk around the World” (snippet) 

This is the best album I have made so far in my career. It’s so funky and happy you won’t believe it.I’ve brought all my funkateer friends into this album, and people are just groovin’ to the beat! So, you want to help me get this funk on its way? Here’s what we still need to do to complete the final product, and that’s were you come in – we need your help funding it!

• Mix and master: 

The album is recorded at Beardsound studios (with Johan Håkansson) and at Noble street studios (with Danne Johansson) and it sounds awesome already! We’ve started the mixing process, but there’s still some work to be done before it’s ready for mastering. The bigger our budget is, the more time we’ll have to experiment, revise, and make sure everything is just right so that the funk will sound perfect! We might also be able to remix a couple of the tracks. The master of the funky boogie beats Peter “Opolopo” Major is mixing most of the tracks on the album. Other mixers are the production team MachoPsycho.

• Make it physical:

The album artwork has to be refined and ready for pressing. We will make this record both as CD and a 12″ vinyl.

 Make people know about it:

PR and promotion is of most importance in a project like this. We will spend time to know our audience and where the money spent on promotion will do the big difference in the long run. We want to reach as many as possible that will appreciate this record!

Risks and challenges

I’m proud to say I have been in this process many times before. This will be my third full-length album with M-ROCK, and maybe my 15th album in total so far in my career, and I feel well prepared to see it through to completion.

Delays are always a risk, but I’ve got great people in my crew and a solid plan for every part of the process. I will try to keep the rewards simple so that I can get everything out to you as quickly and smoothly as possible once we’ve finished the album.

I’ve been delivering funk for more than 25 years, and this will be the best yet!

Contact Information:

Emrik 'M-Rock' Larsson

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