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May 23, 2016 3:17 PM ET

Ka Boom catamaran sailing club – It’s base camp will be placed in our family vineyard, which is right on the shore of the sea

iCrowdNewswire - May 23, 2016

Ka Boom catamaran sailing club


Catamaran sailing club in Jelsa, on island of Hvar, Croatia, that includes ateliers and events


What do I want to do?

People dance, people fly, people cry, make love, fight wars even, and I wanna sail and share the feeling. So I thought, why not making a sailing club for catamarans in Jelsa, on island of Hvar, Croatia. I started to sail with Hobie cat 17, and even though it’s a small boat (5 meters long, 2,5 meters wide and has a mast 9 meters high), but it’s an extremely fast boat (up to 40 km/h). But the most important of it all, it has nothing but sails. 

As I love the sea, the island of Hvar and sailing, I’ve decided to form a sailing club where people will be able to share the sailing experience and learn how to sail with those kind of boats. The sailing club will also encourage and hold lectures, ateliers and presentation from diverse, but compatible areas: culture, education, sport, sustainable development, multimedia and wellness.
It’s base camp will be placed in our family vineyard, which is right on the shore of the sea. There I’ve planted Mediterranean plants (olives, lavender and so on) and arranged all the field to be people friendly.
So now I’m stepping forward in search for people that share a passion for creating good and positive stuff. Before my head explodes from ideas and desire to create meaningful things worth living for, I ‘m asking you, to help me make this project come true. Contribute to our project and be a  part of better tomorrow. By doing that, you will help to make yet one more positive place on the planet whose doors will be opened for all of you.
All the contributors will be awarded with gifts: our products (olive oil, wine, lavender oil etc.), t-shirts with Ka Boom logo, possibility to sail with us, Ka Boom postcards handwritten by me and my eight year old nephew (he doesn’t know that yet, but he will :), guided tours on the island, seven days stay in Jelsa and so on.
Invest in our project and let us send our perks as your birthday present, or even a Christmas, New years present!, to someone you care about! Just provide us with the address, and we’ll make sure she/he receives back all the love you gave us with your help. :)
Who are islanders and why should we sail?
Following is a detailed description of the project:

Who am I?

I’ve been living with passion ever sense I was born. When I loved, I loved truly, when I was hurt, I cried sincerely, and when I go, I’ll know I gave everything I had in my heart to life itself.
I am a thirty three years old professor of social sciences (sociology, philosophy, politics, ethics, economy and logic) and I used to work in bilingual school in Zagreb, Croatia. I was teaching mentioned subjects on French, English and Croatian. Besides that, I worked as a librarian, tourist guide, skipper, waiter, journalist, and even as an actor/director. Bunch of stuff, all in all. And, I am proud to say that where ever I went or worked, people where happy and willing to share their time with me. I love people and  believe we must search everywhere for a way to make them smile, because their smile will be our own fulfillment. 
I was born in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), but I’ve spent most of my life in Croatia. My mother is from Bosnia (Banja Luka) and my father is from Croatia (Jelsa, island of Hvar). Therefor I am a mix of Bosnian heart (for those who don’t know; Bosnian heart is full of laughter and love) and islands persistence and will. As everybody, I also have my flaws, but I try to correct them daily.
During my lifetime, I’ve finished university (master of science), learned to speak three languages fluently (unfortunately I haven’t been using German for years, and I’m kind of rusty, but it will come back), lived in only three states (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and France), worked all over the place, managed to earn enough money to make a movie, that I believed in (it was shown on a few film festivals), had an exhibition of sculptures (that I make, when I have some free time), recently learned to play guitar, and went into sports (triathlon and sailing).
I am sincerely driven by will to create and to fully live and experience  life, and that is what I have to offer to the world.

What am I aiming at?
Ever sense I was a little boy I used to go to work in our fields with my brothers and our father. My brothers and I, we were the rarest ones, of young people, who still worked in the filed, thank to my fathers scary look. Even though I hated it when I was fourteen, as anybody would at that time, now I am proud of my heritage. 
Today, as I love sailing and immense beauties of island of Hvar, I want to develop a sailing club in Jelsa, island of Hvar. A club that will offer both: experience of sailing with catamarans and the experience of island of Hvar.  The club itself will hold various lectures, events, presentations, practical experience of sailing with Hobie cat, but also gather people who want to learn and share.


What will you be helping to create?
  • From social point of view – you will help to create a place where people come to share and learn. A place that will provide a start point for those who want to share with others, and present themselves to others, through lectures, presentations, exhibitions etc. A place where languages and  cultures will be exchanged.
  • From business point of view – you will be investing in the club that will employ people: sailing instructors, tourist guides, linguists, participants of further different projects etc.
  • From development point of view – multi-hull (catamaran) sailing is rather unknown in Croatia, and you will be making it more accessible in here. And also you will be investing in development of rural region.
  • From human point of view – once, you will come, you will see what you helped to create, and we will sit down, I’ll poor you a glass of wine, I’ll thank you from the bottom of my heart and we’ll enjoy the day.


What have I done regarding the project until today?
I had approximately 5000€ saved and through one year: 
  • I bought a boat (Hobie cat 17) and brought it to Jelsa from Slovenia.
  • I’ve learned to sail with it.
  • In our field/vineyard, that will eventually become a sailing base camp: I’ve fixed most of the stone walls. That makes around 100 meters of stone walls, high between one and two meters, and wide around half of meter. I’ve shoveled all the terraces and planted new plants (in Dalmatia, on the islands, we have terraces in the fields. As the ground is not flat, people created years before terraces.)
  • I’ve made a sewer system (which will be later on connected to the base hut, a small structure, which will be used for lectures, presentation,  safekeeping the equipment and so on.)
  • I’ve planted olive trees, grapes, lavender, and other Mediterranean plants.
  • I’ve officially started and registered an association called Ka Boom with an aim of promotion and development of culture, sustainable development, physical activity and healthy living  (Klub alternative Boom, meaning Club of alternative Boom; boom is a part of the boat. Starting an association is rather complicated in Croatia, it took me over a month time; which is actually great. Making a sewer system was way easy comparing to administration :)
  • I’ve a applied for Erasmus+ in Sports, and even though I missed the deadline (as it took a long time to get all the documents from administration), I’ve established communication with different organisations all around Europe wiling to participate in events yet to come.
  • As the land, where our sailing base will be placed, was never officially divided between owners (grandma and her relatives), it took me a year to get all the documents in order. But now it’s done. (That means I’ve payed a lawyer and the court.)
All of it, with 5000€ and lots of muscle work.
(the picture was taken right after all the works, so it will take time for the plants to grow)

What We Need & What You Get


We need:


  • financial aide
  • people that can afford themselves to come and give me a hand with work in the field
  • people that can help me with making an internet presentation
  • people that want to create

All the investments will be spent to accomplish the following:


  • bringing the water supply line to the field (currently we are 100 meters away from a water supply line),
  • establishing electricity supply system with usage of solar system,
  • finish the work in the filed/ex-vineyard (meaning: finishing the stone walls – there is 30 meters left. Connecting a sewer system to the base. Making the field accessible to people.),
  • making a hut where all the equipment will be held and where people will be able to participate in club activities (not a house, but a Thai shack),
  • opening a sailing club,
  • making a refrigerator that works using wind (I found the instructions how to make it, on the pages of university in Canada. Some awesome young people patented it.)
  • making an internet platform,
  • of course, for sending different gifts and gratitude expressions to all the investors
  • and hopefully, if possible, buying an additional catamaran. 
What can we do for you:
  • we will ship all our products mentioned in the perks (of course, depending if we can ship food to your country: it depends of export-import law) and provide you with all other services pointed out in the perks
  • and when everything is done, you all will be invited for the grand opening (food, music, sailing and laughter. If you can’t come, we’ll have to do it again, no other way :))
Where the funds go if we don’t reach our entire goal:


  • I will reach the goal, no matter what. I came until here using my hands, will and my time. The sum of money that I’m asking for is really nothing compared to where I’m going and if the money is the only reason to give up, than there is no reason at all.

The Impact


There are diverse positive influences of your investment:

  • for parents: You have kids and you wish them the best. They are often on social networks and nothing seems much important to them. One of the ideas that will follow Ka Boom is employment or volunteering internship for young people, where they will be thought and obligated, while working, to use different languages, to respect the nature and others, and gain confidence in themselves, by managing a sail boat and learning new skills.
  • for a business-man or a business-woman: we will create a possibilities of a team building adventures. Dependence on each other is the most explicit on the sea. And after it, confidence and joy is what it stays for all time.
  • for local society and enterprises: revitalization of islands in Croatia.
  • for economy in general: creating a product that brings added value to the table.
  • for NGO-s: possibility to participate in our events as a partners and to use our spaces (or aide) for their own presentations.
  • for an average person: you helped to create a small business, and when in need, you’ll receive all the aide, within our power, from us. 


Risks & Challenges



  • The biggest challenge is following your own dream. I have let go of everything and now for a year and half I’m constantly working on development of this project.
  • My tactics is rather simple: keep on going with opened heart, strong will and never stop trying. Work and be persistent. The only thing I can loose is myself, by letting go of a dream.
  • development of a creative businesses in a small rural area and cooperation with others
  • obtaining all the needed documents from government to be eligible for businesses 
  • have the strength and courage to enter in a new area of expertise 
  • learning how to communicate with different organisations and enterprises
  • connecting with others with the intention to create events and finding people willing to participate
  • finding a market


Other Ways You Can Help

  • send the word out
  • send me an e-mail with your thoughts about my idea. When one is walking by himself, sometimes a worm word can mean all the world.
  • maybe you can come and volunteer, we’ll work on the filed, we’ll go out sailing, we’ll make better tomorrow.

Thank you for your time, for it’s the most valuable thing we have.

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Contact Information:

Stjepan Milevčić

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