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May 22, 2016 3:35 PM ET

Archived: Give hope to Palestinian women: Made In Palestine – Creating work opportunities for housewives who work in the manual embroidery

iCrowdNewswire - May 22, 2016

Give hope to Palestinian women Made In Palestine


Made in Palestine Creating work opportunities for housewives who work in the manual embroidery.



  Blessed land 

Meaning of ( Blessed land )for embroidery and handicrafts

In the hands of Palestinian women Embroidery new creative spiritIt gives touches employment opportunities for women in the Palestinian villages to help them find a source of income and address poverty and unemployment project, as the project maintains a Palestinian cultural heritage that is trying to smear the Israeli occupation.


 Women’s groups from Palestine, I began to think about a creative project to cope with unemployment and help children and their families through the production of hand-embroideries and marketed in countries across the website.Donation idea to become a reality on the ground.In  Palestine This is for achieving some of our targets and participating in the bringing up of our society.

Why this project?

To start, Palestine has a special level in the field of education in the Arab World, the percentage of knowledge of reading and writing reaches to 99%. Also  people are intelligent from the innovative side, everyone has his smart phone. But the most challenging thing in this case is the unemployment; its percentage reaches 50%. Because of that we started to search for smart idea to set up our own business. We use technology and marketing via internet all over the world.

The idea of the project : 

The idea of our project is making Palestinian embroidery manually or automatically and marketing them via internet all over the world and for who like this embroidery. It is worth mentioning that Palestinian embroidery taking a special international increased importance. foreign and Palestinian traders and institution work on promoting this embroidery and the demand increasing everyday on this industries for the importance of them .this embroidery refer to the age of Canaanites and represent to the Palestinians and the solidarity a symbol from the symbols of the Palestinian history . Also it shows how they are connected to their land and gives them a glitter of hope to come back to their homeland. We really started in showing a part of these products on a number of customers outside Palestine and we found that we have the ability to reach for more numbers of customers.



Embroidery is one of the most prominent folk art link between past and present, where embroidery system in terms of the distribution of colors and patterns, have increased during the past years pictures wearing Palestinian Popular fashion in cities and motivated to maintain the heritage that Israel is trying to smear and remove him from the Palestinian people to lose one strong evidence his presence on the land of Palestine for thousands of years.Embroidery various forms characteristic of the Palestinian people and is part of the national heritage, social and logo, but it’s the special features that characterize the Palestinian people from other peoples, especially as it is stitching his clothes himself and methods traditionally used a needle and thread and which need to be patience and endurance, but that this the craft has been handed down from grandparents to children and grandchildren, through the preservation of the method and style of embroidery, and special workshops that are mostly indoors, specifically in scattered in all the Palestinian territories, refugee camps.It includes embroidered garments of all shapes and colors mismatch jackets, shawls, vests, blankets and pillows, dresses and scarves, sheets of different sizes. And embroidery schools and trends vary from one place to another in terms of design and color yarn used or embroidered manner of spaces and, to the extent that the person knows the area or village or city of his robe.



The benefits of this project  


1- A chance for a lot of youth to start their own business and open the doors for their future

2- The decline of unemployment percentage and marketing local products for the sake of the society.

 3- Creating work opportunities for housewives who work in the manual embroidery.

4- The use of technology in marketing all over the world

5- Spreading the Palestinian heritage and embroidery which represent the symbol of Canaanites culture

6- Providing these products for who need them, they have a good demand

The project budget:-  


1-Furniture (tables ,painting, chairs and decoration) ($1900)
2- Raw materials (cloth, wool and embroidery and spinning tools.)  (1200 $)
3- Machines for automated embroidery (every machine worths 500 $).
We need 5 ones (The total 2500 $)
*the total project budget 5600 $








Important note to all donors
If you donate to the expansion of their business you’ll receive any number of embroidered gifts, Buy from #Palestine
Send your address to our e-mail :
so that we can send you a gift that you choose to donate.

   Thank you so much for love and                              peace


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