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May 20, 2016 3:52 PM ET

Archived: Javela – Gifted Hands Artisan Soap: Small batch, natural ingredient bath & body company that focuses primarily on soapmaking

iCrowdNewswire - May 20, 2016


Gifted Hands Artisan Soap




A loan of $2,000 helps me to replace outdated equipment and purchase supplies to build inventory.


Personal Story

Hey Ya’ll! I’m sure you can tell by that greeting, I am from the south. South Carolina to be exact. I live here with my wonderful husband of 7 years, Steven. Growing up in SC, I have quite a few fond memories. Most of which are surrounded by a big, beautiful family, a handful of loving friends & value based living.
I have always wanted children but soon after I got married I was told that journey may be a little rocky for my husband and I. I had a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a huge google fan. Let the research begin. Through my research I found out that PCOS is a hormonal imbalance and one of the major aspects of hormonal imbalance is chemical exposure. Guess what one of the top ways we are exposed to those harmful chemicals? If you guessed our skin, you guessed right. So my soapmaking journey began shortly after my “chemical-free” living journey began. For me it’s not just a way to help others benefit from the healing properties of putting something handcrafted from wholesome, natural ingredients on your skin. Soapmaking has helped me move past a rocky time and revealed itself as a healing balm in my life. That’s the driving force behind my passion. Health & Healing. My dreams for the future of my business is to continue to help people see what we put ON our skin matters just as much as what we put IN our body.

Business Description

Gifted Hands Artisan Soap is small batch, natural ingredient bath & body company that focuses primarily on soapmaking. I have been in this creative industry since 2013. My business was started out of personal need. I was beginning a “chemical-free” lifestyle journey and became interested in natural soaps and the process of soap making. It was and still is a therapeutic process for me and a bonus that I get to share the benefits of natural soaps with those around me who also have many, many reasons for loving natural soaps. My customer ranges from the person with skin sensitivities and ailments to the person who just loves the fact that my soaps are made with essential oils instead of fragrances oils. My main goal is to be the first store front in my city to offer exclusively natural bath and body products.

What is the purpose of this loan?

I will spend the loan on 10 new soap molds ($350), a multi-cutter that will cut up to 15 bars of soap at a time ($300), an expandable curing rack system ($160), 25 lb Palm Oil ($50), 25 lbs Coconut Oil ($50), 16 lbs Gallons Olive Oil ($60), 8 lbs Castor Oil ($35), 5 lbs Shea Butter ($30), 3 lbs Beeswax ($45), 3 lbs Cocoa Butter ($45), Packaging ($200), Pop-Up Shop Fees ($656)
I expect these purchases to increase my revenue by 40%.
My business will be impacted my this loan to allow freedom for inventory and therefore revenue. I hope to be able to hire seasonal help this year.
The impact of this loan on my life will me measurable. Increased financial freedom from the sales of the inventory the loan will help me build.




Contact Information:


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