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May 18, 2016 12:21 PM ET

Archived: Teamuniformorders.com – Automated, online ordering for team sports and corporate app: Streamlines and automates the entire ordering process for sports dealers and their clubs, leagues, and teams they serve

iCrowdNewswire - May 18, 2016





Automated, online ordering for team sports and corporate app.



Teamuniformorders (TUO) streamlines and automates the entire ordering process for sports dealers and their clubs, leagues, and teams they serve. As a result, life is made easier for virtually EVERYONE associated in the ordering process: coaches, players, administrators and parents alike. Once a fledgling startup, TUO is now an e-commerce powerhouse that takes the chaos out of ordering uniforms, apparel, sports gear and fanwear through its incredibly powerful technology.



More than 750 dealers and 400,000 players are already using Teamuniformorders to simplify the ordering process. With partnerships lined up with Champion Athletics (division of Hanes Brands) and 3 time Gold Medal soccer champion Heather Mitts, TUO is poised to dominate the team apparel ordering market.





$13 billion will be spent in 2015 on team sports uniforms, apparel, fanwear and gear, but the ordering process is still stuck in the stone ages and plagued with frustration and inefficiency. That is all about to change…in large part, due to the innovation being developed by TUO:



The Paper Method (still 90% of “How It’s Done”)





The paper method requires an inordinate amount of work from coaches and parents who volunteer their time, ultimately ending up as little more than unpaid administrative staff.





Here’s how the process usually plays out: once players sign up for the team, coaches, volunteer parents or administrators are responsible for placing a large, bulk order, often guessing at sizes, quantities and other customizations (names on jerseys by example).

Once the order is in, a dealer rep completes the paper order form, creates internal paperwork and spreadsheets to fulfill the order and then customizes the apparel with the team logo, name and number.

Finally, the dealer delivers the order to the team and (hopefully) collects payment.

Whew. That’s a lot of work. And the dealer ONLY sells what the team has ordered…nothing more!



The probability of error is extremely high in the paper method: one typo, a bit


of lost paperwork, or a miscommunication anywhere in the process leads to significant delays and huge headaches. Not to mention the changes, lost checks and players who leave the team along the way. Complete chaos at every step of the process. 

Coaches, players and parents (who are shelling out, on average, over $150 per order) deserve a better way.

Teamuniformorders delivers a much improved experience for all.



Teamuniformorders brings order and sanity to the ordering process – for sports dealers, and the team administrators, coaches, players and parents they serve. In fact, for everyone involved in the buying / ordering of team gear. And by the way, the average order is over $150 per player! Way too much inconvenience for such high-end purchases!






It’s easy to see how TUO saves time, headaches and most importantly, money. And, each dealer can SELL MORE by adding additional items FOR SALE in any store, allowing players and parents to buy other items they want and need, while their wallets are open.  When it comes to ordering team apparel, simple is better.

And thanks to our incredibly powerful technology, nothing is more simple, accurate, and efficient than ordering through TUO.






backbone of the TUO solution is a powerful e-commerce store builder platform that enables dealers to easily build and launch customized, dedicated online stores specifically for each league, organization, club or team they serve. Generally any store can be easily set-up in about 20 minutes utilizing the advanced Global Product Library exclusive to TUO, featuring over 40,000 (and growing) of the top apparel items sold by all of the top manufacturers. In fact, TUO is the only solution that can be set-up to automatically send out shopping invites, reminders and alerts to individual players once each online store has been set-up, even reminding “stragglers,” who have not yet ordered, that the online store is about to close. 





Once the stores are set up, the entire ordering process is automated, and data is centrally stored for easy access, making records and future orders a breeze.




Track and monitor all orders and data, down to the individual level





Data is stored centrally and easily accessible in standard and dynamic report






The entire process is designed to completely eliminate inaccurate and wasteful administrative tasks.



Benefits to Dealers




Collect all money upfront, before costs are incurred




Reduce or eliminate admin tasks associated with ordering



Sell more- 35% more (on average)




Improve order management and accuracy




Differentiate your business by offering

an advanced ordering solution



Extend your geographic reach to reach more customers




Supercharge your business insights with advanced data management and analytics


TUO Features


UPS shipping integration for greater convenience and tracking



Order status tracking to track and more orders through unique back-office processes




Online event registration for any club, league or team you serve




Online customer care that handles 85% of the most common ordering questions for you




Custom image editor to easily add team logos to any apparel


Facebook Integration


Our unique Facebook integration allows virtually any TUO store to be easily placed right inside of any Facebook Page (where your customers are already hanging out). Facebook shops can reside in any Facebook fan page, and are live and fully “shoppable.”

For anyone selling fanwear and spirit items for schools, clubs or any sports organization with a big social media following, Facebook shops are the perfect, seamless solution.




originally formed as a beta idea in 2008, TUO was a small team with big aspirations. Today, now a few years later, TUO is an e-commerce powerhouse, simplifying the ordering process for over 500 sports dealers, thousands of teams and clubs, and hundreds of thousands of the players they serve all across North America.





The past three years have been tremendous for TUO’s growth:

  • We’ve grown a dealer base of 50 in 2012 to more than 500 in 2015.
  • Revenue commissions have grown 1,472% since 2011.
  • Total transactions have increased from $2.8 million in 2011 to $35 million in 2015 – an increase of 1,250%.
  • The total number of players shopping on the platform has grown from 30,000 in 2012 to over 400,000 in 2015.

But we measure success in much more than metrics. We also measure it in relationships and strategic partnerships:




Champion Athletics (a division of Hanes Corp.) selected Teamuniformorders.com as their preferred online team ordering technology of choice for their 1,700 dealers across the US (that means we can include the entire library of Champion products in our technology).


In 2015 TUO partnered with three-time Gold Medal Women’s Soccer champion Heather Mitts to launch a pilot marketing program. Heather conducts exclusive Camps and seminars for select TUO clients who, in turn, are enabled to re-market and promote an experiential marketing program, and even sell Heather Mitts gear exclusively to their customers. In turn, TUO provides all of the advanced technology (including Online Event Registration) for Heather’s promotion of her brand.


Want to know what we can achieve in our fourth, fifth, sixth year and beyond? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to learn how our momentum is carrying us to greater heights.


A 30-year digital and technology marketing executive, Gerry spent ten years with WPP’s Ogilvy & Mather Database Marketing (part of the largest advertising agency network in the world). Gerry headed the Chicago office as Sr. VP, General Manager and worked with Fortune 500 clients all over the world as one of 5 Worldwide Practice Specialists (Kraft Foods, American Express, Helen Curtis, NutraSweet, Sears, Kimberly-Clark to name a few). He next served as a Managing Partner, shareholder of WestWayne, Inc., the nation’s fourth-largest independent marketing services firm, where he conceived and launched their digital marketing division. Getting the entrepreneurial bug, Gerry next became the Founder, CEO of an advanced digital marketing agency, Voltage Factory, Inc., where he partnered with the former CEO of TMP (parent company to Monster.com). During his tenure at Voltage Factory, Inc. Gerry spearheaded the agency’s efforts to develop proprietary, automated marketing technology platforms, bridging corporate brands with their local dealers, for major corporations such as Audi, Porsche and AGCO / Caterpillar. 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gerrybrewer



A serial technology entrepreneur, Rich has been directly involved with several early-stage technology companies, working with some of the top internet technology companies, including iXL, Quiet and AT&T. He’s a renowned expert in complex software design, security, mobile and systems architecture.



A former McKesson Healthcare and Equifax Senior Data and Financial Analyst, Payal joined TUO in 2013. Her first challenge was to set-up and implement sorely-needed accounting, billing, pricing and financial policies and practices, and now serves as both Chief Client Officer and de facto COO.



Contact Information:

Gerry Brewer

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