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May 18, 2016 8:33 AM ET


iCrowdNewswire - May 18, 2016



RepairX: Most advanced magnetic repair guide for small devices


At Repair X we have enhanced traditional views of repair guides to make more visible layers and diagrams. This easy to read interface allows users to repair their devices efficiently and in an almost effortless fashion. Our Patent pending Repair X magnetic tray holds the screws in place for you. You don’t have to worry about missing or lost screws. Everyone who is repairing something needs an extra set of hands. Repair X has a place to hold our easy to read instructions.



 Introducing the new patent pending Repair X. Designed to not only hold your screws magnetically when you disassemble a device, but has detailed and specific repairs labeled separately and clearly, all on the same guide.





 The magnetic tray is designed to slide a repair card into, to make the card magnetized for holding screws, parts, and other objects in place on top of the labels that the repair guide describes. 


 The magnetic tray comes with two universal guides (one is a grid style and one is a generic outline of a device) plus an erasable marker.



 X-ray mode is just a version of the repair guide that has been simplified and all the descriptions and details removed so you can simply make notes. (Advanced technicians prefer the simpler version when doing repetitive repairs with the same device).




 The tray consists of three layers, a top layer made of transparent PVC plastic. This layer has a coating that allows an erasable marker to write on its surface. This clear top layer has a cutout so that the inserted repair guide can be easily removed. The top layer also has a slot that allows a repair guide to easily slide in and out. Underneath that slot is the magnetic layer that holds screws securely against the repair guide.


 While anyone can use Repair X for their repair needs, the people who will get the most out of this product will be repair schools, Do-it-yourself enthusiasts who prefer to repair their own devices, or repair stores for reference for experienced techs or for training new interns.


 Here, a Repair X guide for the iPhone 5 and a ScrewMat for the iPhone 5 are compared. Repair X is not only larger than ScrewMat, but it contains much more detail and color coded screws per separate repair, so you only remove screws you need for a specific repair.



 Each guide will have labels that name the part and point to where it came from (or where is should go).


 For those times when you get a screw mixed up, you can easily refer to the length of screw next to each screw label to make sure you have the right screw for the right place.


 More complex repairs need more details. No detail is too small. Repair X has that covered.


 Never be left wondering if you have the right guide for the right device. The top right corner shows an image of the device so you won’t have to guess.


Screws are color coded, so you only remove the screws you need for a specific repair.


 “X-RAY MODE” is on the reverse side of the repair guide. This not only allows experienced technicians to just focus on the screw locations but allows for notes to be written on the writable surface of the magnetic tray.


As you can see, Repair X takes the best features out of the top three other repair mats and combines them into one product. Repair X also has other features that no other repair mat on the market can match.


These are the repair guides that will be available immediately when Repair X is ready for retail. 


 Devices will not be limited to just phones and tablets. Repair guides will also include Laptops (mostly MacBooks) and game systems (both portable and consoles along with their controllers) with retro (old school) game systems coming later. These repair guides above will be made over time throughout the rest of 2016.

Feel free to contact us for more info and or sign up above to join our mailing list and receive notification of our upcoming product release.

We’d love to hear from you and get your feedback. Thank you.



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