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May 16, 2016 5:05 PM ET

Archived: Solarpower-Pyrolyse – Fishing the Planet Clean of Waste: Ever wanted to help to clean our environment and deploy a major dealbreaker for polluting oil companies at the same time? This is how!

iCrowdNewswire - May 16, 2016

Solarpower-Pyrolyse – Fishing the Planet Clean of Waste

by Dane Axtmann

Ever wanted to help to clean our environment and deploy a major dealbreaker for polluting oil companies at the same time? This is how!

About this project

The greatest danger to a species is not a predator or the absence of nutrition. Wildlife and flora have survived ice ages, floods, vulcanic eruptions and massive meteoroid impacts. The biggest threat to a species is to be rendered evolutionary useless or even infertile. So the weak spot of every organism would be its cells and the contained DNA.

Unfortunately, by burying, burning and dumping our waste we are filling our foodchain and groundwater with exactly such agents.

Dioxin is by far not the only toxic byproduct of our waste management, but it is one of the worst. If by some miracle it would completely disappear from our environment, it would still take about 6 generations to reduce it to a nonrelevant level in our organisms. That is because it doesn`t leave our systems anymore once it has entered. So what happens if the Dioxin level of a society reaches a certain height? You can get an idea if you have a look on the places where the Dioxin “Agent Orange” has been used during the Vietnam war. The US sprayed it over the Vietnamese Forests in order to deleaf the trees and to spot and swat Vietkong soldiers. Now, there is the biggest amount and variety of birth defects and malformations you can probably find in one spot. But these sorts of mutations will happen to us too! It’s just a matter of time.

Considering that these Dioxins are indeed just a very little example of the full extent of our environmental poison selection, it might already happen in lots of places.

I realized: It is time to act! Fast!

So here’s my idea: In order to finance a major clean up program on the lands, in the landfills and in the oceans as well, I need a machine that turns garbage efficiently into a valuable product. If there was such a fantastic machine then the product itself would finance effectively a clean-up-program. This machine exists! It’s called a pyrolyse reactor and it’s pretty simple. By heating organic compounds in the absence of oxygen or halogen, they will transform back into methane gas. With a catalyst one can make the methane molecules bind another again, in order to form longer molecule chains. In the end, when cooled down and condensed, we will find gasoline, diesel as well as waste oil which can reenter the reactor to break down again. This method works with all organic compounds such as plastic, rubber, paperwaste, plantfiber, manure etc.

The only drawback is that until now, it is solely practised by adding heat from fire into the reactor. So you end up burning resources in order to reclaim burning resources (but to be able to sell them for a higher price). And since it is physically impossible to reclaim the same amount of energy from the recycled fuel than you have to use in the recycling process, it is simply stacking upon our pollution problem.

I want to build a solar powered pyrolyse facility! This way the energy needed for the process is basically absolutely free and ecological. As well as my resources are free to take, since there is way enough waste pollution out there.

This is how a solar powered plastic - pyrolyse machine will work.
This is how a solar powered plastic – pyrolyse machine will work.

In other words:

It’s going to be a company that is producing green fuel out of stuff we want to be gone anyway. A major business plan indeed! But that’s far of being the end of my story here: The biggest and most dangerous polluters of our world are still the oil companies. Hopefully I don’t need to elaborate this. So a logical consequence of my business plan is indeed harming the oil drilling companies. I’m going to do this on purpose as hard as I can so this project is called: “Little Evil Plan to Save The World”

Every cent and dime of win in this matter will be further invested in remodeling this planet to become a healthier, wealthier and a better place. And if you can give me a good help for this startup here, I`m going to expand to phase two maybe very quickly.

Phase two includes claiming other market areas since garbage and waste is not the only problematic sector of our planet. There’s also the problem of erosion! Forests are disappearing leaving nothing but dry ground and deserts.

There are permacultural concepts effectively taking this problem on. Sometimes it’s almost enough to dig out a hole in the ground and wait for the rain. What will happen is that vegetation returns quickly on its own. Adding a drain will even refill the groundwater over time and gives back stability to the ground. Also for this concept I do have an idea to combine it with a terrific way of producing valuable green energy.

You see, everything this company will be doing is supposed to fulfill two purposes. Healing the wounds that have been inflicted upon our planet and our souls; And making use of this process to harm those that have inflicted these wounds on us.

Permacultural created lake. Picture by Simon du Vinage (own work)
Permacultural created lake. Picture by Simon du Vinage (own work)

There is also another huge problem I really want to take care of:

In way too many places of the world clean drinking water has become an incredible luxury. Because of companies that came and bought the springs away from the hands of the communities. People oftenly have to buy the water which was naturally aready theirs,now in health damaging plastic bottles (these bottles are steaming out DNA damaging Phtalates).

Often the ground water isn’t drinkable anymore due to fracking or landfill pollution. The rivers are often swamped with chemical waste from industries settling there. You get the idea! Where to find clean water?

This would be the golden goal of my business plan:

There is basically water everwhere where there is humidity in the air. All you need is a surface where this humidity can condense on. There are hundreds of possible and well working structures that can be utilized for this purpose. And often they are very cheap too. So the main goal of these companies efforts will be to finance these structures in every place of the world where they are needed. Enough of these to supply everyone with his daily required amount of fresh drinking water (at least 15 – 20 liters).

This is an air well. Picture by Girjasharan (Own work)
This is an air well. Picture by Girjasharan (Own work)

I want to run this business in an uncommercial, democratic way! I do believe that this will make it a lot better. I´m going to share this company equally with every withemployee. There will be the same wage for everyone whatever his job migh be in this company! Also every decision made conerning the companie´s course will be decided democratically.

I think this is the best way to keep the motives clean and clear: Money will be generated in order to reverse the done damage and not to pointlessly grow.

What do I need to start?

– A construction permit on an exceptable location or a sufficient structure that is already on such a location

– An engineer modifying a pyrolyse reactor for me.

– A complete pyrolyse mashine (you can see in the graphic what else I need, besides the reactor tank).

– A large set of parabolic sunlight collectors.

– Transport vehicles for waste and product. In best case even a trawler ship.

– A materials recovery system (since I cant feed the reactor with everything)

– Manpower!


If you do believe in my idea, then I`d be happiest man on earth, if you helped a great ambition on its feed.

Risks and challenges

Since the engineering of my reactor is just a simple modification of existing and well functioning models there is practically no chance that there are technical dificulties to appear.

So the major risks of my idea are circumfenced like this:

-The local legal systems could eat me up with letting me wait for too long to get an expensive construction permit. To avoid this I will try to get into negotations for permits on as many plausible locations as possible.

-I could face permit problems when I attempt to clear out landfills. This is because they are sometimes privat property of disposing companies.
The only sollution I can come up with here would be to make these cases very public. If the bad PR isn`t already enough to make them give in into my demands, then I would sue them until the last instance (so the trouble will be saved for the next landfill holders).

– I`d be able to solve both legal questions swiftly. But I might face assasination attempts on me for succesfully pissing off the Oilkartell.

Contact Information:

Dane Axtmann

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