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May 16, 2016 7:45 PM ET

Archived: Finishing the WI&M Railway Depot Restoration & Renovation (RXR) in Potlatch: The Depot RXR has been a 15-year project. Now, with a Restroom and a Rug, the second floor business cooperative will be open for business

iCrowdNewswire - May 16, 2016

Potlatch Depot a Restroom and a Rug (RxR)


Volunteers ‘Rocked’ the walls & ‘Rolled’ the paint. All we need now is a Restroom and a Rug and our 15-year long Depot project is done

















Have you ever wanted something that was just out of reach? Since I was young, I’ve wanted to be a locomotive engineer. But I didn’t have 20/20 vision, so the railroad said “No”.

Now my vision of finishing the WI&M Railway Depot Restoration & Renovation (RXR) in Potlatch is coming up short, too. We need to buy a few final materials and hire the contractors to install them.

We need a Restroom and a Rug: A plumber to build our restroom and a carpet layer to install a hallway rug. We’ve tallied thousands of volunteer hours and raised a lot of revenue. But we’re a little short of the funds needed to finish.

We applied for several grants in 2015. We won an Idaho Historic Trust grant for $5,000. We were awarded a $24,900 grant from the Inland Northwest Community Foundation,too!

But we missed the cut on the third grant. That makes us $9,500 short.

We need your donation. With enough donors, we’ll win Idaho Gives one final time–and the $2,500 first prize for most donors to a small nonprofit.

The Depot RXR has been a 15-year project. Now, with a Restroom and a Rug, the Depot’s second floor business cooperative will be open for business!  

Our tenant’s businesses will grow the local community and build the local economy. The success of these entrepreneurs will guarantee the depot’s future, too, long after we’re gone.

We have several tenants moving in and more on the way! Rental revenue will preserve our grand old Depot and allow our historical group to finally pursue our primary interests: Expanding our museum, and sponsoring more cultural events in our freight room, over the rails, and on our boxcar stage.

You can see by the pictures of the Depot’s second floor, we’ve done what we said we’d do. We’ve done good work and you can see how close we are to finishing. With your donation,you will make the Depot self-sufficient for many decades to come. 

Honor us with a donation of any amount. Then come visit us during our annual Depot History Day & Speeder Rides on July 9th,2016.  There you will see first-hand what your generosity has accomplished!

PS – We’ll honor 15-years of Depot RXR volunteers and patrons, show off the Depot’s new second-floor Restroom & a Rug, and have a Rockin’ & Rollin’ celebration in our freight room to mark the completion of the Potlatch Depot’s Restoration & Renovation!

You’re invited to join us. We look forward to thanking you in person. Thanks so much for your support!




As kids we waved at the train. Did you? Saving local railroad history is where we started. Repurposing our depot and railway is our mission.




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