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May 16, 2016 5:24 PM ET

Archived: Eric – 1-Stopfitness: I have developed and refined three versions of the “Ruck Fit NYC” workout using my knowledge of body movement and personal training acquired from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and other fitness industry experts

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Personal Story

In May of 2015 I became homeless, hopeless, and totally destitute after my sister was evicted from her apartment in the Bronx. I had no choice but to check into a homeless shelter. Instead of drinking and drugging or becoming involved in criminal activity I decided to Defy the odds. In June of 2015 I enrolled in Defy Ventures which is a an entrepreneurship program designed for persons with criminal histories where I met Coss Marte the CEO and founder of Con Body who owns a tremendously successful fitness business on the Lower East Side.

I am a former Marine and have received several certificates for physical excellence so I decided to follow in Coss’ footsteps and start my own personal training business. Each day I was forced to carry my valuables with me in my book bag due to the level of crime and thievery within the shelter, and I began to perform exercises in the neighborhood parks with my backpack on.

After discovering that “Ruck Marching” was Men’s Health & Fitness Magazine’s #1 Fitness Trend of 2015, I incorporated “Ruck Marching” into my workouts. I developed my own proprietary weighted workout backpack which I coined the “Humpack” due to the fact that in the Marines we affectionately call “Rucking” “Humping”.

Business Description

There are several reasons that the “Humpack” is superior to the other weighted workout bags on the market. First, the other bags cost upwards of $200 dollars. Second, you can only use these bags for workout purposes. Third, the majority of these bags are not fashionable. The “Humpack” is the most cost effective and functional of the weighted backpacks on the market due to the fact it is the only one with a removable weighted bag that you can use in “Kettle Ball” workouts or to assist in holding “Yoga Positions”. The “Humpack” is also the only one that you can use as a backpack to carry your personal belongings when you’re not working out.

I have developed and refined three versions of the “Ruck Fit NYC”workout using my knowledge of body movement and personal training that I have acquired from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and other fitness industry experts. You can perform these routines outdoors utilizing the beautiful New York City Landscape, in your home, or in one of the boutique gyms that I have partnered with. These workouts have quantifiable health benefits that have been documented in Health Journals and Men’s Health & Fitness Magazine http://www.menshealth.com/fitness/top-fitness-trend. The “Ruck Fit NYC” workouts crush twice as many calories, improve cardiovascular performance, and builds strength.

In Sept, 2015 I incorporated my business, and obtained an apartment. December, 2016 I was awarded 2nd Place ($4,000) in Defy Ventures Capital Call Competition. I invested the money in my logo, development of the product, promotional video, and website. Fitness, personal training, and wellness is my passion and way of life. In April, 2016 I obtained my NASM certified personal training certificate. I am now interning at the UFC Gym on Staten Island and pursuing 4 additional NASM certifications to include: corrective exercise certificate, group trainer specialist, nutritional specialist, and MMA certification.Within two years I will be a master personal trainer and training with elite athletes.

I hope to continue this as my new way of life and hope to obtain as much support as possible so that I may spread health and wellness, instead of oppression, disease & death throughout our communities. Please check out my Promotional website and story at www.ruckfitnyc.com. I appreciate your time, investment, and continued belief in me.

What is the purpose of this loan?

This loan will assist me in additional Website Development, Product Development, Marketing, Construction of my own boutique gym, and expanding my customer base.

$2,000 will go towards the development of my proprietary fitness pack and $3,000 for the development of my website and marketing campaign.



Contact Information:


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