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May 15, 2016 5:31 PM ET

Archived: MiniToy 3D Printer: The World’s First Kid-friendly and STEAM Ready 3D printer: Kids can now bring their imagination into reality by printing their own toys, tools, and accessories

iCrowdNewswire - May 15, 2016


MiniToy 3D Printer.

MiniToy 3D Printer – The World’s First Kid-friendly and STEAM Ready 3D printer.



About this project

Kids can now bring their imagination into reality by printing their own toys, tools, and accessories. Our STEAM education integrated platform adds another dimension to the way your child learns.



Yes, even your grandma can use a 3D printer!

To introduce children and families to 3D printing, MiniToy was made to be super easy to use. In only three steps, your child will print whatever 3D model they like. You can connect it to your desktop computer, or go wireless and use it with the MiniToy app. No assembly. No hassle. No tears. Just sheer joy.  

You will receive a fully assembled MiniToy 3D printer that only requires that you connect it to a computer or iPad or iPhone, and install a filament spool. Now you’re ready to go!

The One-Touch-Print function can turn anyone into a maker! 

Still not convince? Just follow these three steps and voom! 3D on the way. 

Kids and teachers have been teaming up to explore 3D printing with MiniToy. The results have been nothing short of smiles, laughter, curiosity, and excitement. Check out the videos below, and see how MiniToy comes to life!

MiniToy’s colorful design, moveable pieces, and funky filaments make 3D printing exciting! The STEAM activities on our app make MiniToy a great learning companion and is just one reason why it was named as one of the Most Promising Electronics Gadgets at the 2016 Global Sources Electronics Show.

 Goodness, the things you can do with your MiniToy!

 When it comes to prompting imagination, we believe that “less is more”. Unlike other 3D printers made for kids, MiniToy further ignites your child’s curiosity by covering the printing mechanics. By hiding all the screws and metal parts, we made the MiniToy look less like a machine and more like a toy. The magnetic eyes and rotating handle bring MiniToy to life, adding more elements of excitement.

 project video thumbnail

 Even though MiniToy looks like a toy, don’t let it fool you. Adopting a 0.4mm nozzle, MiniToy has a build volume of 170 x 130 x 140mm giving your child enough room to print larger objects than other kid-friendly 3D printer. The printing speed is 30 – 300mm/second and compatible filament PLA.

You know the saying “Curiosity burns the hand”? Ok, maybe we just made it up, but it rings true for most children. 3D printers are known for hot nozzles, moving metal pieces, and other things that can lead to accidental burns and injuries. Luckily, MiniToy Additionally, our printing materials (filaments) are toxic-free and environmentally-friendly, so you can rest assured that your child’s fun is safe, too.

So your little one is bored with the old toys, huh? Then let them make new ones! Our library has hundreds of models to choose from, and we’re adding more! With MiniToy, educators can transform dull topics into explosive and interactive lessons! Kids can now CREATE what they learn in class, and use that object in more ways than a textbook could teach.

STEAM education is an initiative adopted by many schools around the world in an effort to boost participation in the following areas: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Why dull the passion and livelihood in children instead of using it to fuel their education? STEAM incorporates the math and sciences fields with art and design, adding creative and tangible dimensions to school work. Right now, there are many 3D printers on the market, but only MiniToy has an interwoven STEAM education platform in our application.  Children are more receptive to information when they are having fun. With MiniToy’s mobile app, you can transform boring subjects into exciting and interactive activities! Kids can now CREATE what they learn in class with their parents, and greatly enhance the learning process.

With Mini Toy, educators can transform boring subjects into exciting and interactive activities! Kids can now CREATE what they learn in class with their parents, and greatly enhance the learning process. Kids can now physically navigate math and science models… …visualize technology with ease… and find engineering more fun and engaging. MiniToy also takes arts and crafts to a whole new level, and gives the children, even more, control of their creativity!

We will dedicate a portion of the funds to researching and developing SPED learning modules if we are successfully funded. MiniToy is meant for all children, and we strongly believe that, through 3D printing, tactile abilities can significantly improve in children with special needs. The easy “One Touch” printing function can access our specially-designed activities for kids of all learning levels, leaving no one behind.

Think we might have missed something? Think again! Here are more key features of MiniToy!

MiniToy uses biodegradable, environmentally friendly printing filaments. It is safe for kids to use, and are proven to produce functional, beautiful, high performing prints. Take a closer look at some of the (really cool) filaments.

Consumable Material Type: PLA / Flexible / Glow-in-dark / Temp sensistive / Transparent / Pearl / Metal

MiniToy Filaments: 250g / spool

Make it Fun! 

Kids love to see cool stuff, and our Temperature Sensitive PLA is sure to keep their attention. It changes color based on heat differences, and also responds to light!

The Glow-in-the-dark filaments are perfect for Halloween projects and cool accessories to light up the night!

 Stretch it Out! 

Flexible PLA is a great choice to print stretchy and squeezable objects. To protect against excessive wear and tear, this filament does not absorb moisture and is corrosion and scratch resistant. Kids can stretch objects made of this material to their heart’s desire.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Metal 

And neither will you when you see and feel the toys made from these materials. The PLA modified filaments provide a nice, finished look that can take your robotic prints to the next level. Color availability: Copper, Bronze. 

We want you to experience a wide range of 3D printing goodness. With overwhelming support, we are offering 2 more products that we believe will add value to the experience of having MiniToy. Help us reach the set goals and it will unlock FlexiPlay and MiniToy 3D Pen.

FlexiPlay is our latest Material offering, you can sculpt and make free-form shape to add dimension to your existing 3D printed projects. It is available in many colors.

Beside the MiniToy 3D Printer, the most anticipated product announcement from us is the MiniToy 3D Pen. We are going to include the production of the 3D Pen in our pipeline upon reaching our stretch goal. Back us to quickly unlock this offering.



Crowdfunding gives us the chance to involve an enthusiastic community of lifelong learners in improving the quality of a 21st-century education. We believe every child should be familiar with today’s technologies, so we plan to dedicate a portion of our funds to researching and developing learning modules for special education. We have the experience in designing and executing the software, and its effectiveness can go even farther with the help of families, teachers, and students.

  All filaments are biodegradable, made of plants and are eco-friendly.

MiniToy was first introduced to the public during the CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada with positive reviews.

At Weistek, our teams specialize in making faster, more precise, and highly efficient 3D printers. While developing the MiniToy prototype, we’ve received two patents and created 10 patent pending technologies. Our extensive knowledge base and expertise in 3D printing make the MiniToy a reliable, trustworthy product. Our commitment to advancing the industry means that more exciting activities will come to those who support our Kickstarter campaign.  

At this year’s Global Sources Electronics Fair in Hong Kong, MiniToy received a China Daily Innovation Award for one of the five “Most Promising Electronic Gadgets”. Each winner was selected for its creativity and innovation, as well as its real-life applications to society.

Risks and challenges

We have gone through several MiniToy prototypes, and are confident in its durability and printing performance. However, to unleash the full potential of its educational impact, we need to invest more time and resources in developing the STEAM projects and activities on our mobile application. To garner more interest in STEAM education, we are actively looking for passionate educators and organizations who want to reshape teaching and learning habits. In the meantime, we have been incorporating learning modules that are ready to use upon receiving your MiniToy.

Our team has extensive experience in the design, quality control, and engineering of 3D printing products. The typical challenges associated with this group of products have been drastically minimalized, if not erased, because we cannot offer a product for children that would pose any kind of harm to them.

Contact Information:

Weistek Co., Ltd.

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