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May 13, 2016 4:19 PM ET

Archived: Angel Book Nook: Designed especially for overcrowded Early Learning Centres in townships

iCrowdNewswire - May 13, 2016

Angel Book Nook



Designed especially for overcrowded Early Learning Centres in townships,the Angel Book Nook takes up very little space when stored but literally opens up to reveal a world of experiences and information through the books stored within it’s confines.The face of the Book Nook is a chalkboard and can be used as such, whilst other children are nestling inside,glued to their books or learning to spell and count whilst playing with the Edu -Toys installed within,including an interactive Tablet



A lack of space is a reality that hundreds of township Early Learning Centres have to deal with on a daily basis. The Angel Book Nook takes up very little space when folded and stored, but never fails to light up the faces of the little ones when fully opened.

*Mini- Library *Chalkboard * Mobile Wheel Lock Feature* Secret Fold-out Benches* Edu-Toys* Serene Reading Space *

Sadly, in South Africa ,there are just too many needy Early Learning Centres ,licensed or not, that are under-resourced. They often operate in cramped and noisy circumstances. These circumstances are not conducive to learning and often ”rob” the child from enjoying that wondrous ,magical experience that comes with learning to read in a space that encourages imagination and creativity,effectively stifling their growing love for reading.

Children that have enjoyed a wonderful first time reading experience,foster a love for reading from an early age and most times go on to become achievers.Amid the noisy and crowded atmosphere, children find a haven where they can be carried to lands afar and partake in adventures so near.All this through the books within.

Once opened ,two benches appear out of nowhere whilst there are also counting and spelling Edu-Toys installed , including a modern kiddies electronic Tablet ,adding to the educational value of the reading station.

Who are we

The Hands of Honour is a registered Non-profit Organization that has been creating jobs for marginalized men in Cape Town through adopting Social Enteperise principles.

In March 2016 ,The Angel Book was declared one of the winners in theSwarm Vision Global Innovators campaign that called for entries to design pre-school spaces, tools and equipment that re-define early childhood education as well as school furniture and equipment that are more suited for creative thought and play. More than 346 entries were received ,many of them from experts in the design and educational sectors. The Angel Book Nook won in two catergories

The Social Impact:

Should this campaign be successful, the social impact will be two fold:

(1) A child, who otherwise would have not ,will enjoy a wondrous first time reading experience : Priceless !!

(2) More jobs will be created at local Social Enterprise :Hands of Honour

Hands of Honour was a World Design Capital 2014 project and their up-cycling program has been celebrated as a creative solution ,creating jobs through diverting and up-cycling a miniscule percentage of the R1.7 Billion worth of goods ending up in landfills in SA every year.

Our milestones:

Chapter One: R10 000

With this we can buy enough raw materials to start producing Angel Book Nooks and start our adventure

The Climax : R40 000

With this we can buy industrial sized cutting saws and we will be able to produce more Angel Book Nooks and faster ,reaching out to more future Einsteins and Shuttleworths .

The Final Chapter :R 150 000

This will enable us to donate a free Junior Book Nook to a disadvantaged school ,for every Angel Book Nook sold : We have since donated 3 Junior Book Nooks to schools who have as little as six books per classroom.The reaction on the kids faces:Priceless




The Team

My name is Paul Talliard:
Five years ago I formed Hands of Honour in response to the alarming increase in the number of men just languishing in soup kitchens in my community. In some cases,I found up to three generations of men from the same family present .I found a solution in upcycling:With R1.7 Billion worth of waste going to landfill every year,I partner with Corporations ,creating jobs up-cycling the stuff they throw away. What we divert away from landfill,is but a drop in the ocean.Help me create more jobs.Let us collect anything deemed junk by your company ,but that we can salvage or up-cycle AND with a percentage of our profits , we use our graduates,former drug addicts and former homeless men, to transform negative spaces into productive ones.Gimme a shout anytime -handsofhonour@gmail.com

Contact Information:

Paul Talliard

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