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May 12, 2016 3:59 PM ET

Archived: Stout Bottle Opener: A Forever Object – Magnetic, mountable, stainless steel bottle opener

iCrowdNewswire - May 12, 2016

Stout Bottle Opener: A Forever Object

Magnetic, mountable, stainless steel bottle opener. Thoughtful design crafted to last a lifetime. Made in USA.

Stout: adjective ˈstau̇t – Strong of character: brave, bold, uncompromising. Physically or materially strong: sturdy, enduring.

We’re a team of two designers who desire more really well-crafted objects in our lives. Timeless objects that will still be useful, beautiful and even better in 50 years.

Do you remember opening a Coke with your Grandpa’s bottle opener? His beautiful hunting rifle? The old fishing pole of your dad’s or the family silverware that’s been passed down for generations? These “forever objects” are still memorable to us because they helped foster those special moments with family and friends. Stout Bottle Opener is our continuation of that forgotten time where things were more permanent. A forever object, built to be a part of memories.

Imagine your favorite place to relax with friends. Where is that tree you build campfires by? Where do you go to relax on a sunny, summer Saturday? Where do you gather to watch a game? Stout belongs there.

Stout is completely designed and built in the USA. With every opener you’ll receive a creativity kit including various screws, mounts, and adhesive to make sure you can put Stout anywhere. The world is now your oyster.

Stout Works

Stout is a joy to use. Stick a bottle in. Pull the bottle out. A crisp ‘pshht!’ reassures the world that your tasty, new beverage has arrived. Stout’s bottom “claw” is curved to the shape of the bottle…you can’t miss. Shove a bottle in, and it automatically centers itself. An extremely strong magnet holds the bottle cap until you’re ready to pluck it off.

Stout uniquely opens bottles by pressing on opposite edges of the cap, unlike common openers that bend the cap in the middle. Stout does not bend the bottle cap. At all. This results in an efficient popping of the cap, and none of your usual “wrenching” of the beer to bend the cap off. Home brewers – you can reuse these caps on your next batch of beer.

Stout applies pressure to opposite edges of the cap to create an optimal opening experience. Pshht. Can you hear it?

We’ve spent over six months fine tuning, prototyping, and preparing Stout for production. In watching people use and interact with Stout we have been able to further tune the design…and have a few barbecues too. Everyone agrees that Stout is incredibly satisfying to use. We are already finding ourselves more likely to invite friends over, pop open a few beers, and enjoy a Colorado sunset. We think you’ll be more excited, too. Consider Stout your new, permanent member of the family.

Stout Sticks Everywhere

How many bottle openers have you lost in your time? Stout won’t walk away like the last ten did. We hope Stout starts life on your barbecuing porch and ends up at your great-grandson’s mountain cabin.

Stout comes with a creativity kit. You’ll receive a large set of matching, stainless steel screws and an adhesive pad so you can put Stout wherever you damn well please. We’ve made sure you can mount Stout to wood, metal, drywall, or really any surface you can think of. If you need some more time to think of the best place to mount Stout, or just don’t like making holes, use the included adhesive pad to stick Stout to any flat surface.

Steadfast and Proudly Made in USA

Stout weighs 1/4 of a pound. Stout is investment cast from 314 stainless steel, heat-treated, tumble-finished, and finally bead-blasted for a lasting finish. All screws are finished to match. We are overseeing production to positively ensure the result has confident, crisp lines and smooth, clean surfaces. We have picked our metal foundry, and are excited to work with them.

Gunmetal black finish Stout

Investment casting, sometimes called “lost wax casting,” is the same process that is used to create most jewelry. This starts by creating a wax duplicate of Stout, then coating that “wax Stout” in several coats of ceramic. Next, the wax is burned out, leaving a detailed, empty cavity. Molten stainless steel is then poured in and left to cool. After removing the ceramic, we are left with an incredibly accurate piece that is ready for heat-treating, finishing, and eventually opening tasty beverages.

History of Stout Bottle Opener

Joe Starmer and Lance Atkins successfully ran a crowdfunding campaign for Stout Bottle Opener on Kickstarter, raising over $46,000 in 30 days. Stout is now available to the general public and are opening up Stout to pre-orders on Crowd Supply.

Stout Bottle Opener was born out of a desire to create well-crafted, American-made, everyday objects that will last a lifetime.

Lance Atkins


Joe Starmer


Contact Information:

Lance Atkins

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