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May 11, 2016 10:20 AM ET

Archived: Keepio – help find the things we’ve lost: The lost, found. The found, returned.

iCrowdNewswire - May 11, 2016

Keepio – help find the things we’ve lost.

The lost, found. The found, returned. Social network based technology empowering those who lost and those who found, so items are returned.


The Loss

Our son lost his teddy out on a walk. Combing the streets for his beloved companion I remembered a birthday gift I had lost on a beach as a boy, many years before. I could still remember the pang of that loss. 

Somewhere teddy was sat waiting to be found, probably sharing tea with a lovely rescuer, but with no way to get home…

That moment you realise you’ve left that bag on a train, wallet on a plane or phone in a taxi you have that same sinking feeling of loss. You are not alone. Transport for London receive more than 250000 items of lost property annually in recent years. Only a minority of items are re-united with their owners. Imagine the global scale of this problem. Imagine if someone has found a way to solve it.


The Find

Keepio has found a solution to the numerous holidays and trips spoiled by forgotten  and misplaced items – a way of empowering the good samaritans of the world who do find what was dropped, left or lost.

Help Keepio become the restorer of good faith, lawful ownership and broken little hearts by pledging in memory of the items you have lost so that ultimately no teddy will ever grow old alone. Again. 


The How

Your pledges will help us build the magic that reunites.

We believe the process should be simpler than sending a text message, reward those that find items and be painless to everyone.

No tag, no markings, no labels and definitely no pre-registration or forethought  – just some clever technology and software that helps an app speak to a webservice that puts you in touch with what you’ve lost.

Also vote for us on https://www.vmbvoom.com/pitches/keepio-the-lost-found-the-found-returned




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