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May 9, 2016 4:21 PM ET

Archived: EROIX Underneathwear: Underwear, only better.

iCrowdNewswire - May 9, 2016

EROIX Underneathwear: Underwear, only better.

Make your first layer your best. It’s the perfect platform for perfect style.


About this project

We’re Jenn and Parker; co-founders of EROIX Underneathwear. We’ve created a men’s garment that makes your first layer your best layer.

@sealegs_hawaii // Kristen Hook Photography
@sealegs_hawaii // Kristen Hook Photography

We believe that every day is an adventure. We believe in intimacy. We believe in starting from the beginning. And we believe that, sometimes, the craziest ideas are the best ones.

Creating EROIX is an expression of these beliefs. We started from the beginning. With your closest wearing garment.

And got this crazy idea:

 project video thumbnail

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We said no to what every other underwear manufacturer is doing: We said NoLastic to Elastic.

We created a precise, tailored, true-to-size fit that embraces your body instead of constricting or hanging off of it.

Suit & Tied
Suit & Tied

We’ve made your first layer just as good looking as the rest of your clothing. Something you can be proud to wear and to be seen in.

Kristen Hook Photography
Kristen Hook Photography

The result: EROIX Underneathwear. The perfect beginning to perfect style.

Underneathwear fits under all of your outerwear. Underneath shorts, EROIX breaths exceptionally well. Their minimal profile fits effortlessly under skinny or regular fit jeans, and their sleek tailoring is invisible underneath slacks or business attire. Best of all, Underneathwear will look great when you take any of those clothes off.

We’ve created two styles: The Boardroom, with a button closure. And The Suit & Tied, with a drawstring closure.

Along with a test-run of 300 pairs, we’ve spent the last year-and-a-half perfecting the cut and style of Underneathwear. The feedback we’ve received has been so positive that we’re ready to officially launch EROIX here on Kickstarter.

@jkc.photo // @robbiefrancis.b // @focus_scout // @marckeiser_ // @owanphoto // @eroix // @underwearexpert // @eroix // @focus_scout
@jkc.photo // @robbiefrancis.b // @focus_scout // @marckeiser_ // @owanphoto // @eroix // @underwearexpert // @eroix // @focus_scout

We need $9,000 to make that happen. This success will allow us to make our manufacturer’s minimum order requirement, and helps you Upgrade Your Top Drawer with EROIX Underneathwear.

Just as importantly, we need your help to make sure EVERYBODY knows about EROIX. Please follow us on social media, tag your friends, relatives, and coworkers, and people you think would like or look good in Underneathwear, or send an email to your contacts. Together, we can change the look and feel of men’s underwear.

And remember, Kickstarter is now a Benefit corp. So by backing us here, you’re also backing public education, arts and music programs for children and young adults, and organizations fighting to end systemic inequality; practices we look forward to emulating as we outgrow our home-office.

Jordan Obinger Photography
Jordan Obinger Photography

We’ve done a huge amount of work to get this far. You are the tipping point. By backing us, you help bring a unique concept to life, and disrupt an entire industry. That’s why we came to you, Kickstarters. Together we make a powerful community.

Thanks for your support!

Special Thanks:

Photography and Videography by our close friend and professional, Kristen Hook.

Editing by our close friend and professional, Craig Keefer.

Brian Ferguson and Lindsay Longacre for their invaluable consult, guidance, and friendship.

John Reyno for bringing an expert eye to everything we do.

Dan Noyes for helping us be seen and heard, and more importantly, for being a friend and mentor.

To our families, who provide us with support and encouragement, honest feedback, and free babysitting.

Risks and challenges

As we said, we’ve already done a huge amount of work. We’ve made a small run of underneathwear to test the look fit and feel on diverse body-types and sizes. We’ve tested our packaging, and we’ve ensured our order fulfillment process. We’ve cleared our schedules to be able to handle OVERWHELMING SUCCESS!

There can always be holdups in manufacturing, but we’re confident that we can keep our backers informed and work through any unforeseen problems. Let’s do this!

Contact Information:


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