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May 7, 2016 4:26 PM ET

Archived: Jevona – Detroit Sip LLC: Community gathering hub using coffee/tea and other hometown products to stimulate the local economy, foster relationships and actively redefine our city

iCrowdNewswire - May 7, 2016


Detroit Sip LLC.



Personal Story

I am a Detroiter. I was born, raised and am a current resident. I’m a proud mother of two children. Growing up here, I never experienced the joy of a neighborhood coffee shop. As a college student at Michigan State, I found solace studying in local coffee shops. It has been a dream of mine to provide a similar experience in my neighborhood. I have been inspired by the grassroots revitalization efforts in Detroit to show my children that they too can choose to channel their dreams into their careers.

Business Description

Detroit Sip’s vision is to create a community gathering hub using coffee/tea and other hometown products bringing all stakeholders together to engage in quiet conversation. Serving products produced in Detroit by both unknown and known businesses will help to stimulate the local economy, foster mutually beneficial relationships and actively redefine our city.

As a Detroit Public School alumni, I’m disheartened by its current state. Detroit Sip will use artwork of Detroit students to showcase this often underfunded talent. Additionally, the idea of having the local seniors, retirees or business come in and teach and after school chess and/or reading clubs.

It is a personal goal of mine to draw both the University of Detroit and Marygrove College students outside of their gated campus communities so they can experience Detroit. Detroit Sip will feature a conference room which can be rented by study and community groups/events.
Ideally, Detroit sip would be able to operate 24 hours a day during mid-terms and finals weeks.

Impeccable service and great tasting products will make Detroit Sip a daily necessity. It is more than a coffeehouse; it’s an experience.

What is the purpose of this loan?

Raising $10,000 will help Detroit Sip get closer to opening its doors by completing the necessary repairs in compliance with city codes. The plumbing and handicap accessible build out costs will be approximately $6,500. The security and surveillance monitoring equipment will cost approximately $3,500. This financial support will help me bring hope and life to a community that had been forgotten about. Not only my family will be impacted but it will bring a community together by breaking down the actual and symbolic gates of division. It is my desire to invest in the community in which I live and believe in. Meeting the loan goal would enable me to show my children that it is okay to follow your dreams and that community matters.


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