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May 7, 2016 8:16 AM ET

Jenky’s Cookie Cart Helsinki – Awesome Cookies coming to Helsinki Summer 2016

iCrowdNewswire - May 7, 2016

Jenky’s Cookie Cart Helsinki.

Awesome Cookies coming to Helsinki Summer 2016.


Not your everyday cafe!

Vending carts are a growing trend here in the Helsinki region, with new and interesting food options popping up around town. But somethings missing…high quality baked goodies!

Hi! I’m Jenky, the creator of Jenky’s Cookie Cart, and with your help, we can bring some awesome cookies to the Helsinki region this summer! We want to put smiles on customers’ faces by delighting their tastebuds!

This cart is more than just a summer pop-up; it will provide valuable information and build customer relationships that can be put to use when Jenky’s transitions to a brick and mortar location. 

This cart is about making a dream a reality! 

Follow Jenky’s Cookie Cart on our blog ( or on Twitter (@jenkyscafe)

What We Need & What You Get

Ok, so to get this ball rolling, we need start-up capital! We’re aiming to get about 4000 € (about 4500$ for those in the US). 

This money will go to:

Building the cart (700-800€)

Permit costs (250-400€)

Supplies for the cart (300-400€)

Marketing materials and advertising (700€)

Renting vending space if needed. (500€)

A fridge/freezer for baking supplies and storage (100-250€)

Extra funds for baking supplies, unforeseen expenses and nasty surprises (1000€)

The support of this campaign means the world to us, and as such, we’ll be offering perks to our supporters! Right now the perks include gift cards of different values, t-shirts, fresh cookies (delivered by post) and inclusion in the end of summer party for all the people who make this cart a reality!

If we don’t make the whole goal, we’re still going to work with what we have. 

The Impact

Right now, Helsinki food carts are few and far between, but they are growing. Jenky’s wants to help set a quality standard for food carts. Additionally, this food cart is going to be used to research what you, as a customer want. Mostly, Jenky’s is just hoping to bring some extra smiles and positive vibes to Helsinki this summer! 

Risks & Challenges

This isn’t going to be easy. There are a lot of hurdles on the way to starting any food based business. One of the biggest risks we’re facing at the moment is time and money. Creating a small pop-up around cookies is not a cheap endeavor, and there are limitations in how much you can sell a cookie for. By using crowdfunding, and building the cart on our own, we’re going to be able to ask a reasonable price for our product. Another challenge we will face is the weather. Helsinki is sometimes plagued by what we like to call ‘half-summers’ where the sun is shining but the warmth doesn’t quite rise to the occasion. That will undoubtedly affect sales. In this instance we may  rely more on events and festivals to bring out the people we’re hoping to see. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Financial help is always appreciated, but of course there are other ways you can help us, too! Your confidence and support means so much to us! If you want to contribute in another way, you can offer your expertise in some area, volunteer to help with the build or making ads or even just sharing this with friends! Any help is appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to read this! 


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