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May 6, 2016 1:49 PM ET

Archived: ZORGUI ON MADEIRA – a children ‘s educative show that speaks about the Earth and Recycling

iCrowdNewswire - May 6, 2016



Support children have a show about recycling and the planet. On this show we build everything with recycle material’s. We have the first show on december 2015 and since then we show was in lot of schools’. Unfortunately, we lost some support that was supose help us on the tour to Madeira. We have almost 500 children that are waitting for us and we don’t wanna say no to them. I hope that we can get soon the help that will need. Thank’s and together we do the difference.

The company of theater “Porta 27” like to give the change to help some children’s receveing our show “Zorgui and the spacial adventure”

It’s a educative show that speak’s about the Earth and Recycling. Every piece of the some is recycle and it’s creative go to school’s,  child cares, etc..

At moment we have five show’s confirmed but we don’t haver some financial support that allow us not think twice. We just have great persons that are with us since the beginning.

The defend that culture have to go to everyplace and no be just on big cities and is for that, that we apply for your help.



Hi, my name is Tiago Lourenço and i’m one of the owners for the company. I study on vocational school from 2006 to 2009 and since 2010 that I working as an actor. About the company it’s possible confirm everyting on our facebook “Porta 27” or on our web site: www.porta27.pt


The value that we need is 500€, 75% goes to the travelling and the rest to help with the food for seven days e a small part to the house that gonna receive us. We gonna stay one week on Madeira, the 6 to 12 of June and we have almost 500 children that are waitting for our show.


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