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May 6, 2016 3:21 PM ET

Archived: Ripcord – The plug ‘n play anywhere USB power cable: Say goodbye to batteries. Power your gear anywhere you charge your phone.

iCrowdNewswire - May 6, 2016

Ripcord – The plug ‘n play anywhere USB power cable

by Paula O’Connor and Luke Brennan

Say goodbye to batteries. With this USB cable, you can power your gear anywhere you charge your phone.

About this project

              Power your guitar pedals, amps, synths, on the fly.

Do you ever get inspired when you least expect it?

With Ripcord, you get the freedom to play wherever you are.

You already power your phones and tablets with USB, now you can power your guitar pedals, amps, synths, and whatever else you need on the fly. No more lost inspiration, replacing batteries or trying to find a plug socket.

With Ripcord, you can power from your laptop or phone charger, or with the added freedom of USB Powerbanks or solar power. You can even power your gear straight from your phone!


Do you remember a time when you couldn’t carry all the music in the world around in your pocket?

It was only 15 years ago that Steve Jobs found a 5GB Toshiba Hard Drive that he knew could fit a thousand songs.  He used that technology to put all your music in your pocket.  With the iPod, he made playing your music truly personal.

50 Years earlier, Texas instruments used the first transistors to build the Recency TR-1.  All of a sudden teenagers didn’t have to crowd around the living room wireless.

The TR-1 meant that they could retreat to their bedroom and listen to their music.  Add a little bit of Elvis, and the air guitar was born.

Each evolution of technology brings new possibilities, at myVolts, we think USB is rapidly becoming the power option of choice.

We call Ripcord the ‘play everywhere’ cable. We hope it makes the playing of music more personal; giving you the freedom to create whenever and whereever you want.  It takes a developing technology and puts it to good use.  It was a great idea waiting to happen.

 Our first step was to make a small batch version of the cable.

 Then, we got thousands of musicians to use it.

We listened to their feedback, then redesigned to make sure it was everything they needed it to be.

Sincere thanks to:

MyVolts staff and design support over the 5 years of development: Caroline Swords, Nicola Fox Hamilton, Adam Kulakowski, Mike Murray, Ciaran Carroll, Paula O Connor, Paddy O’Reilly, Scott Crangle, Ryszard Glegola, Alexis Ronin, Kerri Nolan, Gavin Galligan, Ross Burke, Ellen Fogerty, Noel Joyce, Ivan Twohig, Kate Cronin, Steph Sheahan.

Thanks to all our small batch cable testers for feedback, time, everything.

Thanks to all the backers, new support, giving us momentum and making things happen.

Risks and challenges

This is not our first Kickstarter campaign. We are proud to be able to say that our first campaign was delivered 100% on schedule.

While risks and challenges can arrive in bringing any product to market, we believe that no other campaign will have tested their technology as rigorously as we have.

We are working with a manufacturing partner on this project with whom we have a decade long relationship, this gives us further confidence that goals will be met and on schedule.

Contact Information:

Paula O'Connor and Luke Brennan

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