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May 6, 2016 8:36 AM ET


iCrowdNewswire - May 6, 2016

First Online Change of Address Portal


Online Change of Address Portal

By Andrew Bazik


The story of the project

Welcome to Addy. Addy aims to be the first online personal detail portal where users can log in to upload their personal details and share them with business’s and friends to keep track of selected personal information. Now before you start worrying, this information is only accessible to those you wish to share it with, and of course, you can rescind this information when you no longer wish to share it. 

I cam up with this idea when I moved house and realised that i had moved house several times in the last three years and my mail must be going everywhere, there had to be a more efficient way besides temporarily forwarding my mail. There was. Addy. Addy lets you update your details and that will then be sent out to those in your network you have given this out to. Have a look at the video and at our website to learn more 🙂

How the funds will be used

Ideally, all the monies would be great. But some of the monies would be too. Launching a website of this magnitude requires some serious funding and we need to be able to enlist the help of other companies to make this happen and this will take time and money. Ideally, we are after a start up kitty to start enlisting the help of other companies to help further the business and get more people on board to create the website for those to use. Signing up to Addy is free and would be an amazing tool for everyone to have. Really looking forward to getting this project off the ground 🙂


When people hear personal details and online accessible it raises a lot of red flags. confidentiality is the key when developing Addy but there will still be some resistance with investors and users. The biggest challenge will be getting Addy off the ground and into the public eye. Please help if you don’t wish to donate by sharing this page or our video so others can assist in our cause 🙂

Project Team

Contact Information:

Andrew Bazik

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