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May 5, 2016 4:00 PM ET

Archived: Grapevine Craft Brewery – passionate about brewing great, local craft beer: North Texas is becoming well known for producing great local brews and we’re excited to be a part of perpetuating that great tradition

iCrowdNewswire - May 5, 2016

Grapevine Craft Brewery.

Brewing local craft beer and loving our community.


What we are about.

We are passionate about brewing great, local craft beer. North Texas is becoming well known for producing great local brews and we’re excited to be a part of perpetuating that great tradition for years to come. Our beers aren’t intended to slap you in the face with outlandish concoctions. But we hope that they become well crafted local classics that you’ll come back to time and time again. This is Texas beer made with Texas pride.


Community Business Sponsors

These Grapevine community businesses have stepped up to help us in our effort to launch this campaign. Thanks for your support!


Holy cow! Building a brewery is expensive.

We need funds to help get us over the hump and we’re almost there.  What you need to know is that we’re building a brewery from the ground up.  Shoving tanks in a warehouse and calling it good is not happening here.  Grapevine Craft Brewery will be situated just one block off of Main Street in downtown Grapevine, TX.  We are taking an empty lot that’s been a bit of an eye sore and improving the footprint of our community.

In addition to manufacturing space, we are building a beautiful 2-level tasting area to entertain our guests and friends and showcase the great beers we’ll be brewing at GCB.  And it’s not cheap.  But we feel that this area is critical to the success of our brewery.  Why?  Because the beer is not just about us, it’s about you…our community.  And we want you to come on in, kick off your shoes and enjoy some great beer with us at Grapevine Craft Brewery.

Raising this $50,000 is the final step in reaching that goal.  But if that’s not enough reason to invest in GCB…then keep reading.


We are raising $50,000 for 5% of our company profits. Wait, what?

This is not your ordinary fundraising campaign.  And this is not your typical bottom-line business.  At Grapevine Craft Brewery, we are passionate about giving back and playing a meaningful role in doing good in our community.  So, we are offering you the opportunity to become a community supporter in our business.  What does that mean?

As a company, we have investment partners.  Quarterly, we will return profits to those partners.  As a community supporter, you become part of a collective group that will share in seeing 5% of our profits being given back into our local community every quarter.  Yes, you read that right.

We’re serious about this commitment, and though we’ve not yet made a dime of revenue, we’ve already partnered with GRACE, a local non-profit that serves under-resourced families and children in the community of Grapevine and surrounding areas.

In fact, 5% of this campaign is going directly to GRACE.

Please watch this video to find out more on how GRACE is caring for our community.

<iframe src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/Daqbvo_jgnY?rel=0″ width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>

There are many great organizations that are doing great things in our community. From civic projects, to supporting our fire fighters and police officers, taking care of our veterans and those returning from duty….there’s lots to be done. Your investment today in this business helps to capture this equity and ensure that our business can play a part in giving back to our community for years to come. What better investment could there possibly be than great beer and communtiy support? Come on! Let’s do this.


Matching $500 grant to GRACE!

These businesses have joined this campaign in giving a matching $500 grant directly to GRACE if we reach our goal of $50,000. Thank you! If your business is interested in joining this generous team of businesses, please contact us athello@grapevineontap.com


So, what about the beer?

For our launch, we have four year round offerings planned.  We’ve worked hard to get these beers ready for your drinking pleasure.  But rest assured, there’s lots more to come in the way of seasonals, session beers, IPAs and other things that we aren’t quite ready to talk about yet.  Come on, we’ve got to keep just a little suspense going!


Summer is a special time in Grapevine, Texas filled with fun and family activities, festivals and all around good times. Every Friday night over the calm of Lake Grapevine, we celebrate the summer with fireworks and with our friends. The parks surrounding the lake are filled with onlookers and the lake strewn with boats and kayaks affording a breathtaking view of the fire-lit sky. And nothing hits the spot like a Lakefire rye pale ale sporting a deep golden hue, a tropical fruit, citrusy aroma and a well-balanced hop profile to finish it off. The Lakefire is a unique pale ale and a GCB crowd favorite.



This is a classic American unfiltered wheat. Nothing fancy, just good. A refreshing spring or summertime beer with a medium body and a nice American hop aroma. The monarch butterfly comes through Grapevine, Texas about mid-March traveling north to anticipate the summer of the northern states. And so we at GCB, anticipate the summer warmth and good times with this classic wheat beer.


Sir William's

The English do it right, there is no doubt. But Texans do it better. This brown ale is based off of the traditional English style brown ale but carries a heartier malt profile and a more balanced approach to the style for the American palette. With a body nearing that of a porter style, this beer is hopped with traditional UK Kent Golding and Target hops. Let’s face it, when you’ve been mayor for almost 40 years, you deserve your own beer. This is our tribute to all those who have served our community and continue to do so. We hope you like it, because we do.



Pull up a good chair in a cozy spot and enjoy this classic oatmeal stout we like to call the Nightwatch. A blend of oatmeal and barley at the just the right temperature gives this stout its full bodied mouthfeel and great finish. Back in the day in old town Grapevine, the nightwatchman would walk Main Street ensuring everything was locked up and safe. He was faithful, dependable and trustworthy. Take it from us, the Nightwatch will never let you down. Hopped with American Centennial and Cascade hops, this beer is smooth and all about the finish.


About the Team

Gary Humble

Gary Humble, President & CEO

Gary’s fusion of passion and experience in leadership and development has now led to the birth of Grapevine Craft Brewery. The desire to start a brewery begins with great beer, but for Gary it doesn’t stop there. With a background in working in the church/non-profit environment, Gary is passionate about making a difference in his community and creatively leveraging the success of GCB to impact North Texas.

As you would have it, the dream of GCB all started in a garage on a Saturday afternoon homebrewing a batch of beer. And with a passion for craft beer and a love of the Grapevine community, Grapevine Craft Brewery just made sense. Gary’s experience in brand management, team development and fundraising gave him the tools needed to turn this dream into a reality.

Caton Orrell

Caton Orrell, Head Brewer

Caton has been a home brewer since he was about 20 (under the close tutelage of his father, who had been doing it since the early 80’s). Naturally, Caton soon became consumed with all that the craft brewing trade had to offer. He left college and began brewing full time.

Three years later, Caton had the opportunity to interview for a position at the largest microbrewery in the Mid-west region, Boulevard Brewing Company. He got the job. That took him to Kansas City for the next 12 years. Over that time, Caton got a tremendous education in all things beer and brewing. Not to mention a chance to work with some of the brightest and most talented folks in the industry.

Now, he’s bringing his talent and experience to bear on the task of raising Grapevine Craft Brewery to the highest level of brewing excellence!

Jon Powell

Jon Powell, Assistant Brewer & Certified Cicerone®

Jon began homebrewing in 2008 and in 2010, decided he wanted to make brewing his profession. With a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, the world of craft brewing was the perfect marriage between science and art. In 2010, Jon was accepted into the American Brewers’ Guild internship program and is scheduled to complete his brewer’s certification in August 2013.

Jon wasn’t satisfied with simply learning the brewing process, as if that isn’t enough. He has an insatiable desire to hone his craft and learn the nuances of beer styles and how to pair beer with great cuisine. So, Jon entered the Cicerone certification program. Coincidentally, Jon is one of only a handful of Certified Cicerones® in the great state of Texas. That means you can expect Jon to help GCB craft some really great brews!


*Drink Grapevine Society

This is an exclusive club for friends of Grapevine Craft Brewery and is available with a $99 annual membership. But during this campaign, you can get a lifetime appointment to the Drink Grapevine Society with a pledge of $250 or more. See membership details below.

  • Drink Grapevine Society T-shirt
  • Free glassware with every GCB beer release
  • Access to exclusive events and beer releases
  • Membership to a private tasting panel
  • Free and discount pint nights in our future taproom
  • Free tour access for you and your guest
  • 25% off all GCB merchandise for the duration of your membership
Contact Information:

Gary Humble

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