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May 4, 2016 6:23 PM ET

Archived: Olive Alchemy: a premium extra virgin olive oil and vinegar store, with accessory specialty foods featuring “Made in SF Bay Area/Made in LA” in counterpoint to our oils and vinegar which are globally-sourced

iCrowdNewswire - May 4, 2016


Olive Alchemy.


Personal Story

I am a new mom seeking to start my own business and set down roots for my family in an area of LA I have grown to love- the San Fernando Valley on the eastern foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. There is an enthusiasm for health, fitness, and nature in this community which is in sync with my personal and professional goals. I was born in Sydney, Australia, to a self-employed antique furniture restorer and my Californian mom, who had ended up in Australia after years of cultural study in SE Asia. They moved back to the US to start their ow business. My first two years were spent in their small wholesale warehouse/office as they struggled with their small import business of restoration hardware. I experienced, through stories of that time, the experience of their start up business, which my Dad managed to make a success and continues today.
In the subsequent years of my childhood, I was raised primarily by my Mom while she finished her BA at UCLA, then graduate school at U.C, Berkeley. I saw her hard work, finishing her education in her thirties as a single parent; while my Dad continued to struggle and eventually succeed, with his business. As a young adult, I helped my Dad in some of his marketing, saw him struggle with the internet as he learned to reach customers in a new way online, I also saw my mom reach her professional goals in her mid-forties. This has given me perspective and reflection. My journey of being a mother grows with me each day, and I am seeking the experience of business ownership as a way to express my values and principals through the sale of healthy premium food products. While my product line is international, I will also feature a special “Made in California” section, and take pride in seeking out new local made quality products to introduce to my community. My goal is to to support my family, and gain a reputation as a solid local anchor business through sales of tasty healthy foods, while raising my son in a healthy manner,
My college experience began at the tail end of an escalating economy (2006), and ended at the height of the worst recession this country has seen in decades (2010). Throughout and continuing after school, having studied Business Administration/Marketing (split between Loyola Marymount/LA and University of Miami), I spent ten years supporting myself by working in the food service industry. I also helped my partner with his independent fashion apparel company, which improved my marketing and sales skills, and raised my awareness of the hard work, challenges, and satisfaction of self employment. Now, dissatisfied with the limitations of continuing to work in restaurants while raising a young child, I am ready to be my own boss, and share my passion for healthy foods and lifestyle with a local customer base. I have been influenced by my mom, who has worked to promote small local food & beverage companies in Oakland for the past ten years, and exposed me to many new foods coming out of artisan kitchens. Now, with college more than five years behind me, and with a wonderful life partner and a baby boy (Bronx, 3 months), I am excited to be opening my own business and being a member of the local Woodland Hills-Calabasas community.

Business Description

I am opening a premium extra virgin olive oil and vinegar store, with accessory specialty foods featuring “Made in SF Bay Area/Made in LA” in counterpoint to our oils and vinegar which are globally-sourced. Our store is a dispensary of fresh, healthy oils, vinegar and other food products, with a “tasting room” atmosphere, an emphasis on consumer education, nutritional benefit and culinary enjoyment. As a new mother of a 3 month old,I am committed to promoting healthy, but moderately-priced high quality products, to being part of a community of local merchants, engaging in the Chamber events, and promoting, even engaging in fundraising activities in support of local and global education, youth welfare, and other social causes.

What is the purpose of this loan?

Our business has been capitalized by family savings and credit card debt. We have received friendly Net 30 terms from most of our local providers. With the funding of the additional plumbing improvements we will be able to dispense fresh oils and vinegar custom bottled for each customer. My business approach is unique in its “dispensary” model, requiring review and regulation by several agencies, County Health among them. We worked with officials, demonstrating the success of other Olive Oil galleries nationally, and expect to receive our permits the week of March 7th, allowing us to open our store within 14-20 days. However we need to obtain some additional financing for these final tenant improvements related to food safety requirements.

A loan of $5,000 helps me to pay for unexpected tenant improvements required to conform to Food Safety requirements, which also allow us to be a “dispensary” sales of bulk food product. The “dispensary” status will allow us to also promote more Made in California artisan foods, with more economical and sustainable packaging.

About Olive Alchemy

Food production
Years in Operation:
6 months – 1 year
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