Cyber Safety Harbor - CyberID – an extraordinary device that’s ushering in a new age in cyber security: Coupled with six industry-leading data standards, a simple plug-and-play of the token into any computer brings about a level of protection that other solutions simply can’t match - iCrowdNewswire

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May 4, 2016 1:25 PM ET

Cyber Safety Harbor – CyberID – an extraordinary device that’s ushering in a new age in cyber security: Coupled with six industry-leading data standards, a simple plug-and-play of the token into any computer brings about a level of protection that other solutions simply can’t match

iCrowdNewswire - May 4, 2016

Cutting Edge Cyber Security That Protects Your Sensitive Information

Cyber Safety Harbor.

Don’t let the hackers and cyber-attackers win – it’s time to find your safe harbor.

At Cyber Safety Harbor, we’ve created an extraordinary device – CyberID – that’s ushering in a new age in cyber security.  Coupled with six industry-leading data standards, a simple plug-and-play of the token into any computer brings about a level of protection that other solutions simply can’t match.

Our supply chain is set, and the latest version is developed – it’s time to get protected!

Who needs ski masks and guns?  There’s a new age of crime upon us.

The amazing tech age we’re currently living in has made computers, servers, and software amongst the most valuable assets anyone can have.  Businesses and consumers alike rely on these goods to collect and store data, protect valuable information, and even process payments – making them very susceptible to cyber-attacks.  And, with one data hack or breach occurring every 9 hours (on average), it’s not a matter of if you’ll be an identity or data theft victim – it’s when.

Since 2005, over 100 terabytes of data have been breached in over 175 attacks on major organizations – which include giants like Target, Primera Blue Cross, Sony, and even the US Pentagon.  Major threats that these networks – and so many others – have experienced include:

These threats being realized daily and affecting countless lives.  With more than one billion personal records stolen in 2014 alone, companies are responding by accelerating cybersecurity spending.  Valued at $75 billion in 2015, the cybersecurity market is expected to skyrocket to $170 billion by 2020.  This presents a great opportunity for a company with an innovative, effective, and non-reactive solution.  All that’s needed is more of a “go-getter” approach.

Introducing Cyber Safety Harbor – a proactive solution to the reactive status quo.  Through our proprietary CyberID token, we’re able to provide industry-disrupting cyber security that protects your most sensitive data and assets around the clock.  The serialized token is used in accord with six proven industry data standards to ensure your information is never vulnerable to attacks.  Instead of reacting to unfortunate breaches and working to recover your assets, we keep them from ever becoming compromised in the first place.

The CyberID token utilizes a remarkable simple approach that’s compatible with any PC or Mac.

Anyone – from multinational corporations to middle school students – can benefit from our market-leading cybersecurity solution.

The CyberID’s incredibly versatile, user-friendly nature makes it unlike any other current solution and removes common protection barriers that users face.  The military, major retailers, healthcare providers, and even the everyday consumer can all take advantage of the token without needing to make logistical or operational changes.  We’re able to boast this awesome competitive advantage due to two fully-granted patents.  The patents protect our usage of a distributed medium (the token) to create a virtual RAM environment that our users load their applications into – which is the foundation of our process.  Basically, nobody else can sell a device that attaches to a computer to create a secure self-contained environment. We own this space.

So, how exactly does the CyberID provide the ultimate in cyber-protection?  Check out some other key points in the process in addition to its top features and benefits:

Virtual session – The CyberID loads a virtual session in RAM, bypassing your local computer drive and ensuring no malware ever accesses it.  It then closes out with absolutely no local record.

Additional security – A PIN or login/password requirement is also built in for authentication, and flushes from RAM upon removal of the token.

Simple integration – No additional hardware or software is ever required.  The CyberID can be used in any situation to access related secure applications.

Functionality not sacrificed – Our process can be layered onto almost any platform while easily mirroring the full functionality of vulnerable public browsers.

SecureCommunique™ – This valuable feature enables secure communication across all platforms and the seamless passage of documents via email, and chat.

Since its original conception in 2006, the CyberID has been perfected into the prodigious product it is today.  Educating potential customers about not just our product but also the world of cybercrime hasn’t always been easy; but now, with these attacks reaching an all-time high, they’re more interested than ever.  The most significant hurdles we’ve crossed on the path to the present day can be found below:

Prototype built.  Back in 2009, the first version of our technology was finalized as an inexpensive way to demonstrate it for functionality testing.  It was called SecureAxcess.

Successful testing and product improvements.  The prototype was then tested multiple times for speed/chip interaction, load speed, and a number of other factors.  Resulting changes from these tests have been instituted successfully.

Our IP can’t be touched.  Our team has secured not one – but two patents for unmatched technological protection of the CyberID.

Meeting crucial requirements.  We’ve got clout in the intelligence community.  The CyberID checks all the boxes in terms of Intelligence/GPO project requirements.

The supply chain is working – and working well.  Key partnerships are providing us with a reliable and efficient supply chain.  Atmel, Identita, and Obtheur Technologies have proven to be key cogs in us bringing our industry-leading solution to market.

We’re currently in Generation 3 of the CyberID’s growth cycle – with a fully market-ready product that’s been tested and perfected.  Looking ahead, the future is all about Generation 4.  During this exciting time, we plan to embed the same CyberID technology directly into business and consumer credit cards.  This process removes yet another layer from the cybersecurity equation and opens the door for practically limitless revenue possibilities.

The Cyber Safety Harbor team is led by a pair of seasoned executives with versatile backgrounds.  Gained in a variety of different fields, this versatility gives them the technical know-how to develop top-tier solutions while maintaining the leadership expertise to guide the ship.  And, most importantly, they’ve got a serious passion for stopping cybercrime.  Let’s meet them:

Chris Murphy, Founder, Innovator and Visionary
Our visionary and the original creator of SecureAxcess got his start in the US Army as a Cartographic Draftsman.  Honing his precision and attention to detail, he then shifted his focus to the world of software programming and would work for a short time as a Systems Analyst.  With his entrepreneurial flames burning, Chris would then work as a software engineering consultant for clients like Travelers and Medicare before taking the leap into his own venture.  It was at this point when he first developed SecureAxcess – and eventually Cyber Safety Harbor – seeking a better future for cybersecurity.  Chris’s primary duties for us include tech development and future strategic direction.

Leo Braddock, Co-Founder 

Leo brings leadership, passion, and dedication to CSH through years of experience in team building, skill management, and personnel development. Responsible for planning and executing many major events, while becoming a regional consultant to those looking to do the same, Leo embodies our belief of giving back through hard work and community involvement.

Contact Information:

Chris Murphy

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