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May 3, 2016 8:18 AM ET

Archived: World Skies Holidays: The only way to unlock the best accomodation deals – eliminating the restrictions that big online booking sites place on hotels

iCrowdNewswire - May 3, 2016

World Skies Holidays

The only way to unlock the best accomodation deals


World Skies Holidays has proven that the hospitality sector is looking for an alternative by eliminating the restrictions that big online booking sites place on hotels. This allows them to list the best rooms and the best deals with us.

By venturing into a new market and product, we allow more flexibility with listings and offer better packaged deals than traditional booking sites, which allows us to be the one stop shop where you can find all hotel promotional hot deals that can never be found on any site!


Barry and Amy are retired, and now they’re living their dream of running a small bed and breakfast in beautiful Tasmania. Business is good—they’re always about 60 percent full—but they want to do more.

So Barry and Amy decide to list online. When they look into it, they’re amazed to see that the big booking sites want a 15 percent commission on every listing.Since Barry and Amy are already very reasonably priced, that much commission would eat into their meager profit margins. Simply put: it wouldn’t be worth it.

So Barry and Amy don’t list online after all. And that’s a shame, because they run a wonderful little B&B. But if you look for them online, it’s almost as if they don’t exist at all.


With World Skies Holidays, Barry and Amy finally have an option. They could list their cozy little B&B on the World Skies Holidays site for absolutely no commission. And because we don’t place restrictions on their listings like the big guys do, they can list all their rooms with us.


…and perfect for any budget.

Big booking sites have taken over the online booking market, scooping up smaller players and then jacking up the commission fees they charge hotels for listings, making it harder and harder for great getaway spots to charge a fair fee.

They also place an incredible amount of restrictions on the deals that hotels can offer. B&Bs don’t have the typical, stock room configurations the big guys require. With World Skies Holidays, accommodation providers have the ability to discount and advertise their best deals and packages.

Enter World Skies Holidays. Because we don’t charge hotels a commission, they can list with confidence. And because we can cater to the non-standard room layouts and modify bookings to cater to small establishments, we offer unprecedented flexibility, too. (Don’t worry – that flexibility means we can also cater to the big chain hotels, too.)


World Skies Holidays started taking our first bookings in December 2014, and we currently list 20,407 bookable rooms a night. That’s a total of AUD$1.51 billion of invetory per year in just nine months of operations!

You can currently book through our site, but we know the world is going mobile, so iOS, Android, and Windows apps are coming soon.

We’re also working on an exciting new automation technology that will bring the personal service of old-school travel agencies to the world of online booking.


Alick has worked in roles involving project cost analysis and mining management. Coming from an engineering background, he’s designed software and implementation strategies .

A semi-retired businessman, Ray decided to travel the world after completing a three-year course in Electronic Engineering. He then established a steel fabrication company, which sold in 2005. He still travels extensively, when not managing ground operations and new product development for us.

Alex has extensive experience in Application Support, Desktop Support, and as an IT technician and Network Engineer. Working his way up from a technician position in a computer shop, he’s worked for IBM, Harvey Norman, and BHP Billiton.

After working for Kodak for seven years, David also travelled the world. On returning to London, he began work for the Daily Mail Group in sales and marketing. Since then, he’s grown company portfolios for Otis and KONE Elevators, among others.

Contact Information:

Alick Haangala - Chairman

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