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May 3, 2016 9:07 AM ET

Archived: Cyberflage: A Security as a Service (SaaS) firm developing a disruptive offensive detection through deception cyber attack counter-siege platform

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Atlanta, GA 30265, US
Business Products & Services

A Security as a Service (SaaS) firm developing a disruptive offensive detection through deception cyber attack counter-siege platform, Cyberflage(TM). A system designed to attack the cognitive processes of the attacker, and not the attack tools.

Our mission and guiding principles:
Cybercrime is an opportunistic and predictable practice, we know when, how, and in what order and pat a cybercriminal must take to complete the crime. To degrade, disrupt. deny, and deter attacks through offensive deception and countermeasures designed to disrupt the 84% opportunistic market of cybercrime, allowing clients to focus on the remaining 16%, the more advanced targeted threats.

Cyberflage(TM) is past Alpha and 3 to 6 months away from a Beta version that will be a platform based physical or virtual appliance that has 5 total patent pending modules, systems, and methods all imagineered and implemented together to provide the first of its kind “hack-back” system that imbues the principles of a defender’s “counter-siegeworks” effects on attacker’s once inside the victim’s organizational walls, operating undetected post-breach.

Cyberflage(TM) is a digital Aikido Master is a box, using as much force exerted turned back onto the attacker in equal substantive force, similar to the Japanese Aikido martial art. Every CISO over the past twenty years has asked for “a solution, to solve the post-breach attacker dwell-time threats, posed by Cybercriminals today”.

Cyberflage(TM) is the solution for those who believe deception is a fundamental of any successful battle strategy. The core IP team are the authors of the McGraw-Hill Global Best Seller


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Company AgeEmployeesSub-Industry
2 years32Security & Protection Products & Services


Products / Services

Cyberflage[TM] – Security as a Service

Cybercrime being a business and economy based solely around monetary goals and highly opportunistic at its core. Cybercriminals regularly evade and bypass detection based security products using both simple and sophisticated armoring techniques that are extremely inexpensive.

Once inside a victim’s system, attackers use breached credentials and access to learn about the remote surroundings before spreading across the enterprise in pursuit of spoils of the crime, networked knowledge.

Historically attacker’s once inside have had little pushback and quickly finish their initial goals and further bleed a network once successful. Persistent and opportunistic cybercriminals have time and again shown that some of the largest names in security cannot slow down an attacker with new tools. Though deceiving the results of a remote attacker’s tools, the picture of the victim’s network becomes distorted making previously simple maneuvers across the network now as perilous as a hall of mirrors.

Offensive Deception & Countermeasure Systems Professional Training

Our focus is to train members of your security team to be prepared to detect, identify, and respond to post-breach attacks, when an attacker is operating using unauthorized tools and tactics to maintain remote access to the victim network enterprise. With real-life examples on the intelligence and operations functions, as well as the concepts of counterdeception going beyond “identifying attacks and attackers” to “tactical psychological warfare and deception operations.”

Counterdeception is a component of counterintelligence and is defined as “Efforts to negate, neutralize, diminish the effects of, or gain advantage from a deception operation.” This is an operationally oriented definition that emphasizes mitigating deception’s effects (like surprise) and exploiting knowledge of the adversary’s use, understanding, and access to the remote victim’s network.

Our series of courses offer a new series of tactically viable best practices for those seeking new roles in “Offensive Deception”.




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Chief Technology/Technologist
Sean Bodmer

Sean BodmerSean’s story began in 1989 when he hacked his first Wildcat BBS at the age of 11. By 1994, Sean had matured his affinity for opening locked doors across the Internet to include US Government Systems. After showing his parents one evening in mid-March 1994, he was unknowingly turned in by his mother (today Sean is grateful) to local and trailing federal law enforcement. Sean, at that time only focusing on unlocking puzzles with no malicious intent, aided Law Enforcement with illustrating his technique and craft used to access the remote systems to prevent future breaches of similar nature.

Once 18, Sean focused the lessons learned from his youth into an impassioned career to protect those unable to protect themselves. After more than a decade in the DoD/Intel Community as a sought after SME, he led the R&D and fielding of several systems to be used as global defense suites entered private sector in 2009. Today, Sean owns and operates Pragmatik IO, a security innovation wellspring.

Chief Operating Officer
Gregory Carpenter

Gregory Carpenter

Executive Vice President Strategic Planning
Sandra Broudy

A leader across North America in Business Development

Chief Executive Officer
Stephane Boisvert

Stephane BoisvertStéphane has a diverse background spanning management, sales, marketing, M&A, internationally and a seasoned executive. In 2000 he was named to Canada’s prestigious list of “Top 40 under 40”. In 2002, Stéphane joined Sun Microsystems Canada and in three years moved it from 14th place to #1 in profitability and earnings growth. In 2006 Stéphane became EVP/President of Bell Canada’s Enterprise Group a 4.2B$ unit, transforming it into a dynamic ICT organization that was ranked as one of the top three industry ICT leaders. In 2008 Stéphane participated in the BCE $40.0B leverage buyout working with large US Private Equity Partners.He currently maintains executive chairman positions across a number of high technology ventures.




Contact Information:

Chief Technology/Technologist
Sean Bodmer

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