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May 2, 2016 6:12 PM ET

ONEclassic: $4K DECT Wireless Speakers That Sound $200K – DECT technology brings about audio revolution, wireless speaker can perform better than wired speaker.

iCrowdNewswire - May 2, 2016

ONEclassic:$4K DECT Wireless Speakers That Sound $200K

by ONEaudio

DECT technology brings about audio revolution, wireless speaker can perform better than wired speaker.

About this project

Do you dream of having a high end speaker in your house at just one-tenth the price? Have you ever thought that operation of a high end speaker can be simple and easy?

Everyone loves music. Enjoying high fidelity sound should not be a privilege of any party. We hope everyone can enjoy premium quality of music. We have decided to build an easy-to-use and high performance speaker at a fraction of the cost. By supporting this, you are the pioneer of DECT audio and help ushering in a new generation of wireless audio.

ONEclassic is a pair of high end wireless speakers operating on DECT channel. Featuring its pristine sound quality and transparent enclosure, it is both a pleasure to look at and listen to.

ONEaudio is the world’s first to apply DECT technology in wireless audio. The perfect synchronization character in DECT protocol gives you a very precise sound stage that you might not have experienced before. We bring audio revolution – wireless speakers can perform even better than wired speakers.

Listening to HiFi sound is no more a luxury. After years of research, we are able to achieve it at a much lower cost. You will receive this pair of revolutionary speakers at only one-tenth the price of most high-end audio system. It plays well balanced treble, mid range and bass which made ONEclassic suitable for all kinds of music.

There is no more amplifier or CD player. All you need is just a small USB dongle which streams high quality audio from PC or mobile device. Now, you can simply play audiophile music from your smart phone. Spend less time setting up speakers and more time listening.

We provide 4 sound profiles to cater for different preference.

  • Warm: tube amplifier character
  • Natural: balanced character, our recommendation
  • Clarity: solid state amplifier character
  • Dynamic: prominent character

Not only HiFi quality, DECT technology can also support multi-channels concurrent transmission. ONEaudio successfully developed the world’s first true wireless 5.1 surround. This can be formed by combining the ONEclassic and any other models of ONEaudio wireless speakers. You can build your home theatre in a clutter free environment.

ONEclassic can be placed as front speaker, centre speaker or rear speaker.
ONEclassic can be placed as front speaker, centre speaker or rear speaker.

Sound stage is the perception from our listening. An accurate sound stage gives you a sense of space and dimension of every element. Essence of sound stage reproduction is all speaker drivers playing with no timing error.The sound going to left and right ears should be absolutely the same as if we are listening to live performance.

Conventional speaker timing problem:

It has phase error problem in crossover circuit. Phase error occurs at crossover point in woofer and tweeter.

Phase error results in signal inverted and partially cancelled out which leads to unclear sound. Sound stage is out of focus and objects are over-sized.

WiFi and Bluetooth speaker timing problem:

WiFi and Bluetooth is point-to-point communication. Signal is sent to the left speaker then to the right speaker sequentially.
Left and right speaker cannot align at the same time. Even worse is that time error is changing. Sound is unclear and sound stage is totally lost. Listener may develop fatigue.

DECT speaker solve the timing problem:

DECT protocol has channel synchronization process 100 times every second. Time error between left and right speaker is less than half micro-second, which is 50 times better than WiFi speakers.

Signal processing is fully digital from beginning to end so that high precision FIR filter can be placed at woofer and tweeter crossover to guarantee linear phase shift over full audio band. High precision FIR filter in woofer and tweeter crossover guarantees linear phase shift over full audio band. Woofer and tweeter can play in phase.

No timing error on all speaker drivers. Sound is clear. Sound objects are in its actual size and at its right position, no overlapping on sound objects. Sound stage is 3-dimensional.


ONEaudio developed a new algorithm to control receiver (speaker) clock locking. A low Q-factor PID adaptive algorithm stabilizes the master clock to jitter less than 0.1ppm. Low jitter clock is the key factor to reproduce warm vocal sound and enhance sound stage accuracy.

ONEclassic is housed in 12mm German made acrylic plastic. Acrylic has very strong hardness. An example is a 33cm thick wall can withstand 10-meter-deep Monterey Bay Aquarium tank. Acrylic is durable; its high internal damping characteristic can stop sound reflection inside speaker enclosure.

The cost of acrylic cabinet is 5 times of wooden cabinet, and further increases due to its high scrap rate.In spite of this, we still insist on using acrylic because it is safe and its sound is clean and warm. More than half of the material cost comes from the acrylic cabinet.

Transparent speaker requires a simple structure and clean internal. This is a challenging job to our audio engineers. They can’t use absorption material to damp destructive sound inside the speaker nor partition structure to build an acoustic effect. Instead, we repeatedly tuned speaker enclosure dimension to enhance acoustic effect.

Everyone has different preference. Some may go for tube amplifier which produces sweet and warm vocal sound but less details and dynamic in complicated music. Some may like solid state amplifier which produces bright and powerful but artificial sound. Listeners will easily get tired after long time listening.

Different sound characters of these two types of amplifiers results from the combination of feedback circuit, amplifier loop gain and output stage design.

We have figured out how to simulate those effects. We don’t use equalizing technique because it will destroy sound quality. Our audio engineers go down to sound re-construction layer to simulate sound effect. By optimizing digital parameters in gain block design, feedback, filter type, up-sampling coefficient and crossover frequency.

ONEaudio uses sound reconstruction instead of equalizer.
ONEaudio uses sound reconstruction instead of equalizer.


  • Warm profile – Tube amplifier character:
  •  Natural profile – Balanced character:
  • Clarity profile – Solid state amplifier character:
  •  Dynamic profile – Prpminent chac:


Different room shapes and sizes, and sound absorption from surroundings will slightly change treble level. We engineered ONEclassic to perform perfectly in any room by providing tone balance for you to compensate room effect. You can increase or decrease treble level to fit your needs.

Why do we compare ONEclassic with a USD200,000 top end setup?

A USD4,000 price tag ONEclassic, it plays clean, clear and warm sound. It brings musicality to you and connects you to the performers. Its neutral character can purely reproduce the music soul.

ONEclassic is tuned for all music genus from classical to hip-hop. We compared ONEclassic to a system cost USD200,000. Here are the results.

Track 1 – Pop Song (Download uncompressed file(696M) / View online)

Track 2 – Rock (Download uncompressed file(1G) / View online)

Track 3 – Female Vocal (Download uncompressed file(620M) / View online)

Track 4 – Jazz with Female Vocal (Download uncompressed file(755M) / View online)

Track 5 – Jazz Instrument (Download uncompressed file(741M) / View online)

Track 6 – Violin (Download uncompressed file(393M) / View online)

Track 7 – Piano (Download uncompressed file(443M) / View online)

Track 8 – Classical (Download uncompressed file(923M) / View online)

Track 9 – Drum (Download uncompressed file(420M) / View online)

We suggest you to use your headphone to listen to these high quality recordings.

DECT full name is Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone. It is widely used in indoor cordless telephone for 20 years. Nowadays, 110 countries have adopted DECT standard.

Clean 1.9GHz channel

DECT is working on 1.9GHz frequency band. It is a channel exclusive clean radio band. Only DECT devices are allowed to operate on this radio band.

Dedicated channel, no data bandwidth sharing

Every DECT device is assigned on a dedicated channel and time slot, which guarantees no interference between DECT devices. All data bandwidth and time slot are reserved for the DECT device once the connection is being setup.

No cloudy channel jammed

DECT does not suffer from cloudy channel jammed and data sharing congestion happening in WiFi and Bluetooth devices.

Low radiation and long communication range

DECT is an ultra-low energy protocol incorporated with very low radiation, harmless to your body. Communication range is the longest, in general, 2 times of Bluetooth and WiFi.

The best channel synchronization

An advantage of DECT protocol applied on audio product is its self-synchronized mechanism run 100 times every second. A periodic S-field in each time slot gives accurate time information to receiver (speakers). Left and right speakers are aligned at the same time. Time error between left and right channel can be kept within 0.5uS, which is 50 times better than WiFi and much better than Bluetooth.

In practical listening, time error more than 1uS will dramatically degrade sound liveliness and let listener easily get tired. Channel synchronization is a key factor for a high end audio system to reproduce a stable and 3 dimensional sound stage which gives audience relaxation. That is the reason behind why WiFi and Bluetooth wireless speaker can’t achieve high end audio performance.

Low time jitter

Another benefit in DECT protocol is its low time jittering in radio receiver. The S-field carried time information which can make the clock lock control loop short. So, we use low Q-factor PID control algorithm. Speaker master clock jitter can be kept less than 0.2ppm. Low time jitter can make speaker play pure and warm vocal sound.

2016 CES Innovation award by DECT technology

We are very proud that our achievement has been recognized with the CES award.

We believe that simple is the best. Redundant components will induce distortion.

In order to keep the transparent appearance, the electronic board should be compact. We spent 5 years to develop an all-in-one firmware loaded on high integration single chip. The multi-processors single chip includes two powerful DSP, high speed processor, dedicated protocol processor and DECT radio transceiver. Highly efficient class D amplifier can help us to eliminate bulky heat sink. The full digital design can minimize the microphonic effect pick up from analogue component. High PSRR design helps reduce power decoupling capacitors. The electronics board is simple and clean.

We fully utilize each component and slim down the signal flow inside the software. You will experience a pure sound on a simple hardware speaker.

ONEaudio highly integrated USB dongle

We have created an easy-to-use audio system which delivers extraordinary sound. You don’t need any accessories or installation of any application. All you need is just an small audiophile grade transmitter. After years of investigation, we have designed a highly integrated transmitter which is compatible with any standard USB device.

Output / Playback

You can play music from any audio devices which support standard USB audio.

You just simply plug and play music or video.
You just simply plug and play music or video.

Multi-functional key operation

You can perform different operations with just 3 keys:

  • Basic operation (power on/off and volume control)
  • Report speaker status:
  • Select sound profile:
  • Set tone balance:
  •  Pair speaker to new dongle

By DECT technology, we have invented the world’s first true wireless surround.

ONEclassic can be easily transformed to 5.1 wireless surround by just switching the connection to surround dongle or console box.

A surround sound profile is available to boost the low frequency effect just like the theatre.

A 5.1 wireless surround system can be formed by combining any models of ONEaudio speakers.

Different combinations of 5.1 wireless surround.
Different combinations of 5.1 wireless surround.

Product specification:

Dimension : Speaker 200mm(w) x 350mm(h) x 285mm(d)
Weight : 10.5Kg (23lbs) each speaker
Power output : 120W (70W woofer, 50W tweeter) each speaker
Speaker driver : 6.5” paper cone woofer, 2” silk dome
Woofer Speaker wire : ϕ3.5mm 120 strands pure copper wire
Tweeter Speaker wire : ϕ2.5mm 20 strands silver coated wire
Frequency response : 65-38,000Hz
Crossover point : 3.2KHz, 3.6KHz, 4.2KHz, 4.5KHz
Signal resolution : 96KHz 24bit, by up-sampling & interpolation
Distortion : Dongle to amplifier output 0.007% @1KHz, 0.01% @10KHz
Acoustic output 0.1% @1KHz, 0.06% @10KHz
Air codec : OPUS 480Kbps lossless
Radio frequency : 1.9GHz (Europe DECT, US DECT6, SA DECT)
Adaptor : 24V6A 150VA with PFC, input 110~220V
Power consumption : 120% of power output @Po>40W
Standby power : 0.25W

Features :

Sound profile : Warm, Natural, Clarity, Dynamic
Tone balance : 7 steps -3 to +3, step size 0.2dB in tweeter gain
Audio mode support : Surround mode, Stereo mode
Speaker position : Main speaker, centre speaker, rear speaker
Transmitter support : 3 dongles (console box will be available end of year)
Power management : Auto power off, power saving mode

After 5 years development work, our DECT wireless audio is ready for production. The ONEclassic is our first project to show excellent sound quality of DECT wireless speaker. After the success of this project, we will then launch the true wireless 5.1 surround which consists of no power cord and speaker cable. By mid of this year, we will finish console box development. It has universal input for different kinds of connection.

More importantly, mass volume can drive further down the cost. We have a plan to cost down about 30% of the bookshelf speaker by changing to wooden enclosure.

High level of audio experience does not always come with a high price tag. DECT technology has redefined the wireless sound, ever. We hope everyone can access to the high quality sound without paying high price. To do this, we need your support not only to sustain our long term development, but also bring this revolution in wireless audio to the world.

We thank for your support, ONEaudio design team by Sinotech Communication Ltd.

 ONEclassic Media Press Kit

Risks and challenges

1. ONEclassic is handmade product, it might have deviation on workmanship, we will keep it at highest standard.

2. Qualification process is completed, major components are ready, only have a very low risk of shipment delay.

Contact Information:


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