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May 2, 2016 9:18 AM ET

Archived: Mixmax – Email reimagined: Makes email as powerful as web pages by enabling actions like completing purchases – all within an email, no plugins required

iCrowdNewswire - May 2, 2016


Mixmax logo

Email reimagined.

San Francisco · SaaS · Sales and Marketing · Email · Business Productivity




Mixmax makes email as powerful as web pages by enabling actions like completing purchases, confirming expense reports, scheduling events, and answering surveys—all within an email, no plugins required. Any developer can bring interactive apps into email using Mixmax as a platform, without worrying about client idiosyncrasies.

After building communications products at companies like Apple, Google, and Skype we saw a huge opportunity to build a world where email maximizes both your productivity and expressiveness. Our team met at Inkling, where together we built Inkling Habitat, the WYSIWYG ebook editor now used by the world’s biggest publishers. We have unique

Get Mixmax here: http://mixmax.com
Check out our Twitter Wall of Love here: https://twitter.com/MixmaxHQ/timelines/676913925221449728


February 2016—Instant video clips in email, like GIFs on steroids!
Collaboration between Yarn and Mixmax. Our goal is to bring Yarn to wherever people are communicating.
December 2015—Real-time analytics for all your email
Since Dropbox just buried Mailbox, we decided to launch a native desktop experience for Mixmax, the ultimate productivity suite for professionals. :)
November 2015—Personalized (bulk) email has never been this easy
Customize hundreds of emails instantly. It’s great for entrepreneurs, sales, recruiting & HR, customer success and marketers, or even just for event… · More
September 2015—Mixmax now gives Google Inbox superpowers
Mixmax turns Google Inbox into a viable product to get real work done with features like tracking, instant scheduling, shared team templates, and more.


Contact Information:

Olof Mathé- Founder

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