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May 1, 2016 5:33 PM ET

Archived: ExerWise – Encouraging Children To Be Active: Informing and Educating Children about the Importance of Exercise and it’s benefits, with our Wearable Activity Tracker

iCrowdNewswire - May 1, 2016

ExerWise – Encouraging Children To Be Active

by ExerWise Team



ExerWise is Informing and Educating Children about the Importance of Exercise and it’s benefits, with our Wearable Activity Tracker

About this project

You’ve seen the statistics…So ExerWise are changing this by building an activity tracker for children.

By using simple electronics, visual feedback, and by rallying together a large online community, we can help change the way children view exercise.

We’re providing a fun new approach to exercise with our activity tracker, unlike any on the market. To start, we’re building a community around getting children active because this is not just another opportunity to put a child’s version of an adult product on shelves in the hope that parents will buy it, or adults designing a chunky product and convincing people kids love it. This starts with a community backing.


Become part of this catalyst for change!

To do this; we need your help. By backing our Kickstarter campaign and buying into our rewards, you’re helping us to spread the word and become part of this community. You’re backing us to say that there is a problem with childhood inactivity and you want to be apart of the change.

It’s down to the experts, the kids! Once we build our community, refine our current prototype and manufacture our first batch of test units, we take things to the school yards. It’s then that we start our testing. We’ve developed unique algorithms to measure the movement and intensity of a child’s day of physical activity but we need them to decide how they want to wear it and how cool it will look.

So until then our product will not be available for pre-order. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you up to date with the whole process because as a backer you’ll receive exclusive updates/photos and the inside scoop on everything happening in ExerWise and when the final decisions are made with our School Yard Chief Executives (SYCE), you will be the first to know.

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. This is the change you need to be a part of. And the only way to be apart of that change? Show your support by wearing your ExerWise T-shirt or sharing your ideas with the team during our Skype call.

The ExerWise band currently uses three small LEDs to indicate how much activity the child has completed. When the child double taps their band it will flash red, yellow or green depending on how close they are to achieving their 60 minutes of physical activity.

It can be used as a standalone device because kids shouldn’t have to manage and be responsible for two devices to determine their activity. However, the band can be synced with our ExerWise app via Bluetooth. The app allows parents to keep up-to-date with their child’s daily activity. They can create profiles for each of their children and set individual activity goals for each, depending on age and ability.

We hope that you will support us, back our campaign and take part in our community so that we can bring our product to life and help encourage and change the way children view exercise.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch through Kickstarter or any of our social media channels.


You can also contact us at info@exerwise.io where we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Risks and challenges

So….. What are the risks? For our backers – None!

Developing and manufacturing a product can be a long and difficult process where lots of problems can occur. For that reason we are not offering our device as a reward as we don’t want you to have to wait for months on end to receive your reward.

Contact Information:

ExerWise Team

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