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May 1, 2016 9:09 AM ET

Archived: 4th Annual Care-Bags.Org Fundraiser Benefiting the Homeless 2016

iCrowdNewswire - May 1, 2016


4th Annual Care-Bags.Org Fundraiser Benefiting the Homeless 2016

by Gene Pellegrene

No matter what your politics, I know establishing trusting relationships with the homeless with the care-bags, is the way to raise awareness, bridge the information gap and increase the possibility of getting people off the streets. All the proof is right here in the past 3 years. 100% of your donation goes to helping the homeless. Every Dollar helps.

Welcome to the 4th annual fundraiser for care-bags.org. My name is Gene Pellegrene and I have been making 5-7 care bags a week since April, 2013 for the homeless in my community. Over 792 care bags full of nutritious snacks, much needed toiletries, first aid, clothing and assistance information have been delivered in Chicago since this began. These care bags form relationships and raise awareness for the public. Please consider an any amount donation, it really helps!

If you follow care-bags.org, you will know all of the amazing effects of delivering the bags over the past three years.

  • *Over 792 bags made and delivered with nutritional snacks, assistance information, toiletries and much more.
  • *We saw Bud get off the streets with the help of his first video interview with care-bags.org. He has been reunited with his family, his wife and children; working full time and is helping other with addiction issues.
  • *Two annual winter clothing drives were formed (1 in Indiana, PA the other in Chicago) to collect and distribute much needed winter wear.
  • *Elementary School Sock Drive was organized by the teachers and students raising over 900 pairs of socks for the homeless.
  • *A IPod Donation program is in place for the homeless. With my relationships I am able to discover favorite types of music and artists and deliver a loaded IPod to homeless friend to help cope with the power of music.
  • *I use my relationships with local resources, like Revive Center for Housing and Healing to bring new information about home placement and addiction services.
  • *Businesses like Beauty & Balance Salon have organized care bags with families for donation and dialogue.
  • *Kleenex and GoGo Squeez have taken notice and made generous product donations.
  • *Organizations like The Girl Scouts have made Valentines Day cards and blankets for the Care-bags.
  • *Several knitting drives were organized with kind notes attached supplying warm, homemade items with care.
  • *Many family and friends have made care bags for their communities using care-bags.org as a resource for information and inspiration.
  • *New signs were created and distributed for the homeless to help make them more visible and create dialogue.
  • *Homeless awareness and empathy has been raised in many places across the country.
  • *care bags paper bags are being designed and decorated by elementary school student as an excessive to raise awareness.
  • *A new logo contest will be formed for school students for Care-Bags.Org.

In the past three years there have been so many positive results with the making and delivering of these care bags. My favorite effect has been  Bud get off the streets with the help of the video interviews. He has been working a full time job for a year now and is healing the wounds caused by addiction and homelessness with his family. You can also listen to Bud on this emotional, insightful WBEZ interview, he comes in at the 16 min mark.

These care bags are funded in a few ways. Crowdfunding, personally funded, grassroots donations and other forms of aid throughout the year keep this small but powerful commitment to the homeless alive. This year, I am hopeful for a full 12 months of funding. 100% of your donation goes to help the homeless. The yearly average of each care bag is around $25.00 at an average cost of $600 per month. This total does not include other needed items like seasonal clothing, bus passes, occasional cash and miscellaneous items like firewood, heaters, propane, toiletries, envelopes, tools, tarps, etc.

Please consider donating any amount to help keep this alive. Any amount truly helps. I’d also greatly appreciate people sharing the fundraiser on social media outlets to help spread the word. This has always been a personal, grassroots cause and it will take your help to keep it going and help to understand and conquer homelessness.


Contact Information:

Gene Pellegrene

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