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Apr 30, 2016 1:54 PM ET

Archived: Help SDC Naperville purchase Microsoft’s HoloLens technology for our 1600 tech members: Augmented/Mixed Reality is the next big thing, we’ll run HoloLens classes and share usage rights.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 30, 2016

HoloLens Classes at the SDC

by Dan Violet Sagmiller

SDC Naperville has 1500 tech members, and AR is the next big thing. Help us purchase it. We’ll run classes and share usage rights.

About this project

Augmented/Mixed Reality is an incredible emerging technology allowing virtual elements to appear in a physical environment.

The SDC Naperville, has been a trusted resource for training and seminars on the latest and greatest technology in programming.

Unfortunately, these 2 cosmic forces have yet to collide.  Primarily as it is cost prohibitive.  Microsoft’s HoloLens technology is only available to developers right now, at the base price of 3000$ + Taxes + Insurance.

We are already signed up for the 5th wave and hoping to spark enough interest to acquire it.

So who wants in?

Followers and Supporters!

Show your support and enthusiasm for the SDC and HoloLens technology.  Provide 1$ or more to get regular updates of events going on, experiment results and news relating to it.

Let me try it!

Get involved in the classes (limited seating).  A 3 hour session where you will be shown a quick way to build a project for HoloLens, run it in a simulation, and finally try it in the real headset.    Classes are limited to make sure everyone has time with it.  You can sign up early for 20-25$.  Future classes may not run after this (depending on interest) and Post KickStarter, any classes will cost more to attend.  To find out about the instructor(s) scroll farther down.

I gotta have it!

Only 4 members will have 1/4 ownership of the HoloLens.  You will be allowed to use the device every 4th week.  Who gets it first is based on who buys in first.  You must be a member of the SDC (or become one, its free) and have easy access to pick up and drop off the device at Rev3 in Naperville.  You will also need to provide a state id for validation in order to pick it up.  And of course, you need to cover 1/4th of the cost of the device. The total cost is $3,486, and 25% is$871.50.  That includes the HoloLens, tax, insurance and the fees associated with Kick Starter.

Rules and Ending: The sharing setup is limited to 2 years, and then the device will be sold to which ever member is willing to pay the most for it.  That payment will be split by the other 3 owning members.  Pickup time will be Monday after noon at Rev 3, and Drop Off will be Monday before noon.  Members may also transfer directly to each other.  If you miss your drop off time, you forfeit your next week.  Other rules or changes can occur if 3 of the owning members agree it needs to happen.

So Who’s Running the classes?

By default, it will be SDC Organizer Dan Violet Sagmiller.  Dan has over 17 years professional development experience and over 10 years teaching.  He has 2 books out on game development, 1 on Unity, the default platform for HoloLens.  He also has 2 Courses on Unity 3D featured on Lynda.com, 1 of which is creating your own 3D Real Time Strategy game in Unity 3D.  Additionally he is one of just a handful of people in the Midwest to have been Certified by Unity.

We may have other instructors teach based on their experience with Unity/AR/VR/HoloLens.

Risks and challenges

While the device will be insured, if something happens to it, there will be time lost to the recovery. The recovery also carries a risk, as Microsoft releases these in batches. They may not have the ability to provide another right away. It will naturally be a high priority to recover the HoloLens use right away.

Additionally, if there is clear neglect or it is a second offense, a 4th Week subscriber will be expected to pay for any insurance deductible to recover the device.

Members involved in the training may also be impacted by defects or damage to the hardware.

Additionally, the timeline is not known for sure of when Microsoft will be releasing Wave 5 for the HoloLens. Our timeline is based on estimates, and every one will be updated with accurate information as we receive it.

Contact Information:

Dan Violet Sagmiller

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