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Apr 29, 2016 8:53 AM ET

Archived: Wellington Farms, (USA), Inc – Global packaged food company sources in low cost nation states markets and distributes in lucrative areas.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 29, 2016

Wellington Farms, (USA), Inc.

Houston, TX 77055, US
Consumer Products


Global packaged food company sources in low cost nation states markets and distributes in lucrative areas.

Wellington Farms, (USA), Inc. dba Wellington Foods was founded in April 2010 when I decided to branch out from a family food tradition dating back to 1907 ( their stance ”If it swims, they will invest”)

,Wellington Foods is a GLOBAL food company with emphasis in packaged food from contracted growers and processors in low input cost countries (West Africa,Cameroon .35 cents per man hour, Guatemala $2.50 per man hour) then market and distribute in high socioeconomic nation states with over all mark ups average at 100%. We focus on fresh and niche marketing areas our competitors are usually small and medium size companies..We do not compete head on with the major players.
We stay in the retail produce area (no slotting fees), value stores,, food service, ingredients sales and have found a good fit to to provide the national penal systems low cost nutritional frozen vegetable sides to help feed their 2.6 MM incarcerated individuals,

We just landed a major retailer to roll out nationally our ROMAN GODDESS fresh berry line and are need of inventory purchases (namely Strawberries). This would be in tan tum to the 4 MM receivable financing line we have in place currently and with no long term debt the company has allot of upside potential.. According to Nielsen the fresh berry retail category is a ( 5) billion a year market and growing 4.3% annually in revenues In the United States.

Products / Services

Fresh, dry, and frozen foods.

Healthy and natural food products in niche target areas.



Administrative Manufacturing/Production
Dr. Agwe Fredrick Forbang, Phd

Dr. Agwe Fredrick Forbang, PhdDirector of Operations for African Farmers Cooperative (AFC), Dr. Agwe Fredrick Forbang holds a
BA Economics and Business Management from ESG Cameroon, Business Administrative
Masters from Calvary University, AgricOK and ANOMU OIL COMPANY LIMITED
And an Agriculture Doctorate from Universite de Deschang
Mr. Forbang prior (6) years experience was the chief operating officer for Okomu Oil Company Limited of Nigeria
before he joined “AFC”.

Group Leader/Lead Manufacturing/Production
Alfedo Jose De leon Gomez

Alfedo Jose  De leon GomezAfter receiving diploma from El Instituto Tecnico de Capacitacion y Productividad, (10) years with Campero International, S.A., operating as Pollo Campero. Started as area district manager promoted for last (3) years lead specialist of global expansion coordinator.Mr. Gomez will be responsible for head of food processing located in Queretaro a Guatemala Ciudad

Managing Director Manufacturing/Production
Jose Ronel Huertas Ramirez

Jose Ronel Huertas RamirezAgronomist, title Perito Agricultural obtained in National School of Agriculture (ENCA), Barcena, Villa Nueva, Guatemala, CA
Mushroom and Fresh Berry oversight committee Setting up labs for presence of pathogens for each lot. (5) years experience with United Fruit Company and (7) years with Antigua Coffee Company as lead agronomist with emphasis on organic and premium quality productio of qulity coffee. We value to have him lead our Organic and field grown operations for berry production and atomosphere packing in the same facility mushroom canning and confection production..

Chief Executive Officer
William ( Jeffrey ) Genitempo

William ( Jeffrey ) GenitempoMr. Genitempo has a BA and MBA from The University of Texas at Austin. A food executive with over 32 years experience in the global package food industry. Extensive experience in marketing. Served as an executive assistant to the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Century Capital Corp. an investment company under management with1 billion in commercial real estate and 300 million in food and beverage products.
He established Wellington Foods in April 2010 and has been profitable from the initial stage, focus on niche segments and has been operated in a conservative manner.


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Administrative Manufacturing/Production - Dr. Agwe Fredrick Forbang, Phd

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