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Apr 28, 2016 7:22 PM ET

Archived: New Intake Room for Humane Society of TN Valley

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2016

New Intake Room for Humane Society of TN Valley


Bring happiness and cleanliness to the dogs of HSTV!


This campaign is raising funds on behalf of Humane Society Of The Tennessee Valley Inc, a verified nonprofit. The campaign does not necessarily reflect the views of the nonprofit or have any formal association with it. All contributions are considered unrestricted gifts and can’t be specified for any particular purpose.

How You Can Help & What You Get

In order to remodel the new kitchen/intake room for all incoming dogs at HSTV, we need to purchase new countertops, backsplash, cabinetry, and labor. Providing all of this for HSTV will enable them to take care of the animals more efficiently and have a cleaner space to do so.  As you can see in the video above, the current room is small, outdated, and hard to clean. This is why we need at least $2,200 so we can take this burden off of their shoulders. We would use this money to purchase all the materials as well as hire labor to organize the room in the most efficient way possible. If we do not reach our goal the money will still be donated to renovate the intake room. We want to thank you for helping us reach our goal with HSTV. Below is a more detailed description of what you will get:

  • $5- For five dollars you will receive a Facebook shout-out! This five dollars could help buy supplies such as nails, tools, and storage units.
  • $20- For twenty dollars you will receive a Facebook shout-out and a personal email with pictures of dogs from HSTV. This could help us revamp the cabinetry already in place, creating a better unit to store cleaning supplies.
  • $50- This could help go towards buying the square footage for new stainless steel backsplash!! You will receive a facebook shout-out, an email with pictures, and a UT Haslam College of Business Pen.
  • $100-This donation could help go towards paying for the labor required to install the new stainless steel. You will receive a facebook shout-out, an email with pictures, a UT Haslam College of Business Pen, and a personal thank you card from us!
  • $500- Wow! Most of this could go towards buying the square footage for new stainless steel countertops, the biggest cost we have. You will receive a facebook shout-out, an email with pictures, a UT Haslam College of Business Pen, a personal thank you card from us. For your very generous donation, we will also put your name on a plaque in the new room.


Who We Are



Welcome! We are a group of four undergraduate students at The University of Tennessee who have partnered with the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley (HSTV) to raise funds for new countertops, backsplash, and storage in the kitchen/intake room. We started this project in our business administration, which focuses on serving learning. With the business administration class, we decided what organization we would be partnered with and then with our English 255 class we are doing the actual campaign. In English, we formed our group and met with HSTV to discuss what they needed our help with. As a team, we decided that remodeling their kitchen/intake room would be the most beneficial to them since the space is currently old and underutilized.

HSTV is a non-profit organization who serves Knoxville and 22 surrounding counties by taking in dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens from other shelters who may be forced to euthanize them due to space constraints. Their motto is “Spay, Adopt, Keep.” The first step in helping homeless animals is to stop the unnecessary breeding by providing low-cost spay and neuter services.  They also want to find good homes for as many animals as possible. Finally, they offer training classes for any animal, whether they have behavioral issues or not. None of these things would be possible without the love, help, and support from people like you.



The Impact

Because your donation will go directly to HSTV, any amount you give will help. We are excited to tell you that once our goal is reached, we will be able to purchase the materials and labor for their intake room. This room is primarily used for the intake of dogs, therefore, each donation will impact every dog brought into HSTV. Each member of the staff is also impacted because they require the use of the room for many other reasons such as storage for food and water dishes, food, and cleaning supplies. With a more up-to-date room, the intake of dogs will move much faster, easier, and cleaner. Each donation is helping the health of every dog that comes through HSTV!

Other Ways You Can Help

Another way to help is to share this campaign with anyone and everyone you know! You may know someone who has a passion for dogs, like we do, who can help. Or you may know someone in the business of remodeling, countertops, or even cabinetry. We would love to know if you know someone who may be able to help us! Please feel free to email our group at ventureforhstv@gmail.com.
Contact Information:

Regan Sheen

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