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Apr 28, 2016 6:00 PM ET

Archived: Dealogic – IB Revenue Statshot: IB Revenue Hits $14bn in 2016 YTD

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2016

Dealogic | IB StatShot


Global Investment Banking Revenue Hits $14bn in 2016 YTD


While first quarter global IB revenue in 2015 ($20.0bn) was the second highest on record behind 1Q 2007 ($22.9bn), revenue of $14.4bn in 2016 stands at the lowest 1Q level since 2009 ($10.2bn), and the lowest quarter since 4Q 2011 ($14.3bn). It has taken 88 days for global IB revenue to surpass the $14bn mark, compared to 68 days in 2015 and an average of 71 days over the last five years


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Key highlights include:



Revenue Drops 50%

from 1Q 2015

Global ECM Revenue

1Q volume and activity in the global ECM market is the lowest since 2009. Revenue from ECM activity ($2.6bn) is down 50% year-on-year, the lowest 1Q since 2009 ($2.0bn) and the lowest quarter since 3Q 2011 ($2.4bn)

IG Bonds

Third Highest Quarterly Revenue on Record

Global DCM Revenue

DCM revenue ($4.7bn) is at the lowest 1Q total since 2009 ($3.9bn). Revenue is down 24% year-on-year, the third biggest 1Q drop on record. IG bond revenue ($2.8bn), however, is at the third highest quarterly total on record



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