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Archived: Night Out: A mobile application that enables visitors of different types of entertainment venues to manage their leisure time wisely

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Night Out

by Oleg Bilous


Night Out is a mobile application, that enables visitors of different types of entertainment venues to manage their leisure time wisely


About this project

We are excited to show you an application, which enables visitors of different entertainment venues to manage their leisure time by obtaining photos and live video stream from these venues. Previously, you chose a night club, café or restaurant to go to judging from:  

1) Subjective and outdated comments or feedback, without photo- or video- evidence;

2) Untruthful and biased information, offered by the venue itself because they are interested in attracting visitors like you;

3) Knowledge of what the venue normally looks like(if you visited it before), but not having the foggiest idea of what is happening there now!

Now, before embarking on visiting some place, you can first make sure that the venue you have chosen fully matches your mood and expectations:

1) You are able to obtain live photo- or video- information;

2) You exactly know where you are going and what you will see there;

3) You know what the other people in the venue will be like, music, food, quality of renovation, level of comfort and cleanliness;

4) You are sure that the video- information that is provided to you is objective, unbiased, and the administration of the venue does not influence it in any way;

5) The information is provided by independent streamers for a fee which means they are not interested in attracting the client to some specific venue.

For a price, which is slightly more than a cup of coffee, you can plan your leisure time in way that eliminates negative experiences! The app will be able to connect you, the visitor, with independent streamers, who are located in the venues which you might consider visiting. 

Before choosing the night club, you will be able to make sure, that the club is not empty, the girls are gorgeous and the music is exactly as you like. The video stream will arrive to your mobile phone in just several minutes for a price smaller than the price of a cup of coffee.

The market of entertainment venues in the US is huge!

No more disappointment with choosing the supposedly right restaurant with the wrong atmosphere! Night Out will show you what to expect from the venue, making sure you will not end up being in a playground or a wild party if you intended to have a business lunch or a romantic dinner!

 Night Out is good for all kinds of people and all kinds of venues!

This is indeed a very handy app because it helps you to save time and money on taxis having to check out places you would never enjoy and prevents you from having bad leisure experience. You can make it happen! If you support us in this project you can be sure that your night out will be ideal in the way you see it!

We are proud of what we do and we are sure that we will manage this complex project becouse we rely on our skills, knowledge and experience!

 We will make it fast and use your donations effectively!

Risks and challenges

We see two risks in the project:

Risk # 1:
Making sure there is enogh streamers for all the visitors that would like to order video- stream and making sure streamers are matched with visitors in a fast and convenient way.

We are working to address this risk by providing more attractive conditions for streamers so that they were enticed to take more orders from potential visitors. We are also looking at new enhanced technologies to make sure streamers and potential visitors find each other quickly.

Risk # 2
Risk of privacy invasion. We understand that some venues do not allow to record videos. We are also aware that some people do not like being filmed and consider this to be unethical and invasive.

If the venue doesn’t allow to record stream, we will offer visitors photos and text information. I any case, we will aim to respect the law and people’s privacy.

We do not see any other risks, since we have a very professional team of developers with proven track record of successful work who can enjineer the app and a no less professional management and marketing team who can turn the app around. Dear backers, we are not beginners, we are experienced individuals who know how to keep the project up and running.

Contact Information:

Oleg Bilous

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